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01.Sam Spade
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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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Keep up the great work Jon the reaction to the "vintage radio shows" is amazing and I have used some snippets from shows in nostalgia presentations. Many in Media and Advertising live in a 0 to 35 YOA buble and forget the quality and talent of years gone by. My 1950's to 1980's TV Show Jukebox Saturday night has proven them wrong as the show outrates MTV & V Channel. Again proving nostalgia wins! I will post some radio memories later. Regards Ken

I was born near the end of radio drama and comedy (1958) but learned all about it from my parents. I knew TV programs like "The Lone Ranger," "Sky King," "Superman," "Amos 'n' Andy," "The Jack Benny Program," etc. had radio versions, and I always wanted to hear them. Around age eight, I was with my dad having lunch at a Lum's Restaurant, and asked about the name "Lum." He told me about a radio show he enjoyed growing up - "Lum and Abner."

In high school and college, I came across radio stations playing the classic older programs and was hooked...

Hi everyone. I remember radio shows that were on in the 1950s. We had TV but I preferred radio because the pictures it created in my imagination were better than TV. I used to sit in front of the radio and watch it while I listened.
The shows I remember best are Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar (I was thrilled when sometimes his insurance work took him through our town), Gunsmoke and baseball with the ticker in the background. Our Nanny liked the soaps. I listened with her but was too young to enjoy them except for Perry Mason.
There was another soap I liked but I don't remember which one it was or anything about it. Its theme song was what I liked best. It began, "There's a bluebird on my shoulder. There's a rainbow in the sky..." I listened to that song every day until the show went off the air. Also, does anyone out there remember a kids' show called "Mr I-magination"?
I've been collecting OTR for a long time and have over 10,000 episodes...Anyway, hello to all my fellow OTR people. It's fun to read your messages on this board. Best wishes. Karen

In 1934 I listened to the Jimmy Allen flying club program on a chrystal set radio. I went to the Richfield gas station on Saturday and picked up lessons. Returned them and when finished with them took them back and later received a set of wings. It got me loving planes. I read Through the Overcast, by Aason Jordinoff, when I was in the fourth grade. I knew more about planes than any of the teachers even. I later got a commercial pilots license, built my own all metal two place plane, and was an air traffic controller before retiring.

I was born in 1946 so I came in at the end of radio's golden age. But as a boy every Saturday I sat and listened to Gunsmoke. I much preferred to radio show the the TV show. And for some reason I really liked Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar even as a kid

OTRCAT has opened a whole new world of entertainment and history to me. I do accounting, and I listen to OTR all day long. LOVE IT

Received the discs I ordered, today. That was QUICK service ... thank you. I love these old time mystery shows. Takes me back to grade school when I would cozy up to the radio and listen to them ... I loved them and I still enjoy listening to them! Thanks, again, for the quick service!

Jon provides a vivid view of the time when ,"the greatest generation," was in World War 2. You hear what they did on the radio. Music, news, various entertainers. It's all there, in Jon's treasure vault!

In the dictionary under "skeptic" you'll find my picture. All of the episodes"The Six-Shooter" on one disc For only $5, right....like I'll fall for that. But, for $5 I'll take a chance.

Not only did my MP3 cd arrive sooner than expected (ordered on the 19th received on the 21st) but putting the MP3 content on my Sansa was quick and easy.

AND, the quality of the recordings are exceptional. PLUS, the MP3 sampler, that was included for free, introduced me to over 100 different radio shows that I had never heard or heard of before.

I used to have to save up my money to buy recordings from "Radio Spirits" and then I'd only get a few shows in a series. Now, I can get all of the series that I want at only $5 per MP3 cd.


If it sounds like I am a satisfied customer it is because I am. I hope to buy other collections in such quantities that I'll need YEARS to kisten to all of them.

THANK YOU for a great product at unbelievable prices.

Thanks! The old time radio cds arrived and they work in both my computer and in my car. Goodbye XM radio monthly subscription with 500 stations and commercials I don't listen too!

Love the regular updates. As I drive around town and for the monthly 6 hour round trip visit to my 99 year old Dad in Vermont, I’m constantly listening to one or another of the sets of shows I bought from you a number of years ago. I’m currently on disc 14 of “Lux Radio Theatre” – having completed “Our Miss Brooks”; “Ozzie & Harriet”; “Father Knows Best”; “Boston Blackie” and others that I got during my purchasing frenzy. Next – “The Lone Ranger” series. Thank you for making these wonderful selections available, enabling me to use my (listening) imagination as I did in the 40s and 50s!

I'm enjoying baseball & can you top this! thanks for having such a great service and for being best at otr for quality quantity & price. you rock jon!


Summer shows: a great idea to group these. I remember a lot of these shows, particularly Jack Paar for Jack Benny and The Scarlet Pimpernel for whatever. The great thing about summer was having no school but the bad thing was not having your regular radio shows on. But some of the summer replacements proved better than the shows they replaced.

Thanks Jon. The recent several orders I received were again a distinct pleasure to listen to. The quality is superb and your constant improvements are appreciated.

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