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 Cowboys, Rodeos, and Western Roundups Collection

2 MP3 CDs - 90 episodes

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"Dragnet: Big Cowboy"
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My Lady Clementine Publicity Still

Western Radio ListenersThe legend of the American Cowboy features hero mythology based on a historical specifically American archetype. Many modern detractors will point out the Cowboy was in reality a poorly paid agricultural worker. Nevertheless, the Cowboy Myth began in pulp novels and Wild West Shows which were a combination Vaudeville show and circus where gallantry and chivalry of the cowboy was celebrated.

These heroic characteristics of the American Cowboy continued to be highlighted in western films and radio. Cowboy Chivalry was exemplified by Movie Cowboy Gene Autry's Cowboy Code. Who can help but respect the macho image of John Wayne and the Marlboro Man?

The Cowboy is often lampooned by those who have a lot more time on the drugstore stool than in the saddle, but even the greenest dude knows that the Cowboy is a friend to be trusted.Perhaps the truest strength of the Cowboy Myth is its refusal to take itself too seriously. The best American Myths always have an element of humor, and the Cowboy is no exception.

John DehnerIt seems like sooner or later, everyone in radio wanted to be a Cowboy. It is to be expected that Leroy would want to be a Singing Cowboy on The Great Gildersleeve, even if he can't sing any better than he can ride. George Burns is willing to invest in a play when he finds out it will be based on his favorite Cowboy stories, but it wouldn't be the Burns and Allen Show unless Gracie recruited French heart-throb Charles Boyer to play the lead. Big City detective Dick Tracy even finds himself on horseback foiling outlaws and catching the Purple Rider (who would have though Dick Tracy was so good with a lasso?) More unexpected Cowboy action happens as we learn that evil Ivan Shark has finally found a way to stop Captain Midnight, but before he can put his plan into action he has to deliver a herd of cattle to the Mexican Government, so he herds them using airplanes instead of horses!

A powerful symbol of the Cowboy is his Colt Peacemaker. Escape tells a tale of one of the first Six Guns to appear in the California Gold Country as Gerald Mohr goes after the man who gunned down his brother, and the double-crossing woman who helped him. Simon Templar tries to protect a Texas Cattleman who hires The Saint as a bodyguard when he comes to New York City. When the bad guys still manage to take down the Cowboy the chase will take Templar to Chicago.

The professional comics have a lot of fun with the Cowboys. Bob Hope shakily rides the trail with Frank Sinatra on The Bob Hope Show. On the Fred Allen Show, Fred and the Mighty Allen Art Players give columnist Louella Parsons a chance to play four roles in their Western Movie.

But we can't forget "real" Western movies! No less than John Wayne reprises his role from John Ford's Fort Apache along with Ward Bond.

Some of the other fun in this collection includes:

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 53 shows - total playtime 23 hours 51 minutes

Academy Award Theater 460504 06 Stagecoach
Academy Award Theater 460608 11 Ruggles Of Red Gap
Adventures In Research 541116 615 Fence Around America
Anderson Family 08 Junior Wants A Horse
Authors Playhouse 411221 109 Christmas By Injunction
Bill Stern 450914 E 306 Brace Beemer
Bill Stern 461025 E 364 Gene Autry
Bill Stern 470613 E 396 Roy Rogers
Bill Stern 471010 E 419 Gene Autry
Bing Crosby 440629 With Roy Rogers
Birds Eye Open House 440309 024 They Ask About You
Bm 471207 With Roy Rogers
Bm 541226 Hoppy
Bob Burns 461229 When I Was A Boy Bobs New Year
Bob Hope 450227 Frances Langford Guest Frank Sinatra
Bob Hope 510109 W M Maxwell
Bob Hope 520610 San Diego Nas Dale Evans & Roy Rogers
Bobby Benson & Bbarb Riders 500728 Ghost Rider
Broadway Is My Beat 500703 041 Frank Conway
Bugle Themejosef Bonimeu.s. Borax Inc 0.32
Burl Ives Sings 461219 15 Cowboy Songs
Burns And Allen 410210 W Beatrix Fairfax
Burns And Allen 431130 14 Charles Boyer As Tex
Burns And Allen 490505 32 William Boyd George Cowboy
Captain Midnight 391201 0200 Senor Lutro Informs Shark Of Change Of Plans
Cavalcade Of America 451112 453 Guy Who Had To Have A Horse
Charlie Mccarthy 471207 Roy Rogers
Cinnamon Bear 371216 18 Cocklebur Cowboys
Dennis Day 471210 054 Mr Willoughby Obtain A Bank Loan
Dick Tracy 380419 0077 Dick Lassoes Purple Rider
Dragnet 540601 250 Big Cowboy
Escape 500103 092 Pistol
Fred 421025 Roy Rogers Courting Of Jenny Sugs
Fred Allen Texaco Star Theater 440213 49 How Is Alarm Clock Shortage Going To Affect You
Front Page Drama 420124 0457 Old Pancake And His Restless Wife
Ft 520514 270 Continental Cowboy
Gang Busters 490115 0563 Case Of Masquerading Gunmen Pt 1
Gildersleeve 520507 443 Leroy Singing Cowboy
Hallmark Playhouse 500223 075 Autobiography Of Will Rogers
Hollywood Open House 470202 Big Bonanza
Hollywood Rodeo 44 Mmdd Aud Valley Citys First Rodeo
Jack Benny Program 361206 235 Money Aint Everything
Jack Benny Program 480328 649 Jack Is Robbed Of Ronald Colmans Oscar
Jack Paar 470727 09 Singing Cowboy Parody
Johnny Mercers Music Shop 440914 48 When Its Roundup Time In Texas
Kmh 490317 Guests Roy Rogers And Dale Evans
Kraft Music Hall 490317 331 Guest Roy Rogers And Dale Evans
Let George Do It 491031 Every Shot Counts
Luke Slaughter 580302 02 Tracks Out Of Tombstone
Lux 370531 Plainsman
Lux 390403 Silver Dollar
Lux 390710 227 Ruggles Of Red Gap
Lux 410526 309 Virginia City

Volume 2: 37 shows - total playtime 23 hours 24 minutes

Lux 410616 312 Lady From Cheyenne
Lux 420413 347 Northwest Mounted Police
Lux 430628 403 Great Mans Lady
Lux 440313 431 In Old Oklahoma
Lux 451105 501 Destry Rides Again
Lux 470324 565 Smoky
Lux 470428 570 My Darling Clementine
Lux 490307 Red River
Lux 510122 Broken Arrow
Lux 510312 She Wore A Yellow Ribbon
Lux 510604 750 Ticket To Tomahawk Anne Baxter Dan Dailey
Lux 510910 756 Fancy Pants W Bob Hope & Lucille Bal
Martin Lewis 490802 18 Hoppy
On Stage 530507 18 Bear
On Stage 530528 21 Hanging At Four Oaks
Philco Radio Time 4649 471001 037 Gary Cooper
Quiz Kids 501217 549 Elks Club
Red Skelton 500122 269 Junior Is Missing
Rocky Fortune 540112 14 Rodeo Murder
Romance 510806 253 Pagosa
Roy Rogers Audition Bloopers And False Starts 480328
Rudy Vallee 351114 Fleischman W Leo G Carol
Rudy Vallee Vallee Varieties 401226 043 Courtroom Trial Rehearsal
Screen Dir Phouse 490805 028 Fort Apache
Sdp 490805 E 028 Fort Apache
Sdp 500303 E 058 Paleface
Silver Theater 390409 28
Stars Over Hollywood 501230 499 Continental Cowboy
Suspense 407 501214 A Killing In Abilene
The Jack Kirkwood Show 451109 Western Drama
The Saint 510701 06 Death Of A Cowboy
Theater Guild Ota 460526 138 Boy Meets Girl
This Is Your Fbi 510831 335 Ghost Town
Up For Parole 500512 10 Clarence Hogan
Vic & Sade 430412 Dotties New Dress
You Bet Your Life 510620 Secret Word Door
You Bet Your Life 520319 Secret Word Name



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