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 Gale Gordon

3 MP3 CDs - 162 episodes

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"The Heating System"
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Gale Gordon Early Publicity PhotoGale Gordon was born on June 30, 1906 into a vaudevillian family.  His mother, Gloria Gordon, was also classic radio performer and had a role on My Friend Irma later in life.  His family moved to England when he was young and returned to the United States in 1915.  In 1926, Gale Gordon made his debut on the radio singing and playing a ukulele.  Gale GordonBy 1933, he had become the highest paid radio actor in Hollywood on shows such as Tarzan, Lux Radio Theater, Flash Gordon, Jungle Jim, and Sherlock Holmes.

Gordon got his break on comedy radio as "Mayor Latrivia" on Fibber McGee & Molly Show.  It was on radio comedy that his career hit its second stride as a character actor.  He is best known for his roles of undermined authority figures with snooty names like blustery Principal Osgood Conklin or the hotheaded bank manager Rudolph Atterbury.

He began working on old time radio shows a lot sometimes performing on three or more shows per day.  Radio fans best remember Gale Gordon for his role on Our Miss Brooks as Osgood Conklin, the hub-bubbing Madison High School principal of Connie Brooks (Eve Arden).  On My Favorites Husband he shared the radio microphone with another zany redhead, Lucille Ball, and they developed a life long friendship and working relationship.

Richard Crenna, Eve Arden and Gale Gordon on Our Miss BrooksGale Gordon died on 30 June 1995 of cancer at the Redwood Terrace Heath Centre in Escondido, California.  Gale Gordon had a long working life on radio and television and is truly an important figure of American old time radio history.

This extensive collection encompasses many of Gale Gordon's great performances in various popular old time radio series including Calling all Cars, Cinnamon Bear, Flash Gordon, Fibber McGee and Molly , Front Page Drama, Fu Manchu, Good News , Casebook of Gregory Hood, Lux Radio Theater, My Favorite Husband, Our Miss Brooks, Phil Harris and Alice Faye, Speed Gibson, Tarzan, and also includes many other rare appearances (which are included on Vol. 2 Misc).

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Gale Gordon
Volume 1: 58 shows - total playtime 24 hours 36 minutes

Calling all Cars
Calling All Cars 331220 e004 The Human Bomb
Calling All Cars 340613 e029 Murder of a Soul
Calling All Cars 370210 e168 The Laughing Killer
Calling All Cars 370407 e176 Death in the Morning
Calling All Cars 370707 e189 Kidnapped

Cinnamon Bear
Cinnamon Bear 020 Flying Hat
Cinnamon Bear 021 Snowman
Cinnamon Bear 022 Santa Claus
Cinnamon Bear 023 The Bad Dolls
Cinnamon Bear 024 The Parade
Cinnamon Bear 025 Captain Tintop

Fibber McGee and Molly
fm391226 Gildersleeve Plays Butler
fm400116 Fibbers Car Is Stolen
fm400130 Fibbers Old Suit
fm400213 Good Luck Egyptian Ring
fm400227 Fibber Catches A Cold
fm451002 Welcoming LaTrivia Home From War
fm451009 Shopping For A Used Car
fm451113 Teaching Molly To Drive
fm451120 Architect McGee, Construction Supervisor
fm451127 Fibber Chops Down The Old Oak Tree
fm451204 Winter Walk To Dugan's Lake
fm470211 Fibber's Model Airplane
fm470218 Fibber Collects Doc Gamble's Bills
fm470225 Fibber Fixes A Window
fm470304 Fibber Isn't Getting His Mail
fm470318 Waiting Outside The Drugstore In The Rain

Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon 350511 003 Imprisoned By Hawkmen
Flash Gordon 350518 004 Death Battle Won By Flash
Flash Gordon 350525 005 Rules Over Cave World
Flash Gordon 350601 006 Blue Magic Men Capture Flash
Flash Gordon 350608 007 Dr Zarkoff To The Rescue
Flash Gordon 350824 017 Azora Regains Memory
Flash Gordon 350831 018 Flash Still Invisible, Esacpes
Flash Gordon 350907 019 General Tal Tries Capturing Dr

Front Page Drama
Front Page Drama 350517 Love Forever
Front Page Drama 350802 Grand Mission
Front Page Drama 350809 Stowaway
Front Page Drama 351004 Black Gold

Fu Manchu
Fu 390510 (1-02) Zayat Kiss (Part 1)
Fu 390512 (1-03) Zayat Kiss (Part 2)
Fu 390515 (1-04) Clue of the Pigtail (Part 1)
Fu 390517 (1-05) Clue of the Pigtail (Part 2)
Fu 390519 (1-06) Redmost (Part 1)
Fu 390522 (1-07) Redmost (Part 2)

Good News
Good News 380210 015 w Frank Morgan
Good News 390330 066 w Walter Pidgeon
Good News 390504 71 Fanny sings Guest Myrna Loy
Good News 390511 072 w Ed Sullivan

Great Gildersleeve
GG411130 Canary Won't Sing
GG480128 Gildy Gets License Plates
GG481027 Gildy Proposes to Adeline
GG481117 Engaged to Two Women
GG490112 Good Neighbor Policy
GG490202 Adeline's Hat Shop

Gregory Hood
Gregory Hood 460610 Black Museum
Gregory Hood 460617 Murder of Gregory Hood
Gregory Hood 460714 Murder in Celluloid

Volume 2: 44 shows - total playtime 25 hours 32 minutes

Lux Radio Theater
lux380928 186 Seven Keys to Baldpate
lux390911 - The Awful Truth - stars Cary Grant
lux391113 The Champ
lux400520 Midnight
lux411020 322 Blood and Sand
lux421005 365 Love Crazy
lux421026 368 Wake Island
lux460408 523 Honky Tonk
lux460429 526 Gaslight
lux460506 Tomorrow is Forever
lux461007 Dragonwyck
lux461118 OSS
lux470113 555 The Green Years
lux470127 557 Cluny Brown

Blackstone 490227 Message from Nowhere
Blackstone 490306 Riddle of R
Cavalcade Of America 451015 449 Children, This Is Your F
DDay 480324 Save Weaverville From Land Grab
DDay 480623 Bets On Horses By Mistake
Dr.Christian 371114 Steve and Charlotte Story (part)
Dr.Christian 371121 Tanzy Story
Fabulous Dr. Tweedy Tweedy Finds A Baby
Guest Star 010 Fibber Mcgee & Molly
jc480501 Judy Wants To Be A Dramatic Actress
Joe Brown Show 350325.new Character On Show (noisy)
Johnny Modero 470619 Find Pete Sutro.alt
Johnny Modero 470626 Fatal Action.alt
Jungle Jim 390513 e185 Jim Is Attacked In His Room
Life of Riley 470510 156 Model Son The Mothers Day
Mama Blooms Brood 02 New Dresses
Mama Blooms Brood 03 The Girls Are Late
Mama Blooms Brood 04 Sidney Comes To Dinner
Mary Pickford & Company 341003 The Church Mouse
Miss Pinkerton Inc 410721 01 The Bentley Emerald
SUSP 450927 160 The Earth Is Made of Glass
The Fullness Of Time 1938 (10) A City Beautiful
Warner Brothers 380403 01 One Way Passage
Whistler 420516 e001 Retribution

My Favorite Husband
My Favorite Husband 490218 e32 secretary school
My Favorite Husband 490311 e35 charity review
My Favorite Husband 491014 e58 ordering tv set
My Favorite Husband 491209 e66 French lessons
My Favorite Husband 500203 e74 country club dance
My Favorite Husband 500224 e77 Liz redecorates house

Volume 3: 58 shows - total playtime 22 hours 27 minutes

Our Miss Brooks
Our Miss Brooks 480919 007 Weekend At Crystal Lake (v1)
Our Miss Brooks 490102 022 Old Clothes for Party
Our Miss Brooks 490109 023 The Heating System
Our Miss Brooks 490123 025 Head of the English Department
Our Miss Brooks 490206 027 Missing Electric Heater
Our Miss Brooks 490410 036 Mr Conklin's Wake Up Plan
Our Miss Brooks 490417 037 Easter Outfit
Our Miss Brooks 490717 050 Conklin's Carlessness Code
Our Miss Brooks 490807 053 Heat Wave
Our Miss Brooks 490925 059 Taking the Rap for Mr Boynton
Our Miss Brooks 491002 060 Stretch to Transfer
Our Miss Brooks 491016 062 School Safety Advisor
Our Miss Brooks 491225 072 Magic Christmas Tree
Our Miss Brooks 500129 077 School on Saturday
Our Miss Brooks 500305 082 Letter from the Education Board
Our Miss Brooks 500326 085 Baseball Uniforms
Our Miss Brooks 500521 093 Rare Black Orchid
Our Miss Brooks 501001 099 Measles
Our Miss Brooks 501029 103 The Dancer
Our Miss Brooks 501119 106 Thanksgiving Turkey
Our Miss Brooks 501217 110 A Suit for Charity
Our Miss Brooks 510225 120 Skis in the Classroom
Our Miss Brooks 510415 127 Mr Conklin's Induction Notice
Our Miss Brooks 520127 155 New School Bus (JC)
Our Miss Brooks 531101 221 Mr Conklin's Car Pool
Our Miss Brooks 531213 227 Conklin the Bachelor
Our Miss Brooks 550724 299 Non Fraternization Policy
Our Miss Brooks 560212 328 Mr Conklin's Statue
Our Miss Brooks 560603 344 The Dinner Party

Phil Harris and Alice Faye
Ph481024 The Live Steer
Ph481031 Get Out The Vote
Ph481114 Inventing A New Drug
Ph481226 Broken Christmas Gift
Ph490206 Phil Has To Fire Frank Remley
Ph490626 Concern About Contract Renewal
Ph490925 The Office

Speed Gibson
speed gibson 370102e001theoctopusgangactive
speed gibson 370109e002speedinductedintosecretpolice
speed gibson 370116e003headingforhongkong
speed gibson 370123e004ashootingattempt
speed gibson 370130e005theoctopusordersakidnapping
speed gibson 370515020speedisknockedout
speed gibson 370807032atraphasbeenset
speed gibson 370814033tunnelfillswithwater
speed gibson 370821034watercontinuestorise
speed gibson 370828035dynamitemustbeused

Tarzan 32[1]0912 Ep001 Tarzansfirstbirthday
Tarzan 320916 03 Tarzan In Young Manhood
Tarzan 320923 06 Tarzan Rescues The Captain
Tarzan 320926 07 Tarzan Rescues The Captain Again
Tarzan 321118 30 Search Party Finds A Clue
Tarzan 321123 32 Jane Is Captured By Cannibals
Tarzan 330111 53 The Witch Doctor Escapes
Tarzan 330210 66 Tarzan To The Ship
Tarzan 330222 71 Jane With The Apes
Tarzan 511018 Small Packages
Tarzan 511220 Congo Christmas
Tarzan 530207 Paradise Island




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