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 Cornell Woolrich Collection

1 MP3 CD - 43 episodes

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"Papa Benjamin"
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Cornell WoolrichFew writers put their characters through as much human anguish as Cornell Woolrich. Whether his writing takes on this tragic slant because of an unnaturally close relationship with his mother (except for a short time while he lived in Hollywood, until her death Woolrich lived with his mother his entire adult life, in a squalid Harlem hotel room) or some other dark and mysterious reason, we can only guess. Woolrich's writing had enormous appeal to Film Noir directors; more movies were made from his stories than from any other Hard Boiled author.

Critics have called Woolrich the fourth greatest Hard Boiled fiction writer of his time, after Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler and Erle Stanley Gardner. Unlike the other Hard Boiled authors, Woolrich did not start by writing for the pulp magazines like The Black Mask. He was already a successful novelist whose early stories were Jazz Age Romances inspired by the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Woolrich's characters are rarely ones we would admire. Despite their depravity, we find ourselves sympathetic to the torment they face as fate draws them closer and closer to tragedy. He took delight in showing how his characters reacted to dire situations over which they had no control. They may have witnessed a murder, they may be the inevitable victim of a murderer, or they may have even committed the murder.

Cornell Woolrich Film, The ChaseThis type of story was a natural for adaptation to Suspense!, and we have 23 episodes in the collection. One of the favorites features Lucille Ball in "Dime A Dance"; our heroine makes her living as a Taxi Dancer who is the target of a serial killer. Molle Mystery Theater, Escape!, and Peter Lorre's Mystery Playhouse also used Woolrich stories on a number of occasions. The films "Phantom Lady" and "Deadline at Dawn" are also presented in their Lux Radio Theater adaptations.

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

43 shows - total playtime 22 hours 27 minutes

Escape 480124 Papa Benjamin
Escape 490319 Finger Of Doom
Hunters 481129 Aud Take Ballistics
Lux 440327 432 The Phantom Lady
Lux Radio Theater 440327 The Phantom Lady
Lux Radio Theater 460520 Deadline At Dawn
Mmt 441128 1061 Nightmare
Mmt 450130 1070 Deadline At Dawn
Mmt 451012 2002death Is Caused
Mmt 451019 2003 Leg Man
Mmt 471128 2107 Two Men Infurnished Room
Mr Da Backstage Murder Al Graham Murder
Mystery Playhouse 441128 Nightmare
Mystery Playhouse 450130 Deadline At Dawn
Mystery Playhouse 451012 Death Iscaused
Quiet Please 490227 E089 If I Should Wake Before I Die
Radio City Playhouse 490404 Wardrober Trunk
Screen Guild 440911 211 Phantom Lady
Sdp 490227 008 Night Hasthousand Eyes
Sleep No More 561212 06 Three Oclock
Suspense 430302 031 The Night Reveals
Suspense 430615 046 Last Night
Suspense 430706 049 White Rose Murders
Suspense 430902 056 Singing Walls
Suspense 431026 063 After Dinner Story
Suspense 431202 068 Black Curtain
Suspense 440113 074 Dimedance
Suspense 440831 107 Black Path Of Fear
Suspense 440914 109 Youll Never See Me Again
Suspense 441019 114 Eve
Suspense 450920 159 Library Book
Suspense 451206 170 I Wont Takeminute
Suspense 460404 Post Mortem Agnes Moorehead
Suspense 460418 189 Night Reveals
Suspense 461212 223 They Call Me Patrice
Suspense 470313 236 You Take Ballistics
Suspense 480103 278 Black Curtain
Suspense 480515 296 Deadline At Dawn
Suspense 490120 324 If Dead Could Talk
Suspense 490428 338 The Lie
Suspense 490526 342 Night Reveals
Suspense 491027 356 Momentum
Suspense 500518 385 Angel Face



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