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 Defective Detectives and Bungling Burglars

3 MP3 CDs - 180 episodes

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"Gracies Murder Mystery"
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Gracie Allen - Private InvestigatorDetective shows and spoofs were incredibly popular during the golden age of radio.  As hardboiled detectives got tougher and tougher, comedy shows soon followed suit with hilarious parodies and silly satirical sketches.  This OTRCAT original collection includes shows about about bungled crime, funny detective skits, and more

The collection includes examples of bungled crime from some the greatest old time radio comedy shows including Fibber McGee and Molly, The Jack Benny, Father Knows Best, Amos and Andy, Burns and Allen, Bergen and McCarthy, and more.  There are also episodes from detective and drama shows shows like Richard Diamond, Molle Mystery, and even X-Minus One.

Some highlights in this extensive "Bungled Detective" collection include:

  • Gracie Allen has been listening to far too many detective radio shows and wants to become a crime fighter with George Burns.
  • Kingfish is hit by a car on the Amos and Andy show
  • Cat Burglars are running amok in Miss Brooks' neighborhood.
  • There's a missing toothpick and Inspector H. I. Kaye of Scotland Yard on the Danny Kaye Show will solve the crime.
  • Fibber McGee steals a car!
  • In X-Minus One, an earth colony "New Delaware" tries to create a criminal.

Fibber McGee burglarJoin the fun! For more OTRCAT original detective compilations see:

For more laughs, see also our extensive comedy collections including the compilations:

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 72 Shows: total playtime 34 hours, 34 minutes

Alan Young
Alan Young 461220 0011 HoldUp Man
Alan Young 470207 0018 Photo Of ABank Robber East

Amos and Andy
aa440204 Missing Persons Bureau
aa440317 Insurance Fraud
aa440414 The Butler Did It
aa440526 Andy The Fugitive
aa440616 One Step Ahead Of The Law
aa450511 Kingfish Thinks Sapphire Is Out To Kill Him
aa461015 Sapphire Is A Wanted Criminal
aa461210 The Stolen Car
aa481024 The Hot Fur
aa490306 Photo Of Jewelry Store Robbery
aa490327 Pawn Shop Robbery
aa491023 Kingfish's Car Used In Robbery
aa491106 Four Hundred Dollar Loan To Rochester
aa500115 Andy Versus Abigail Simpson Brown
aa500129 The Bungling Burglars
aa501203 Policewoman Mix-up
aa501217 Kingfish Suspects Foul Play
aa510930 $3000 Diamond Ring In Cracker Jack Box
aa530419 Kingfish The Detective
aa531101 Cat Burglar

Bergen McCarthy
Bergen McCarthy 430912 Humphrey Bogart
Bergen McCarthy 451021 378 Guest - Fred Allen

Blondie Photographing A Prowler

Bob Hope
Bob Hope 541118 Jack Kirkwood In Jail For Car Theft

Burns and Allen
Burns & Allen 380110 D40 Gracie`s Murder Mystery
Burns & Allen 380117 D41 Another Murder Mystery
Burns & Allen 430413 J28 Gracie Wants George To Be A Law
Burns & Allen 430601 J35 Gracie Appears In Traffic Court
Burns & Allen 431109 Blackmailing Jack Benny
Burns & Allen 431228 414 John Garfield The Gangster
Burns & Allen 440912 Gracie Against Crime
Burns & Allen 470306 Gracie Takes Up Crime Solving
Burns & Allen 470313 The Tall Man
Burns & Allen 470320 Crime Wave
Burns & Allen 481007 Kleptomaniacs [11 min]

Command Performance
CPUSA 450215 162 Dick Tracy In B Flat
CPUSA 460529 000 4th Anniversary Special

Danny Kaye
Danny Kaye 450120 e03 Auction Sale
Danny Kaye 450324 AFRS 7 Mystery of the Murdered Meatball

Ed Wynn
Ed Wynn 450205 E W S Ed Becomes A Warden

Father Knows Best
FKB 500914 047 Family Car Stolen
FKB 521120 141 The Phantom Prowler

Fibber McGee & Molly
fm390530 Escaped Convicts
fm391212 Jewelry Store Robbery-Detective McGee
fm400116 Fibbers Car Is Stolen
fm420113 Who Broke Uppy's Window Part 1
fm420120 Who Broke Uppy's Window Part 2
fm421110 Uppy's Nephew
fm430427 Black Market Meat
fm430511 Fibber's New Barometer Predicts Snow
fm430518 Fibber Steals A Car
fm450206 The Case Of The Cross-Eyed Cat
fm450501 Briefcase Bronson Is On The Loose
fm450612 McGee The Magician
fm460122 Re-enacting A Robbery For Pioneer Day
fm460305 Fibber Reports His Car As Stolen
fm461126 A Prowler Is Following Fifi Tremaine
fm470107 Fibber Joins Posse To Find Escaped Convicts
fm470513 Smuggled Irish Tweed
fm480302 Volunteering For Jury Duty
fm500117 Fibber Cuts Down The Old Jesse James Tree
fm500307 Olie Is Kidnapped
fm501010 The Con Men
fm510220 Express Company Bandits
fm511211 Detective McGee
fm531102 Trying To Catch Phantom Burglar
fm531103 Phantom Burglar Nabbed
fm531123 Phony Ring Investment
fm531124 Selling Doc The Ring

Volume 2: 74 Shows: total playtime 37 hours, 26 minutes

Fred Allen
Fred Allen 330122 The Court of Judge Allen
Fred Allen 360930 Gangbusters
Fred Allen 361007 Who Killed Rappaport
Fred Allen 371222 Santa Will Not Ride Tonight
Fred Allen 400131 Mountain Justice
Fred Allen 400221 021 Missing Cat
Fred Allen 400529 035 Death Takes A Pretzel Baron
Fred Allen 451028 043 Charlie Mccarthy Sues Fred For Slander
Fred Allen 451111 045 Mr. Mob Buster
Fred Allen 460428 068 Racing Form Trial
Fred Allen 460512 070 Cairo
Fred Allen 470302 099 Mayhem In Penthouse
Fred Allen 470608 113 Rochester Has His Own Radio Program
Fred Allen 471019 119 Perfect Crime
Fred Allen 480104 130 Psychopathic Spectacular
Fred Allen 480411 144 One Long Pan Skit
Fred Allen 480425 146 Scalping Baseball Tickets
Fred Allen 481111 Samshovel With Arthur Treacher
Fred Allen 481205 165 Tv Commercials
Fred Allen 481226 585 Guest Doc Rockwell
Fred Allen 490213 175 Murder Case
Fred Allen 490320 180 Mob Buster
Fred Allen 490424 185 Mad Doctor Of Downing Street
Fred Allen 490626 194 Final Show

Great Gildersleeve
GG421227 Leroy Makes Nitro
GG460414 The Bank Robber
GG470312 Leroy Arrested
GG470319 Gildy Guards Cash
GG490427 The Burglar

Hardy Family
Hardy Family 162a Job As A Night Watchman

Henry Morgan
Henry Morgan 491209 Spoof on Murder Mysteries

Honest Harold
Honest Harold 501220 Children s Christmas Party
Honest Harold 510530 Marshall for a Day

Information Please
Info Please 410124 Boris Karloff Louis E Lawes

Jack Benny
Jack Benny 370606 B 36 Death At Midnight 2
Jack Benny 380313 924 Death In The
Jack Benny 380515 933 Murder In Th
Jack Benny 381204 1010 Murder At Th
Jack Benny 390108 1015 Snow White A
Jack Benny 390604 1036 Hound Of The
Jack Benny 390611 1037 Hound Of The
Jack Benny 391203 1109 Murder On Th
Jack Benny 391210 1110 Murder On Th
Jack Benny 410309 1223 Murder At Th
Jack Benny 410427 1230 Murder At Th
Jack Benny 420125 1317 Frightwi
Jack Benny 420201 1318 Frightwi
Jack Benny 420208 1319 Jacks Upset
Jack Benny 430328 1426 Host Orson W
Jack Benny 440220 1520 Guest Grouch
Jack Benny 441022 1604 Captain Obe
Jack Benny 450325 1626 Murder Myste
Jack Benny 451007 1702 Jack Listens
Jack Benny 451014 1703 Gaslight
Jack Benny 451028 1705 $ 85000 Bet
Jack Benny 451111 1707 Joe Louis Ac
Jack Benny 451118 1708 From Birming
Jack Benny 451202 1710 Steve Bradle
Jack Benny 460324 1726 I Stand Cond
Jack Benny 460505 1732 Leaving For
Jack Benny 461020 1804 Fiddler
Jack Benny 461124 1809 Killers
Jack Benny 470119 1817 I Stand Condem
Jack Benny 471130 1909 Turkey Dream
Jack Benny 480530 1935 I Was Framed
Jack Benny 481017 2003 Sorry Wrong
Jack Benny 500108 2118 Drear Pooson
Jack Benny 501001 2204 Maxwell
Jack Benny 501112 2210 A Cup Of Cof
Jack Benny 501210 2214 Murder At Th
Jack Benny 510204 2222 Bank Robbery
Jack Benny 520106 2317 Suspense
Jack Benny 521005 2404 Scoop Benny
Jack Benny 550116 2617 Jack Doesnt Have A Script

Volume 3: 34 Shows: total playtime 17 hours, 41 minutes

Joan Davis Show
Joan Davis Show 460318 Counterfeiter Visits Tea Roo

Life of Riley
Life of Riley 460928 124 Riley Bribes Junior To Win Fo
Life of Riley 461019 127 Bus Company Lawsuit
Life of Riley 470426 154 Simon The Waiter Blackmails
Life of Riley 471011 170 Riley The Cop
Life of Riley 480626 207 Vacation on Prison Farm
Life of Riley 490408 240 The Hold Up w Burt Lancaster
Life of Riley 491021 250 The Policeman Boarder
Life of Riley 491202 256 Riley The Bookie

Lux Radio Theater
Lux 380307 166 Poppy
Lux 380926 186 Seven Keys to Baldpate
Lux 400909 272 Manhatten Melodrama
Lux 471222 595 Miracle on 34th Street

Magnificent Montigue
Magnificent Montague 510519 28 Ed McClane
Magnificent Montague 510811 40 Agnes Joins A Cult

Maisie 491222 The Phony Doctor

Molle Mystery
MMT 460510 2031 Adventures Of Kenny
MMT 470416 2077 Kenny Angles & Queen Of

Mr Ace and Jane
Mr Ace and Jane 480313 05 Jury Duty

My Friend Irma
MFI 470613 e010 The Fur Coat
MFI 520120 e218 The Burglar

My Little Margie
My Little Margie 055 Stolen Pearlsheld By Crooks

Our Miss Brooks
Our Miss Brooks 500312 083 The Burgler
Our Miss Brooks 531108 222 Convict
Our Miss Brooks 550403 283 An American Tragedy

Phil Haris Alice Faye
Ph490220 Remley Moves In (Aka Jury Duty)
Ph500507 Phil Buys A Gangster's Trunk For His Trip

Richard Diamond
Richard Diamond 491105 029 The Singing Critic

Rocky Fortune
RF540216 19 too many husbands

Screen Directors Playhouse
SDP 500217 e056 It's in the Bag

Screen Guild Theater
Screen Guild 450813 258 Gildersleeves Bad Day
Screen Guild 461125 323 Arsenic And Old Lace
Screen Guild 470505 346 Pardon My Past

X Minus One
X 1 560215 038 Skulking Permit



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