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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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I just wanted to let you know I received the discs last week, and the Glenn Miller disc was EXACTLY what I've been looking for! Thank you for providing something I did not think was available, and for providing it at a reasonable rate and timely delivery!

I have repeat customer because of the great service and tremendous selection of otr shows. I bought a Coby CD/MP3/radio just to listen to your shows. Although I am 64, I listened to radio for broadcast only in the fifth and sixth grades for Let's Pretend. I was a TV person. In the 1970s, the local PBS radio station, KPBS, had a collector play his collection and I taped most of the shows I could. I still have the tapes and
played them two years ago and they are great. This email was written so that younger people can appreciate the writing, acting, and use of sound that seem lacking in so many media expressions. I am not nostalgic about the past, but radio should again be a vital part of our nation's life as it is in Britain. So thanks for being not only a preserver of the audio past, but hopefully part of the "prequel" of a revival of imagination and commercial radio.

As a media and entertainment psychologist, I study the effects of media on individuals and the general populace. I'm sure you've noticed already that you tend to choose DVD's, Music, or Old Time Radio because it makes you feel a certain way. Some people choose music to excite them, some to calm them down. Movies work in the same way. We know that action-based movies or entertainment provide the best distraction and arousal for people working out at home or at the gym. We have media we watch or listen to attached to during the holidays. Some media reminds us of a period in our lives too. Whatever the reason, feeling good, and the things that help us feel good, also reduce stress, reduce depressive thoughts, and therefore increase optimism. Old time radio is no different. Though before my time, the Jack Benny show for example, puts me in a good mood simply because I hear laughter and hear people having a good time. These social behavioral cues are contagious. We can write media prescriptions for ourselves that will infect us with a desired mood. In addition, media such as old time radio can be used to burst the bubble of depression and release the optimism we need to confidently seek more active and dynamic lifestyles. It can inspire us to be more heroic, or take us back to find the hero within us who got lost. Finally, media such as old time radio can help remind us that there are other people in the world. It can exercise our imagination and turn our focus not inward, but on the wondrous world of possibilities surrounding us.

As my wife’s Alzheimer’s worsens, she continues to enjoy OTR. Of late, we’ve been listening to “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.” To be accurate, she’s heard a few shows when she’s in the car with me; I listen to them even when she isn’t so I hear a lot more than she does. Bob Bailey is my favorite, with Charles Russell a not too distant second. I was actually a bit disappointed when they dropped the opening, “At insurance investigation, he’s just an expert; at expense accounts, he’s a genius.” In a few minutes, we’re leaving for dinner at the home of a family who goes to our church. Johnny will accompany us.

When I was younger I heard programs between ’53 and ’57 or so. So hearing them again is a treat. I don’t think Dick Powell would have been as good for this role. He was clearly made for Richard Diamond.

Jjust a grateful member signing in to thank OTRCAT.com for brightening my autumn -always a hectic time with birthdays and holidays and not enough time to do everything.

Your website, email, newsletters, freebies are welcome visitors to my world.

I appreciate the work and sincerity that go into all y'all do. Thanks to you efforts, I am switching over from CDs and --cassettes, remember them? The
MP3 format and space-saving is very much appreciated, too.

It is great to hear shows and stars I heard years and years ago. It is great to hear shows and stars I never heard.

Radio was and is my favorite medium. I planned to go into it, but by the time I got out of school radio was fighting for its life-and TeeVee was winning.

Just wanted to let you know that in this season of thankfulness I am gratefully yours.

We listen to old time radio EVERY night while we watch sporting events (college basketball, football, baseball ), just turn the sound off the TV ,watch the game and listen to the radio,. It is really not hard to do both, and you miss very little by not having the TV sound on, and sometimes the sporting event is actually better with the sound off.

I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed these old shows. I don't sleep very well and due to tinnitus (ringing in the ears) I can't go to sleep unless I have something to distract me from that. For several years I've been listening to these old shows on an MP3 player with earphones (so I don't keep my wife awake) when I go to bed. When I wake up in the middle of the night, I turn it back on and go to the last place I remember and am able to go back to sleep.

I've recommended OTRCAT to a number of people that I know have purchased from you. In fact I had a meeting with a client today that loves old radio and I recommended that he check it out.

Sorry to bore you, but you should know how much you're appreciated. I don't know where you find all these old show, but thanks to you they will live on for many more years and hopefully many more generations.

Best regards and thanks again.

As a transplanted American OTRCAT helps me to not feel as far away from home. Old-Time Radio is such a wonderful escape and at least for a little while can take you back to simpler times. God bless you Jon and OTRCAT.

As a child, I would fall asleep listening to these programs. The radio was in my parents bedroom with a door connecting both rooms. Now I listen to them to lull me to sleep in the same manner. They're on my iPod. I go so far as placing it so it comes from the same direction as the sound from my parents bedroom. I set the timer and usually doze off relaxed and contented.

Thanks for the hours upon hours of pleasure you and your site have offered me at such reasonable prices.

Enjoying my several orders from you. Your free downloads are a great way for someone to experience OTR for the first time, or for someone to be reintroduced to it after a long time.

As a child I grew up on remote farmland with no AC power. I had a crystal set and loved it. Radio stories were my passion. I now relive those memories with OTRCAT. Com. Although power came to the farm, after the war, the stories on my crystal set were still the best of all....... "Thank You" for the site and ability to experience those times once again.

I'm not a football or baseball fan, so while my husband is watching a game I sit next to him, knit and listen to old time radio. We're together, but I don't have to watch the game!!

I just placed an order and thought I'd write to thank you for all the pleasure the discs I get from you bring for my wife and me. Most of the shows are before my time so I am hearing them for the first time.
I want to thank you in particular for the Dan Ingram material because I did listen to him in the 60's and it is great to hear him again. The interviews are also great to hear him talk about his life and work. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!

My parents were involved in a serious head-on collision last February. Fortunately, they both survived and are actually recovering quite well. Dad just came home last Friday. Mom spent 127 total days in the hospital/rehab. Dad spent 206 days in the hospital/rehab.

Anyway, while dad was laid up, I showed him how to operate the little iPod Shuffle. I would load it up with his old favorites. Music mainly. I stumbled across your website and ordered Arthur Godfrey as a trial at his request. I was amazed at how simple it was to download and load up an iPod with so many shows stored on your MP3 disks. Dad loved it! It helped to heer him up and pass the time! I also believe it helped his mental status during his healing and rehab.

Dad and I couldn't believe how many shows were stored on just one disk. He wanted me to order Benny, Gildersleeve, McGee, and Amos & Andy. What a library we now have! Along with many of our old cassettes loaded with old radio shows, we now have your few CDs loaded with hours of listening pleasure.

I owe you a certain amount of gratitude for helping me to help dad on his road to recovery. Thanks for your website. I'm looking forward to placing another order sometime soon.

I am so delighted to be able to listen to Old Time Radio programs again. They are so much fun AND I can still sit back and relax or do something around our home. Thank you for bringing back the "good old days"

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