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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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I remember as a kid coming home from school and listening to THE AMERICAN SCHOOL OF THE AIR on our floor model Zenith. The program aired on the Columbia Broadcasting System starting in 1930 and ran for many years. That program was not only entertaining but educational as well. CBS thought so very highly of it that they refused sponsorship which would have made it less dignified.

Hi Jon, just wanted to tell you that I received my cds today and that I'm a very happy customer. I grew up in the 40's and 50's and when I listen to one of these old radio programs it transports be back and I remember how good life was then. I want to thank you again for making these programs available to us old timers. I'll be ordering a lot more of them in the future!

I look forward to getting the old time radio discs your I ordered. More importantly you are to be commended for:

1. Keeping the old radio shows alive.

2. Proving a most terrific website which enables us to sample the recordings before buying them.

3. Compiling tens of thousands of hours of broadcasts . How did you do it?

I hope business is at least OK- because you have worked so hard at this.

I also hope that there are still enough people interested in old time radio for you to make a go of it.

I repair old tube radios. And as such, I have a low power AM transmitter so people can listen to what it USED to sound like back in the "Golden Age" of radio.

I had a new customer come in with a small table top radio. Nothing spectacular but he said his father just moved out from New Jersey to live with him. "Can you fix this old radio? I used to listen to the ball games with my dad on it and I'd like to surprise him."

Sure, no problem. I replaced all the usual suspects and got it working just fine and gave it back to the customer.

He showed up a couple of weeks later and handed me the remains of the radio? "What on earth happened to this?"

"I surprised dad with the radio by plugging it in and turning it on. He tuned the dial and found a Dodger game. The did something wrong and lost the game. He picked up the radio and threw it across the room screaming 'They were bums back then and they're still bums!'"

I managed to get it all back together again and patched up. Now he keeps it in HIS room and won't let his dad near it.

I must say, I spent yesterday evening working my beloved crossword puzzles and listening to samples from your website. Everytime I think I am going to order something I spend the evening listening but never able to make a choice. Sooo many fantastic options....


Phyllis and I interviewed Jessica Dragonette in 1978 at her apartment overlooking Central Park. Her interview became part of 13 shows honoring the pioneering women broadcasters. A great memory. Jon is doing a great job in bringing back the true sounds of radio. Lou and Phyllis Dumont.

Thanks for your prompt attention to this as always. Your company is the best
at customer service. It's a joy ordering from you

I would like to tell you that your web site is very easy to order off of. And your product is outstanding. I've had many hours of enjoyment.

I was born in 1923 and, having just read Nat's comments, I can certainly relate to her childhood radio experiences. Several years ago, I found that some OTR programs. I began to search them out and developed quite a library of OTR discs. A disc would only hold two 30 minute programs, so when I found OTRCAT with MP-3 discs my OTR CDs became obsolete and I immediately began ordering OTR on MP-3 discs.
In the depression years the two primary sources of entertainment for the average family was radio and movies, with radio being firest because it was free. So most kids grew up listening to and enjoying the great radio programs which now are classics.
I now live alone with my dog Harry and my usual evening routine is that I have fed Harry and given him his medication (he has diabetes) and also had my supper by 6pm. Unless there is something that really interests me on TV, I turn on my OTR player, relax in my recliner, close my eyes and enjoy. About the only difference between Nat's evening and mine is that I enjoy a cup of hot chocolate instead of wine.

I want to thank you for the very timely way my order was processed and delivered. I ordred on Monday evening and the mailman delivered my order on Wednesday. Great service! I have been a customer for several years and I haven't time to listen to all the programs, but so far I have not been disappointed in the service or quality of the shows.
Thanks again.

I love the old baseball games and have put many of them on my I-Pod. I am always on the lookout for any different ones. I especially love the broadcasts that are complete with all of the original ads. I recall one with frequent updates on a space mission, too. Great stuff.

I have received my Captain Midnight disk along with my free sampler with all the old shows on it. They sure bring back some good memories when I was a kid. I was the last of the "Radio Generation" before TV came along. I am glad you provide this service. This is only my second order from you but takes me awhile to listen to all the shows!! Thanks again for a great deal.

Oh how times goes by so fast. I think of when I was a young man in about 1956 when I started to listen to Old Time radio at night with my Christmas gift of a crystal radio set.

Ijust received the shows I ordered on the 4th. Talk obout quick service! The extra shows are the icing on the cake. Now that spring is here, and the weather is turning warm, I'll be sitting on my deck listening and watching the theater of the mind, instead of wasting my time in front of the TV.
Your's is the best company I have dealt with both on and off the internet. Service is fast, and the product is the best.
Thank you for the chance to reminisce and return to the good old days of yesteryear.


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