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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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I've been listening to the later Fibber McGee episodes lately, mainly the ones sponsored by Pet Milk. After hearing Harlow Wilcox extolling the virtues of using it in your coffee, I thought I'd take him at his word from over 60 years ago and try it. To make a long story short I've now abandoned modern powdered and non-dairy creamers and now am a Pet Milk fan. Old Milky was right...then and now!

Thank you so much for the service you provide. I'm 56 so not old enough to remember the radio era but I started listening to Old Time Radio on Sirius and have become obsessed with the old radio shows. I love the comedy the best. I ordered from Radio Spirits before I found your web site but their cds are many times more expensive than yours and they only put one or two shows on each cd. Now, when I'm in the car and they are playing shows I don't enjoy, I've got tons of my own to listen to. Your quality is great, your selection is beyond fantastic and I get my cds within a few days. Thanks again for the service you provide. I love me old radio show cds!!

I am a history prof. There is nothing like OTR for letting students understand what people were like during the Great Depression and World War II. The shows reflect our values, hopes, and fears of those years. Prior to radio we were a collection of states. After radio (and especially the draft of WWII) we were a nation sharing a common culture. Ina sense radio truly made us into a United States. Jon's collection is a national treasure.
A short wile ago I invited a guest lecturer into one of my classes to talk about how people can panic after hearing about some incident. He began by talking about Orson Wells' "War of the Worlds." One of my students interrupted him to point out that there was in the classroom someone who was actually old enough to have heard the original broadcast. Of course he meant me. I had to won up to the fact that I did indeed hear the broadcast but that I was too young to understand it. The circumstances were these. My mother and father were big Wells fans. I know they had the radio on that night. I am equally sure that I was in my crib in the same room as they as I was just a little over a month old. Therefore, I am sure I heard the broadcast. I was delighted to hear the original broadcast as part of one of the collections I have ordered from OTR. My biggest regret is that the original Edward R. Murrow broadcasts from London are not yet available. Perhaps sometime in the future . . . .

I have been a fan of Jon's OTR site for over 5 years now and have just had to buy a second CD folder to hold my collection of radio shows. Last year, as a Christmas present to myself, I splurged on a 1938 RCA console radio that was in really nice shape, both cosmetically and all the tubes. It has jacks in the back to plug in a TV (as if anyone even HAD a TV in 1938, but they were apparently thinking ahead!) and a phonograph. A friend of mine made a cord to plug into my little MP3 player on one end and the radio on the other. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed listening to Fibber and Molly, Suspense and all the other awesome shows over the last 9 months on the console radio! I treated myself to the multi disc Christmas collection just after I got the radio and can hardly wait for the holiday season to roll around again just so I can enjoy hearing Bing croon White Christmas by the glow of the radio dial.

no sat radio now I listen to otr when traveling and relive old memories.

You may not have intended to, but the Crime Spoof collection has the most concentrated selection of Benny's, Fred Allen's and several others best of their best shows and humor. The cameo's with Peter Lorre and Boris Karloff alone are worth the whole set. I listen with ear buds many evenings in bed and my wife scolded me more than once for waking her up with my laughter. Also some of the shows chosen are during the transition to TV and it is evident the performers knew the end of radio was near.

I came across Old Time Radio many decades after it aired. I am in my early 30s but love the Golden Era of Hollywood and am very interested in the evolution of media from the 1900s. My favourite discs are those of The Big Show with Tallulah Bankhead as well as the Fred Allen Show. It's fun to imagine how people back then would gather around their radio sets to hear shows, just how I would set up my boxy TV to watch my shows as a kid. Nowadays everything is streaming on the internet and people can watch and listen on demand. It's a different lifestyle today. I love how Old Time Radio is a historical momento and I hope people keep listening to it.

I got introduced to old time radio sometime in the 1990's on a local radio station that played the program "When radio was" with Stan Freberg. Listening to "Yours truly Johnny Dollar", Suspense, Jack Benny, Richard Diamond and other shows made me just want to hear more. Soon I was exploring all the genres and man....I was and still am hooked. Not a day goes by that I don't listen to some shows on my ipod. The content on your website is tremendous and what I have purchased from you in the past has brought many enjoyable hours of listening. Please continue the good work of speading the word about this great era of radio entertainment. As another person described himself as an old time radio fanatic I put myself in that same catagory. Thank you

I'm old enough to have grown up with radio. On Tuesday nights, since Red Skelton came on at the late hour of 9 pm, my sister and I listened to him under the covers. For me, television will never replace radio. I have a recording Stan Freberg did in which he simulated an attack by paratroopers on a giant sundae. At the conclusion, he said, "Let them try that on TV." Well, we know it could be done, but would it have been as much fun?
Then, of course, there is "3 Skeleton Key," which, until I heard it again some 30 years ago, my wife and I always referred to as "The Rats in the Lighthouse."
No, you can't beat radio, and thanks for making it available to us.

I have many - MANY - old-time Radio Shows from OTRCAT. No evening goes by that I don't listen to one or two episodes of The Jack Benny Show - or Gunsmoke - or Amos 'n Andy - or Our Miss Brooks - or Tales Of The Texas Rangers - or The Lone Ranger - or Suspense - or... HEADS-UP: If you are Sick-To-Death of the "modern" childish/repetitive/stupid TV playscripts, just listen to Old Time Radio. Here's How: Get 1 or 2 or 3 Radio Series, copy them onto your iPod, and then Turn Out The Lights and LISTEN! You Will Never Regret It!

Just finished the whole Big Jon & Sparkie series. What a great old show that was, for kids! I plan to listen to all the shows again, just to get more of Mayor Plumpfront, Yukie Butcha and the others. So nice, that OTR Cat was there, as a source for this - and other shows I grew up with."

Your appreciation for my being a customer as well as my support for all you have done to present Old Time Radio before a generation born to late to experience the wonders of being able to create action, drama, and adventures in their mind without having to see pictures or visual performances. Truly, I treasure the moment I discovered you and the excellent work you have done preserving, protecting, and providing one of the finest American art forms that will ever be created. I plan to be a customer of OTRCAT for many years to come. For all that you have done and continue to do with Old Time Radio, Thank you!

I have ordered from Jon about a dozen times and every order has been a joy to receive and listen to. I have never had any problems with any of the discs. They always come promptly and in excellent condition. I have quite the otr collection now, thanks to Jon. My most recent order was the Lucille Ball collection, I love her so much, what a treasure. I have enjoyed otr since I was young. At the ripe old age of 31, I will continue to listen for many years. Take care friends, God bless.

I must say I am amazed at the amount and variety of material you have. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the samplers and discovering a wonderful time in our history from a variety of perspectives. I travel frequently and I can't wait to get on the road to listen to recordings. These many discs I have ordered have replaced television for me as I can't wait to relax and find recordings to enjoy. I have convinced friends that it is wholesome entertainment and remarkable, historical recordings that they will enjoy. I work at a high school and I have shared the many significant recordings before, during and after the war with our history teacher. Thank you your prompt service as I receive recordings virtually everyday and appreciate the very affordable costs. Thank you!

The discs have arrived o.k. I am 89yrs old,hence my choice,they will bring back many happy memories and perhaps a few tears.I wish I had more computer skill. Kind Regards Tom.

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