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 Counterspy (David Harding, Counterspy!)

2 MP3 CDs - 71 episodes

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"Fight Against Narcotics"
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Counterspy Poster

Espionage Adventure Drama (1942 - 50)

Washington calling David Harding, counterspy!
Washington calling David Harding, counterspy!

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old time radio imageDavid Harding CounterspyDon McLaughlinPhillips H. Lord (of Gangbusters fame) was a radio production legend. One of his first successes was the creation of "Seth Parker", a composite of the Down East New England preachers Lord knew growing up. NBC picked up the character and ran "Sunday Evening at Seth Parker's" six days a week from 1929-39.

In 1933 Lord's came up with the idea of buying a sailing ship, then broadcasting his adventures via short wave to the network. A team of celebrities and scientists were to accompany Lord to exotic locations around the world, but the highly promoted project fell apart when Lord's ship, the Seth Parker, became unseaworthy in a storm off the coast of American Samoa.

The popular program Gang Busters was another creation of Lord's, running from 1935-57. Gang Busters was billed as "the Crime Fighters of American Broadcasting." Authentic case histories were used for script material, and opened with machine-gun fire and screeching tires. A feature of the show was up to the minute reports on the FBI's Most Wanted criminals.

The Counter Spies were a fictional unit of the Federal Government. Lead by Chief Counter Spy David Harding, the unit was tasked with investigating all reports of suspicious espionage activities funneled to them. Initially the program combined the crime drama thrills of Lord's Gang Busters with the nation's growing patriotism and security awareness in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor. Promotional teasers for the show intimated that Lord had served in official but very confidential intelligence work for the government in the late 30s. His popularity with law enforcement resulting from Gang Busters allowed him access to files of police departments and the FBI, which became rich sources of plot material for Counter-Spy.

Lord held back as little in pursuing production quality. Two sound effects men were reported to spend 10 hours in rehearsal to get the atmosphere just right. Sound was more than background, the effects were vital to presenting the plot of each episode.

As WWII came to a close, and with it concerns about Gestapo and Japanese Black Dragon spies, the Counter-Spy unit still found much to do by foiling the activities of Cold War enemies as well as Narcotics thugs.

The early plots on Counterspy were counter espionage against Germany's Gestapo and Japan's Black Dragon while WWII plots focused on more generic counter-espionage plots like those Counterspy Advertisementof I was a Communist for the FBI, This is Your FBI, Intrigue, and FBI in Peace and War.

For more espionage and adventure see: The Silent Men, Spy Catcher, Cloak and Dagger, Counterspy - David Harding!, Dangerous Assignment, The Adventures of Frank Race, Harry Lime (The Third Man), Secret Agent K7 Returns, Top Secret, and The Man Called X.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 37 shows - total playtime 18 hours 21 minutes

Counterspy 420000 Matihari Type
Counterspy 420608 Dream House
Counterspy 420608 Washington Woman Spy
Counterspy 420622 Nazis From Mexico
Counterspy 420727 Camera Happy Crook
Counterspy 420903 Counterfeit Gas Coupons
Counterspy 420914 Recruited Nurse
Counterspy 420914 Spy Submarine Logansport
Counterspy 421102 Case of the Gasoline Barge
Counterspy 421214 German Spies
Counterspy 450613 Washington Woman Spy
Counterspy 450620 Bag Of Dynamite
Counterspy 450725 Explosive Dog
Counterspy 460727 Stolen Car Racket Rehearsal
Counterspy 490222 Mexican Rancho
Counterspy 490224 Poison Peddler
Counterspy 490809 Blackmailed Hijacker
Counterspy 490811 Murmured Million
Counterspy 490816 Statue Of Death
Counterspy 490818 Desert Explosion
Counterspy 490823 Bouncing Bank Robber
Counterspy 490825 Murdering Messenger
Counterspy 490830 Cold Blooded Professor Pt 1
Counterspy 490901 Cold Blooded Professor Pt 2
Counterspy 490906 Arrogant Arsonist
Counterspy 490908 Courageous Comeon
Counterspy 490913 Flatbush Fagin
Counterspy 490915 Hot Car Killer
Counterspy 490920 Postal Pirates Pt 1
Counterspy 490922 Postal Pirates Pt 2
Counterspy 490927 Visiting Vultures
Counterspy 490929 Vicious Visitor
Counterspy 491004 Sweepstakes Murder
Counterspy 491006 Genuine Counterfeit
Counterspy 491011 Society Swindler
Counterspy 491013 High Class Hijacker
Counterspy 491018 Photograph Furrier

Volume 2: 34 shows - total playtime 15 hours 53 minutes

Counterspy 491020 International Intrigue
Counterspy 500214 Counterfeit Traveler's Checks
Counterspy 500404 Magic Murder
Counterspy 500411 Mile High Murders
Counterspy 500413 Hoodlums Hero
Counterspy 500418 Fabulous Formula Pt 1
Counterspy 500420 Fabulous Formula Pt 2
Counterspy 500425 Hijacked Country
Counterspy 500427 Murdered Confessor
Counterspy 500502 Soaring Saucer
Counterspy 500504 Crystalline Double Cross
Counterspy 500613 Tattooed Eye
Counterspy 500815 Foolish Father
Counterspy 501013 Foreign Fires
Counterspy 501020 Curious Conspiracy
Counterspy 501027 Insidious Impersonation
Counterspy 501103 Carbon Consul
Counterspy 501112 Stolen Secret
Counterspy 501119 Pseudo Spuds
Counterspy 501126 Hideous Hijacker
Counterspy 501203 Case of the Prattling Paper
Counterspy 501203 Spectrograph
Counterspy 501210 Infiltrating Agent
Counterspy 501217 Invisible Insurrectionist
Counterspy 501224 Pretty Plant
Counterspy 510107 Kleptomaniac Clue
Counterspy 510114 Captured Contact
Counterspy 510121 Double Crossing Defender
Counterspy 520214 Fight Against Narcotics
Counterspy 530000 Flanagan Sisters Corn Syrup Company Coverup
Counterspy 530000 MaisieBarfly
Counterspy 531221 Diamond Thieves
Counterspy Flanagan Sis Corn Syrup
Counterspy Nazi Radio Station



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