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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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Just received the Dragnet series and thank you so much for your quick delivery and excellent prices. Thanks to you I now have Our Miss Brooks, Fibber & McGee, Amos & Andy, etc. to keep me company every day. Since we have lots of dogs, I listen to these old shows while cleaning up the yard and it makes a boring job almost pleasurable. My husband and I both enjoy these shows and we're so glad that you make them available to us.

Your last note writer and I have something in common. I, too, listen to your shows to put me to sleep. I also listen each day for many hours of great pleasure. I have gotten hundreds of your MP3 CDs at such a bargain price. Great thanks to you for your great service.

I've been an OTR collection since 1979; I have a few hundred casette tapes and though I've been sporadic in purchasing your CDs it's no fault of yours. You have the best collection of shows, at the best price, with the best service around.
Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I'm a regular poster on IMDb, and anytime the topic of OTR comes up, I'm sure to mention you and post your website. Hopefully some business has come your way because of it; if not, I'm still happy to increase awareness of your company and these wonderful old shows.
I was fortunate to live through the last days of OTR, and I remember listening to some of these shows as a young boy. I was able to share some of these with my mom in her last days, and it's such a good memory to remember her laughing at Amos & Andy and Fibber McGee. Thank you so much.

Wonderful, I thoroughly enjoy all of my CD's. Thanks for recreating these shows. Thanks.

Your descriptions for each CD are especially informative and very enjoyable to read. Your explanation about the ways that horror radio shows in particular are often superior to their cinematic counterparts is dead on and needs to be read by every horror fan with an interest in this long neglected medium.

Perhaps you should consider writing a book about OTR shows (if you haven't already - and if you have please let me know where to get it). A book on the horror radio shows especially would be very welcome to the community which is starving for newly uncovered treasures.

I'll do what I can to bring you more business as I plan to order most of the horror series on your site and I also have many friends in the horror community who are in the process of being 'converted' They have been mostly unaware of just how fantastic and entertaining (and numerous) these shows are, but that is quickly changing.

I have purchased many collections from Jon in the past and my latest order arrived last week. Now Jon has many different special collections and from time to time he has them on sale.
Radio Game Shows was the genre on sale and I thought that Jon has finally lost his mind! RADIO GAME SHOWS how could that possibly be good! WELL - I took a chance and bought several collections and once again Jon was 100% right!
All of these game shows are really good! Can You Top This is my favorite, very funny. I also picked up the Groucho Marx Collection which is EXCELLENT. Thanks Jon for making all of these great shows available and affordable.
Your the Best ~ Kevin

I am a prior customer your discs are great - so many times my hard drives have died and at least I have your cd's as backups.

I'm glad that you have some shows available on CD. My 77 year old father enjoys these shows (as do I!), but he does not have a computer or an MP3 player. I also enjoy the free CDs with each order. Could you put some Fred Allen shows on CD? Thanks!!

I have been with OTRCAT.com since 2004 and have enjoyed countless hours listening to shows from your collection. Once again your dedication to this genre is greatly appreciated. Best wishes!

OTRCAT is the most efficient, interesting, inexpensive, wonderful place to do business. I love the site and have had nothing but marvelous service over many years. If you like radio drama, comedy, mystery or any kind of old-time radio this is the only site you'd need to go to. Jon is great!

After 7 years of purchasing MP3-CDs from OTRCat, I have received more today and, once again, I am completely satisfied with OTRCat's service and product. This order was Father Knows Best and Life Of Riley and they are excellent.

The only problem I have with OTRCat is there's too many to choose from so I have to make choices on which ones to order next. But I will be ordering something again real soon.


Where DO you get your nifty ideas for your ORIGINAL COLLECTIONS??!! Ya must have a real jenyuz on your staff!!!!!

Thank you for providing the best site and service to all of us old timers, who remember the old shows. I have ordered from you several times, and have been amazed each time with the speed and the moderate prices. I collect and repair old radios for other people, and pass your site to all my customers. I go to sleep every night listening to them with an under pillow speaker

Just to let you know that I am a brand new customer and an extremely satisfied and happy, happy customer!!!

First, you sent out my order(Mike Wallace disks 1 & 2) so quickly that I received it in a couple of days.Now that's what I call tremendous service! Also--- years ago, I bought a couple of mp3 CD's from a different website, and so often they skipped and jumped around when played on an excellent machine!!! These disks were a problem. Jon... I must confess that as I put your disk into my very good JVC combination CD/mp3 player, I was sort of biting my nails knowing that it would play, but also hoping that it did not skip like the other ones from the other company. Well--- was I thrilled to have the mp3 disks play absolutely perfectly!

Jon... I will definitely be a continued customer of yours, and will recommend you to my OTR pals. I am an announcer/musician and music collector. Also your website is so superior to some of the other OTR sites. Your samplers are terrific also. Everything about your company is on a high level, and that's a joy.

Also... the fact that you give the shopper a chance to hear an entire episode as as a sample is fantastic( not to mention that it's also good business and smart of you!) Your whole website layout with program descriptions is head and shoulders above the rest.

Your company is everything that is advertised--- AND MORE... the real deal... and that is rare in this day and age of false hype and hyperbole!

Anyway... just know that I will be back for more as a customer and will recomend OTRCAT.

I just want to tell you how happy I am since finding your site! Truly awesome. So have a great day. And this stuff isn't just for people who remember old time radio. I'm 43 years old and love to listen to them before I go to bed.
Thanks so much again!

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