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 Father Knows Best

2 MP3 CDs - 116 episodes

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"Father's Day Trip"
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Father Knows Best
Situation Comedy (1949 - 52)

Father Knows Best
Robert Young Publicity Still
Robert Young

Robert Young with MicrophoneThe radio version of Father Knows Best stars Robert Young as Jim Anderson, and was the forerunner to the classic TV show of the same name. June Whitley plays his wife Margaret, with Jean Vander Pyl later taking the role. The kids act very similar to the way they do on the better-known TV show. Daughter Betty is played on the radio version by Rhoda Williams, Ted Donaldson plays Bud, and Norma Jean Nilsson is great as the littlest Anderson, Kathy. Of course, to Father, Kathy is "Kitten" and Betty is "Princess." Bud is just Bud.

The plots are family friendly, often misunderstandings that get blown out of proportion, generation gap issues or trivial but lesson-inspiring arguments between the kids. Jim Anderson works for an insurance company, but this is little more than background, since the stories invariably begin after Jim enters, saying, "Margaret, I'm home." The sponsor for the three-year run was General Foods. Of course, the Anderson's extol the virtues of the many fine General Foods products drawing a lucid connection between family bliss and consumerism.

Robert Young appeared in his first movie in 1924, and was in many fine films such as Hitchcock's Secret Agent (1936), Northwest Passage (1940), H.M. Pulham, Esq. (1941) and Crossfire (1947). Father Knows Best CastHe had ultimately well over a hundred movies to his credit. In the early 1950s Young had effectively retired from films, Yet on the success of the old time radio show, he welcomed the return to on-screen acting, even if the screen was only 9 inches high! The rest of the TV cast are the ones fans of Nick at Night know and love. Along with Ozzie and Harriet and Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best was one of the first and best-loved All-American sweet-hearted family situation comedies. The old time radio show created a loyal audience that were happy to see their show on the "little screen" after hearing it on the radio.

More radio family situation comedies are Blondie, The Aldrich Family, The Life of Riley, Ozzie and Harriet, The Goldbergs, Phil Harris and Alice Faye, The Great Gildersleeve, and Vic and Sade. Of course, couple-type family comedies were on radio, too, such as Burns and Allen, Fibber McGee and Molly, My Favorite Husband, and Easy Aces. And of course, there were some funny singles such as Our Miss Brooks, The Mel Blanc Show, Life with Luigi, Honest Harold and Jack Benny.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 59 shows - total playtime 27 hours 44 minutes

FKB 481220 000 Audition Show
FKB 481220 000 Audition Tape
FKB 500112 021 Elusive Card Game
FKB 500504 037 An Uncontrolled Dog
FKB 500511 038 The Golf Challenge
FKB 500518 039 Betty's Screen Test
FKB 500525 040 Superstitious Folk
FKB 500608 041 Time for a New Car
FKB 500615 042 Father's Day Trip
FKB 500622 043 A New Housekeeper
FKB 500629 044 New Arrangements
FKB 500706 045 Vacation Arrives
FKB 500907 046 An Efficient House
FKB 500914 047 Family Car Stolen
FKB 500921 048 Who Has the Time
FKB 500928 049 The New Girlfriend
FKB 501005 050 Family Spending
FKB 501012 051 The Skunk Must Go
FKB 501026 053 A Spooky Cemetery
FKB 501102 054 Too Many Problems
FKB 501109 055 The Bad Bar-Be-Cue
FKB 501116 056 Enterprising Kids
FKB 501123 057 Happy Thanksgiving
FKB 501207 059 A French Teacher
FKB 501214 060 Father Becomes Ill
FKB 501221 061 Christmas Program
FKB 501228 062 Party Preparations
FKB 510104 063 Taking on City Hall
FKB 510111 064 Missing Furniture
FKB 510118 065 Redecoration Woes

FKB 510125 066 Sound Matchmaking
FKB 510201 067 Jim Inherits a Ranch in Arizona
FKB 510208 068 What Was His Name
FKB 510215 069 Orchid for a Lady
FKB 510222 070 Always Tell Truth
FKB 510301 071 Rehearsing a Play
FKB 510308 072 Painting The Living Room
FKB 510315 073 Tax Interruptions
FKB 510322 074 Helping out the Boss
FKB 510329 075 Both Bosses Visit
FKB 510405 076 It Pays to Borrow
FKB 510412 077 Carrot Costume Party
FKB 510419 078 Anniversary Secret
FKB 510426 079 Aunt Martha Visits
FKB 510503 080 A Missing Salesman
FKB 510510 081 Junk Around the House
FKB 510517 082 Locked out of the House
FKB 510524 083 Anniversary Event
FKB 510531 084 Going to New York
FKB 510614 085 Father's Day Picnic
FKB 510621 086 Mother Drives a Car
FKB 510628 087 Wedding Preparation
FKB 510705 088 Meaning of Freedoms
FKB 510920 089 A Diet Discussion
FKB 520417 119 New Washing Machine
FKB 520515 123 Self Reliance
FKB 520703 130 Vacation Arrives
FKB 520911 132 Watching the Dog
FKB 520918 133 Weekend Activity
Volume 2: 57 shows - total playtime 27 hours 44 minutes

FKB 520925 134 Should Women Work
FKB 521009 135 Betty and Crooner
FKB 521016 136 Bud Quits School
FKB 521030 138 Carnival in Town
FKB 521106 139 Selling the House
FKB 521113 140 The Missing Pipes
FKB 521120 141 The Phantom Prowler
FKB 521211 144 A Worried Waitress
FKB 521218 145 The Kids Revolt
FKB 521225 146 Shared Christmas Gifts
FKB 530101 147 Southern Manners
FKB 530108 148 Second Family Car
FKB 530115 149 The Boy Next Door
FKB 530129 151 Bud Dislikes Girls
FKB 530205 152 Aunt Thelma Visits
FKB 530212 153 Babysitting Miseries
FKB 530219 154 Modernizing the Home
FKB 530226 155 Banged up Fender
FKB 530305 156 Overdue Vacation
FKB 530312 157 To Build a Brick Wall
FKB 530319 158 The Missing Wedding Ring
FKB 530326 159 Uninsured Robin
FKB 530402 160 Bud's Panama Cat Business Venture
FKB 530409 161 How to Face Problems
FKB 530416 162 Family Getaway to Beaver Falls
FKB 530423 163 Old Father Time
FKB 530430 164 Springtime Woes
FKB 530507 165 The Good Old Days
FKB 530514 166 Sophisticated Bud

FKB 530521 167 Paper Drive Management
FKB 530910 168 Remembering Names
FKB 530917 169 Big Inheritance
FKB 530924 170 Mind Your Manners
FKB 531001 171 A Date Mix-Up with Leonard and Ralph and Betty
FKB 531008 172 The Value of Money
FKB 531015 173 The Life of the Party
FKB 531022 174 Too Many Peanuts
FKB 531029 175 Halloween Blues
FKB 531105 176 Moving to Chicago
FKB 531112 177 Betty's Engagement
FKB 531119 178 Missing Uncle
FKB 531126 179 Thanksgiving
FKB 531203 180 Too Many Rabbits
FKB 531224 183 Christmas Program
FKB 540107 185 Taking Pictures
FKB 540114 186 An Unusual Bet
FKB 540121 187 The Mink Coat Woes
FKB 540128 188 Trash Can Lids
FKB 540204 189 The Telephone Mix-Up
FKB 540218 191 Betty's Freedom
FKB 540225 192 Check Writing
FKB 540304 193 Spring Cleaning
FKB 540311 194 False Elopement
FKB 540318 195 Income Tax Mix-Up
FKB 540325 196 Rainy Day Activity
FKB Stranded By A Snowstorm
FKB The Overdue Vacation


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