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 Good News

2 MP3 CDs - 66 episodes

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"Guest Starring Judy Garland Fannie Brice"
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Good NewsMusical Variety (1937-1940)

Good News (otherwise known as Good News of 1938, Good News of 1939, Maxwell House Coffee Time) allowed for an insider look into the life and glamour of Hollywood.

A musical-variety show, big stars such as Jimmy Stewart, Robert Taylor, Dick Powell, and Frank Morgan joined Judy Garland, Joan Crawford, Ann Sothern, Mickey Rooney, Alice Faye, Lionel Barrymore, Clark Gable, Ronald Colman, William Gargan, Myrna Loy, Spencer Tracy, and others to dazzle the air waves every week.

old time radio pictureProduced by MGM and sponsored by Maxwell House coffee for $25,000 a week, this partnership between a studio and a sponsor was the largest of its time. During the "Backstage at the Movies" segment of the show listeners could hear inside of stars' dressing rooms, within MGM executive boardroom meetings, and get a taste of the "real" Hollywood happenings.

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The "most spectacular radio show ever launched," Good News advertised MGM's latest major motion picture. Stars from movies would be interviews on the show and preview the movie for the radio audience .Today this is a fascinating look into the marketing techniques of both a large studio and a coffee producer of the late 1930s. Good News is an enchanting look in the history and magic of classic Hollywood film making.

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Volume 1 - 47 shows - total playtime 47 hours 42 minutes

Good News 371223 008 Rosalie
Good News 371230 009 Myrna Loy
Good News 380210 015 Frank Morgan
Good News 380217 016 Jack Benny
Good News 380310 019 Virginia Bruce
Good News 380324 021 Robert Montgomery
Good News 380331 022 Louis B Mayer From London
Good News 380414 024 Freddie Bartholemew
Good News 380505 027 Clark Gable And Judy Garland
Good News 380519 029 Joan Crawford
Good News 380526 030 Virginia Bruce
Good News 380609 032 Robert Young And Mary Martin
Good News 380616 033 Ed Sullivan
Good News 380901 036 Father Edward J Flannagan
Good News 380915 038 Virginia Barrow
Good News 380922 039 Phil Regan
Good News 380929 040 Spencer Tracy
Good News 381006 041 Wallace Beery
Good News 381013 042 Lionell Barrymore
Good News 381020 043 Joan Crawford
Good News 381027 044 Clark Gable
Good News 381103 045 Betty Jaynes
Good News 381110 046 Lionel Barrymore
Good News 381117 047 Joan Crawford
Good News 381124 048 Tony Martin
Good News 381201 049 Tony Martin
Good News 381208 050 Rosalind Russell 0 cracked M
Good News 381215 051 Reginald Owen
Good News 381222 052 Christmas Show
Good News 381229 053 Bill Stern
Good News 390105 054 Virginia Bruce
Good News 390112 055 Cecelia Parker
Good News 390202 058 Mickey Rooney
Good News 390216 060 Roselind Russ 2
Good News 390223 061 Gertrude Niesen
Good News 390302 062 Joan Crawford 0 scratchy Dis
Good News 390309 063 Rita Johnson
Good News 390316 064 Robert Montgom 2
Good News 390323 065 Wallace Beary
Good News 390330 066 Walter Pidgeon
Good News 390406 067 Dedicated To Jeanette Macdonald
Good News 390413 068 Virginia Bruce
Good News 390420 069 Mickey Rooney
Good News 390427 070
Good News 390504 071 Fanny sings Guest Myrna Loy
Good News 390511 072 Ed Sullivan
Good News 390615 077 Meredith Willson

Volume 2 - 19 shows - total playtime 18 hours 12 minutes

Good News 380915 038 Virginia Barrow
Good News 390729 083 Stars From Wizard Of Oz
Good News 391102 044 Billy Halop
Good News 391109 045 Walter Huston
Good News 391116 046 Marlene Dietrich
Good News 391123 047 Walter Huston & Raymond Walburn
Good News 391130 048 Faye Wray
Good News 391207 049 Frank Travis
Good News 391214 050 Allan Jones & Mary Martin
Good News 391221 051 Jessica Dragonette
Good News 391228 052 Lucille Ball
Good News 400104 053 Ann Sothern & William Gargan
Good News 400111 054 William Gargan
Good News 400118 055 Lola Lane
Good News 400125 056 Alice Faye
Good News 400201 057 A Marshall & W Gargan
Good News 400208 057 Ronald Colman & Ida Lapino
Good News 400215 059 Virginia Bruce
Good News 400222 060 Warren Williams



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