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01.Sam Spade
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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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Thanks for the instructions on how to play JACK ARMSTRONG. It worked and all set to play it Tuesday as a surprise for her 90th b day. When we were kids, I fought with her because she would not give me the code. Her mother tried to convince her to give it me. But she held her ground, saying I promised Jack Armstrong. Thru 90 years she has been a friend who always kept her word.

The Green Hornet- It was 1993, I was 10 years old. I enjoyed watching reruns of the old Van Williams/Bruce Lee TV series on FX. A physical therapist that I knew, said she had a radio show of The Green Hornet. She copied it off for me. There were actually two shows on the tape. One called "Not One Cent for Tribute" (about a gas station protection racket) and "George Haven's Secret." At the end of the tape, there was an advertisement for Metacom (Adventures in Cassettes in Plymouth, Minnesota) I sent for a catalog and ordered more Green Hornet, Lone Ranger, etc and I was hooked. I later moved on ... discovered OTRCAT in 2004!! I ♥ OTR! I go to college online and let's just say that Jack Benny and Sherlock Holmes have helped me get through many a term paper. Thanks for all you do Jon, "The Cat" rocks!!!

If you want the best radio shows for the best price, order from the kind folks at OTR Cat. The prices are so reasonable that you'll want to order everything on the site. Jon and the other people who run this website are doing a great service for radio lovers by making these wonderful recordings available to all. I listen to these shows more than I watch tv. My favorites are Suspense, Gunsmoke, and others. Peace to all. God Bless.

I have been a collector of OTR for over 30 years. I am too young to remember the golden age but in 6th grade my teacher introduced us to the Shadow. I was hooked from that point on. I have shows on vinyl, cassete, cds and MP3 formatting. These are excellent quality and I love The Black Museum as Orson Wells was incredible on the radio. Thank you!

I love your, "Mr. President series." It was like being in the White House and hearing the real personality of earlier Presidents. You also have to guess the President at the end, so close your eyes, when you put
in the MP3. I just love it! Thank you.

I was born in the 70's so I was not around during the Golden Age of Radio (unless you count The CBS Mystery Theater), but I have a deep appreciation for these vintage programs from days gone by. You guys provide the best service for OTR fans like myself... fast, no, uber-fast service, low prices, clear sound quality, plus you do your homework on classic radio.

I enjoy the classics like Fibber McGee, Jack Benny, Suspense, and Amos 'n Andy, but I am amazed at the discovery of the very rare shows; it seems that every week, I find a new show I never heard of.

And I actually feel better after hearing these shows; my stress level goes down with each program I listen to. It's as if there's a soothing factor included with each MP3.

I thoroughly recommend OTRCAT.com, for entertainment and for your health.

Keep up the great work!!

Funny how we have no idea about how even the littlest things we do can cause ripples through peoples lives. I been buying your discs for years, and you always send those sample discs. Well I never heard Blackstones show before. I thought the trick thing at the end was interesting but never got around to buying full version. So recently I acquired an advanced robot used by universities, I got one as a developer. So the company in France had an application contest, the top 3 winners got all sorts of prizes including an all expense paid trip to Paris for 4 days, to visit the offices and fine tune the winning robot applications.

So I got your Blackstone recordings, and took the trick part, editing out other peoples voices, so it sounds like he is performing the trick with the robot. It took 3rd place! So had I never heard the show on your sample disc, I never would have got the idea so thanks for the trip and prizes!

You must personally know the Postmaster General (or something) to get my OTR order to me this quick! I received the CDs today (around noon). What, three days total from ordering 30 discs to receiving the loot. Half way across the country... WOW! .. Businesses like yours is what is right with America - give the customer more than they expected. Thank you ... job well done.

Thank you for the email! I am the President of the Historical Society here in my little town of Oakfield. We have a museum that we opened two years ago. This year one of our rooms is going to be "WWII on the Homefront" so I bought some recordings that I want to play in the background for this room!

You have a great site - I am thrilled that I found you!!!!

Anytime is a good time for OTR. I greww up with TV versions of Dragnet, Lone Ranger & Superman. I ate Kellogg's Corn Flakes till I Could Get boxtops for 4 Superman records. I eventually found OTRCAT and get many hidden OTR treasures from them.

Thank you for all the nice old time radio recordings. I wish I had the time to listen to all, but I'm thinking of buying some MP3 CD recordings in the course of this year.
Anyway, thank's for your catalog and best wishes to you for 2012.

One of the great things about MP3s is the availability of all episodes of a given series being burned on one CD. I daresay a lot more people are getting into OTR because of the easy availability and low cost. Fantastic!"

I love ordering from you guys--your service is excellent--your product is very affordable, and for those of us who love these shows--the product is terrific. My wife and son think I'm, crazy-but they love how happy it makes me to get these. My wife did like one of the mysteries when we drove in the car--so that's some progress. Have a nice holiday

Fell asleep last night enjoying the OTR shows that "OTR CAT" posted from previous Thanksgivings. Boy was I thankful for your kindness. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving USA! I ws hoping for a quiet day at work listening to Otr Cat Thanskgiving specials and scheduling. OF COURSE, that is not to be. Praying to get out of crisis mode and looking forward to cooking turkey sausage with my beautiful husband later.

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