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 Election Collection

2 MP3 CDs - 85 episodes

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Kittens VotingIncluded in this fine Election Collection are old time radio shows about United States Presidential elections, voting, ballots, and even local elections of all sorts.  

The right to vote is sign of a healthy democracy where every citizen has an impact on the government.  Voting and elections were the topic of many old time radio shows of all genres: western, drama, comedy, new programs, quiz shows, drama, and more.

Woman Hammering Nail on Voting Sign with a Gun, In The Great Gildersleeve, Gildersleeve runs for mayor of Summerfield while in The Life of Riley, Riley tries to lose the election for the presidency of his lodge. In My Favorite Husband, Liz has been elected as the treasurer of the local women's club, but can she even balance the books at home? Mel Blanc discusses who he will vote for in the upcoming election. In Our Miss Brooks, Miss Brooks is voted as Miss Pigskin 1950 - oh, the honor!

Who can forget when the zany Gracie Allen ran for the Presidency in 1940 on the Surprise Party ticket? She gave speeches on her whistle stop train tour from Los Angeles to Omaha Nebraska and as she spoofed the Presidential campaigns of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Wendell L. Willkie.  Gracie Allen actually received many write in votes in the election. Democracy at it's best!

Included in this collection are also many historical documentaries about the Suffragettes who fought for the women's right to vote.  In the old time radio show You Are There listeners are brought to the events of September 7, 1853 as women began their campaign for the right to vote.

In the Western Radio Genre, Wild Bill Hickock is involved in an election scandal that will shake the town to it's core. Jimmy Stewart as The Six Shooter finds himself elected as the town sheriff AND mayor.

The Quiz Kids will impress you with how knowledgeable they are about history and politics that you will wonder why they don't have the right to vote!

Important news coverage of Presidential Elections, speeches, and campaigns are also included.

This show will hopefully inspire you to vote in upcoming elections both big and small because your voice and your vote matters.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 43 shows - total playtime 18 hours 37 minutes

Adv In Research 441230 095 First Regular Radio Broadcast
Ahter 1908 Elizabeth Pankhurst Votes For Women
Amos & Andy 521102 324 Aunt Harriet Visits
Bimb 500814 047 Mary Demming Murder
Blooper Vietnam Voting
Burns And Allen 400306 23 Hats Off To Gracie
Burns And Allen 400313 24 Gracies Triumphant Return
Burns And Allen 400327 26 Surprise Party Platform
Burns And Allen 400410 Gracie Wins Wisconsin
Burns And Allen 400515 33 Rah Rah In Omaha
Burns And Allen 401104 19 George Tries To Impress Fifi
Calv 351113 006 Womans Emancipation
Calv 411215 257 Great Man Votes
Cisco Kid 530224 063 Bullets And Ballets
Command Performance 450503 173 Tribute To Walt Disney
Double Or Nothing 440901 How Many People Voted In 1940
Easy Aces 258 Everyone Is Mad At Jane
Eisenhower Election Song 1952 I Like Ike
Fibber Mcgee 401105 260 Election Officials
Five Star Final 360330 First Topic Designing A Mausoleum
Frank Merriwell 480515 085 Ballot Box Mystery
Fred Allen Texaco Star Theater 401002 01 Grab It Or Leave It
Good News 1940 400229 Wedding Cake
Great Gildersleeve 440625 132 Election Day Gildy Loses
Great Gildersleeve 441105 142 Election Day Bet
Great Gildersleeve 501101 378 Election Day
Green Hornet 401009 Votes For Sale
Hedda Hopper Show 501111 X Guest Audie Murphy
High Moment 560328 08 Perfect Town
Honest Harold 501101 Election Plans
I Was There 400519 Wilson Vs Hughes Election
Jack Benny Program 400114 357 Intermezzo
Jack Carson Show 461030 05 Halloween Date With A Brazilian Girl
Jack Carson Show 461106 06 Election Day
Jean Shepherd Show 640829 Evading Issue
Jimmie Allen 1937 1130 Wings Votes Against Jimmies 2 Nd C
Life Of Riley 410825 1340 Election Day At Placer
Life Of Riley 451201 089 B.p.l.a. Lodge Election
Life Of Riley 510601 320 Riley And Ballot 4022
Life Of Riley 510601 320 Riley And Ballot
Lr 400918 Mustang Mag In Politics
Lr 420327 0645 Marshal Of Mountain City 1 O 3
Lr 420810 0703 Votes Won Votes Lost

42 shows - total playtime 17 hours 15 minutes

Lr 420810 1490 Votes Won Votes Lost
Lr 430809 0859 Medicine And Ballots
Lr 441122 1068 Smugglers Feet
Lr 460201 1258 Solid Citizen
Lr 520220 2204 Best Laid Plans
Luigi 491108 060 No Electioneering
Luigi 501031 105 Right To Vote Taken Away
Lux 390416 Bullets Or Ballots Rehearsal
Lux 410616 312 Lady From Cheyenne
March Of Time 360424 00 X Chamberlains Budget
Meet Meeks 481113 School Elections
Mel Blanc 470325 29 Miss Ugga Ugga Boo
Mr President 470717 004 Woodrow Wilson
My Favorite Husband 490930 056 Womans Club Election
News 320424 Drf Ernst Heilmann Spd Election Speech
News 320424 Drf Johannes Engel Nsdap Election Speech
News 320701 Drf Adolfhitler Public Election Speech Berlin
Nixon Election Ad 1968
Pabst 480506 072 Going After Smith Vote
Phaf 481031 Homework
Political Speeches 641027 Ronald Reagan Political Election Address
President Jimmy Carter Election Campaing 1976
Quiz Kids 500806 530 Too Young To Vote
Radio Guild 390507 Back Number Up
Readers Digest 470213 050 Counsel Assigned
Red Ryder 420421 34 Buckhorn Election
Ripley 206 Vote Getter
Rotary Golden Theater 550303 03 Working Together
Screen Guild 401103 059 Great Man Votes
Six Shooter 540610 37 New Sheriff
Superman 461104 1398 Counterfeit Money
The Squibb Show 441106 Election Eve
Tmcrbt 520325 25 Mission Of Mercy 12
True Or False 380912 37 Postal Clerks Vs. League Of Women Voters
Uocr 481010 762 Why Do People Vote Way They Do
Voxpop 461105 Election Night Doylestown PA
Wild Bill Hickok 510812 020 Mixed Brands
Wild Bill Hickok 520130 048 Dark Horse Candidate
Wild Bill Hickok 531120 E 185 Bullets At Iron Mountain
You Are There 480321 23 Philadelphia July 4 1776
You Are There 480620 35 Impeachment Of Andrew Johnson
You Are There 500611 89 Womens Rights



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