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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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I love ordering from you guys--your service is excellent--your product is very affordable, and for those of us who love these shows--the product is terrific. My wife and son think I'm, crazy-but they love how happy it makes me to get these. My wife did like one of the mysteries when we drove in the car--so that's some progress. Have a nice holiday

Fell asleep last night enjoying the OTR shows that "OTR CAT" posted from previous Thanksgivings. Boy was I thankful for your kindness. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving USA! I ws hoping for a quiet day at work listening to Otr Cat Thanskgiving specials and scheduling. OF COURSE, that is not to be. Praying to get out of crisis mode and looking forward to cooking turkey sausage with my beautiful husband later.

Wonderful source for resonably priced rare old time radio programs.

I just have to tell you, I almost cried when I found the recordings of Land of the Lost! I am 54 years old, and my mother used to tell me and my sisters Red Lantern bedtime stories! I didnt know at the time that she was telling us stories she remembered from the radio show she listened to as a child. I still have vivid memories of the visuals that were painted in my head, and consider Red Lantern a part of my childhood. We are getting ready to celebrate my mom's 80th birthday and this CD will be one of her gifts! Thank
you for keeping these treasures alive! (Of course I found some other goodies I couldnt pass up, and am excited to give them as Christmas gifts!) Most sincerely grateful,

I recently discovered Otrcat.com and I'm hooked. The library is remarkably extensive, the service amazing (and quick) and the pricing almost ridiculously reasonable. On top of all this Jon is very knowledgeable, friendly and responsive--and a cat lover, to boot (which is always a plus in my book). Thanks, Jon for everything!

Hi OTR fans everywhere. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy dealing with Jon and OTRCAT. OTRCAT is just the most user friendly and comprehensive website for old time radio. This has just way beyond my wildest dreams of what otr was. Jon even has a complete collection of the 1970's CBS Radio Mystery Theater! Jon's compilation decisions are so appreciated. I will highly recommend OTRCAT to anyone who I meet and has an interest.

I found the last paragraph of information on your new Red Cross cd very interesting. That may explain why they charged WWII soldiers, but when my husband came off the line in Korea (without a cent, I might add--who carries money into battle?) he found the Red Cross charging for coffee and donuts, while the Salvation Army gave them as much as they wanted for free. Guess who has received a lifetime of donations from us, and who will never receive a red cent?

I am visually impared so when I don't have to use my eyes for something like staring at The Glowing Box, I'm very grateful. I have collected OTR since 1974 and hosted my own radio show in the DC area in the '90's.

I am mostly housebound and have helped Jon compile a number of collections via email and it has been very theraputic for me. It's been lots of fun,too!

Jon's a great guy. Just ask him! Now - Jon - stop reading all of this glowingness and get back to work!!! You have many fans in Radioland waiting for shows!

Otr is my favorite website. Every day I download the free samples and I have also ordered from the website. I am amazed at how quick my order arrives (2-3 days). Keep up the good work. You guys are the best!

Just wanted to say once again how much I enjoy your radio shows. I just had surgery so sleep can be elusive. Listening to "Counter Spy" & others helps to take my mind off my hand!! Actually I listened to them before going into surgery...it made the nurses laugh. Thanks again for the wonderful distractions!

We get our radio mystery theater from here...best ever. Good quality. We are getting into other detective stories also, Richard Diamond...Nick Carter..etc. Richard Diamond...very funny stuff.


"Life with Dexter" was one of my favorite radio shows when I was about ten years old. It's great news to see that you are now making episodes of this comedy available for a whole new generation to enjoy.

Hi everyone i ordered mp3 disks 2 weeks ago and got them a few days ago via airmail , the postage is very cheap and very fast the disks are super to listen to i got the marx brothers and laurel and hardy pure class . And i put my second order in the day i got the first order thats how good they are and i have my next order ready , to go as soon as i get my second order and then more to come. Thanks for a great service.

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