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 Have Gun Will Travel

1 MP3 CD - 109 episodes


"Winchester Quarantine"
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John Dehner
Western Adventure (1958 - 1960)

John Dehner"If the girl who's being held prisoner
has been harmed in any way, I'll flip a
coin to see which one of you I gun down first."

Have Gun Will Travel got it's start on television on September 1957 and ran until 1963. The radio show debuted November 1958, over a year after the television show.  In the beginning, the radio show scripts were adapted from the TV show, staying in sync with the episode that aired on TV that week. Later on, the show started airing original scripts.

Stories revolved around gun-for-hire with principles, Paladin (his real name was never revealed). Though Paladin, played on the radio by John Dehner, preferred to try to work out problems without violence if possible, he worked for people who he felt were wronged and could pay.  Occasionally, if he felt people who couldn't pay were in a really hard situation with bad guys, he worked for free. If, during the course of his work, he discovered his employer turned out to be shady, Paladin would turn on his employer.

For more great Western Adventure, see also Frontier Gentleman, Six Shooter, and Gunsmoke.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

106 shows - total playtime 42 hours 32 minutes

HGWT 581111 Aud1 Audition 1
HGWT 581111 Aud2 Audition 2
HGWT 581111 Aud3 Audition 3
HGWT 581123 e001 Strange Vendetta
HGWT 581130 e002 Road To Wickenberg
HGWT 581207 e003 Ella West
HGWT 581214 e004 The Outlaw
HGWT 581221 e005 Hanging Cross
HGWT 581228 e006 No Visitors
HGWT 590104 e007 Helen Abjinian
HGWT 590111 e008 The Englishman
HGWT 590118 e009 The Bells of Perdido
HGWT 590125 e010 The Teacher
HGWT 590201 e011 A Matter of Ethics
HGWT 590208 e012 Killer's Widow
HGWT 590215 e013 Return of Dr Thackery
HGWT 590222 e014 WinchesterQuarantine
HGWT 590301 e015 Heyboy's Revenge
HGWT 590308 e016 Monster on Moon Ridge
HGWT 590315 e017 Death of a Young Gunfighter
HGWT 590322 e018 Five Books Of Owen Deaver
HGWT 590329 e019 Sense of Justice
HGWT 590405 e020 Maggie O'Banyon
HGWT 590412 e021 The Colonel and the Lady
HGWT 590419 e022 Birds of a Feather
HGWT 590426 e023 The Gunsmith
HGWT 590503 e024 Gun Shy
HGWT 590510 e025 The Statue of San Sabastian
HGWT 590517 e026 Lady Kane eThe Silver Queen
HGWT 590524 e027 In An Evil Time
HGWT 590531 e028 Blind Courage
HGWT 590607 e029 Roped
HGWT 590614 e030 Bitter Wine
HGWT 590621 e031 North Fork
HGWT 590628 e032 Homecoming
HGWT 590705 e033 Comanche
HGWT 590712 e034 Young Gun
HGWT 590719 e035 Deliver the Body
HGWT 590726 e036 The Wager
HGWT 590802 e037 High Wire
HGWT 590809 e038 Finn Alley
HGWT 590816 e039 The Lady
HGWT 590823 e040 Bonanza
HGWT 590830 e041 Love Birds
HGWT 590906 e042 All That Glitters
HGWT 590913 e043 Treasure Hunt
HGWT 590920 e044 Stardust
HGWT 590927 e045 Like Father
HGWT 591004 e046 The Contessa
HGWT 591011 e047 Stopover in Tombstone
HGWT 591018 e048 Brothers Lost
HGWT 591025 e049 When in Rome
HGWT 591101 e050 Wedding Day
HGWT 591108 e051 Assignment in Stone's Crossing
HGWT 591115 e052 Landfall
HGWT 591122 e053 Fair Fugitive

HGWT 591129 e054 Bitter Vengeance
HGWT 591206 e055 Anything I Want
HGWT 591213 e056 Out of Evil
HGWT 591220 e057 Ranch Carnival
HGWT 591227 e058 About Face
HGWT 600103 e059 Return Engagement
HGWT 600110 e060 The Lonely One
HGWT 600117 e061 French Leave
HGWT 600124 e062 Nataehon
HGWT 600131 e063 Bad Bert
HGWT 600207 e064 The Boss
HGWT 600214 e065 Bring 'Em Back Alive
HGWT 600221 e066 That Was No Lady
HGWT 600228 e067 Doll House in Diamond Springs
HGWT 600306 e068 Somebody Out There Hates Me
HGWT 600313 e069 Montana Vendetta
HGWT 600320 e070 Caesar's Wife
HGWT 600327 e071 They Told Me You Were Dead
HGWT 600403 e072 Shanghai is a Verb
HGWT 600410 e073 So True, Mr Barnum
HGWT 600417 e074 Prunella's Fellow
HGWT 600424 e075 Irish Luck
HGWT 600501 e076 Dressed to Kill
HGWT 600508 e077 Pat Murphy
HGWT 600515 e078 Lena Countryman
HGWT 600522 e079 The Lucky Penny Mine
HGWT 600529 e080 Dusty and His Uncle Muncie
HGWT 600605 e081 Apache Concerto
HGWT 600612 e082 The Search for Willie Dawson
HGWT 600619 e083 Too, Too Solid Town
HGWT 600626 e084 Doctor from Vienna
HGWT 600703 e085 Dad Blamed Luck
HGWT 600710 e086 Five Days to Yuma
HGWT 600717 e087 Little Guns
HGWT 600724 e088 Delta Queen
HGWT 600731 e089 My Son Must Die
HGWT 600807 e090 Viva
HGWT 600814 e091 Extended Viva
HGWT 600821 e092 The Warrent
HGWT 600828 e093 For the Birds
HGWT 600904 e094 Eat Crow
HGWT 600911 e095 Dead Line
HGWT 600918 e096 Nellie Watson's Son
HGWT 600925 e097 Bringing Up Ollie
HGWT 601002 e098 Telinka
HGWT 601009 e099 Sam Crow
HGWT 601016 e100 Stardust
HGWT 601023 e101 Hell Knows No Fury
HGWT 601030 e102 Oil
HGWT 601106 e103 The Odds
HGWT 601113 e104 The Map
HGWT 601120 e105 Martha Nell
HGWT 601127 e106 From Here to Boston



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