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 Comedians in Suspense (Scared Silly Jokesters)

2 MP3 CDs - 65 episodes

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"Red Headed Woman (Lucy Ball and Desi Arnez)"
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Fibber McGee & Molly
Arguably one of the best anthologies on radio, Suspense! writing is terrific, and the acting and directing are more than memorable. Cary Grant spoke for many Hollywood Actors when he said "If ever I do any more radio work, I want to do it on Suspense, where I get a good chance to act!"

Screaming LucyPerhaps that is what drew so many comic actors to the program, the chance to work outside their comfort zone. Unlike most other programs when a guest star appeared on Suspense! the stories weren't rewritten to suit their specialty. Well known quivering quipsters include:

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These panicked hams weren't given a chance to resort to their comfortable habit of going for laughs. Instead the producers and writers had the clowns work at the program's specialty: keeping the audience in Suspense!

Jack BennyThis can be a little disconcerting to an audience who tunes in expecting Fibber McGee and Molly make them laugh on Suspense!, but they soon find out that the writers and directors have managed to get marvelously suspenseful performances from our favorite comedians. When Fibber McGee and Molly are on there way home from the movies in "Back Seat Driver", the audience keeps looking for the punch line, but it never comes. But as they drive further and further with the Murderer in the back seat, the audience gets more and more sucked in. Will anything be able to keep him from killing this sweet couple and their children, when every possibility of rescue seems to melt away from their fingers?

Then there's Dennis Day, the "Wet behind the Ears" singer from The Jack Benny Program. After hearing his squeaky-clean image on Jack's show for so long, it is hard to imagine him desperate enough to consider robbing a sweet old couple of their life savings--especially at Christmas time. Even Jack Benny himself makes a few Suspense appearances. Science Fiction is a pretty rare theme for Suspense, but Jack Benny makes a very convincing "average" Martian in "Plan X".

Every one's comedienne of all time, Lucille Ball, was a favorite of Suspense! producers as well. And again listeners who are looking for the great comedy she is so famous for are treated to some great dramatic performances. Bob HopeIn June 1944's "The Ten Grand" Lucy plays an unemployed dancer who receives a very large and unexpected wind-fall, but it comes with some Suspense-ful complications. Lucy doesn't get to crack any big jokes, but there are some very amusing War-time references. In 1949 Lucy gets a chance to appear with her husband, Desi Arnaz in "The Red Headed Woman". Lucy finds herself on the run from the law when she hears a radio report of a murderous bank robber who fits the description of Desi Arnaz. And who does she see along the side of the road? Spoiler Alert: The Red Headed Woman in the title is NOT Lucy!

Suspense! did find a bit of a clown of its own from Comic Radio. On Oct 7, 1948, the pitchman from Johnson Wax Program/ Fibber McGee and Molly, Harlow Wilcox became the Commercial Spokesman for Auto-Lite Auto Parts. One of the amusing elements of Fibber McGee and Molly were the advertisements which Wilcox made part of the action. This approach didn't completely work with Suspense!, but the Auto-Lite pitch was every bit as over the top as "Waxy" Wilcox's work in Wistful Vista!

For more spooky laughs, see also: Boogeymen in Comedy (Screamstars Playing for Laughs) featuring Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, and Vincent Price in comedy roles. See also: Best of Suspense and Christmas in Suspense.

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Volume 1: 33 shows - total playtime 16 hours 43 minutes

Suspense 420617 001 Burning Court
Suspense 421222 022 Two Sharp Knives
Suspense 440113 074 Dime a Dance
Suspense 440210 078 Suspicion AFRS
Suspense 440420 088 Palmer Method
Suspense 440511 091 Visitor
Suspense 440622 097 Ten Grand
Suspense 441116 118 Dead of the Night
Suspense 450201 128 Most Dangerous Game
Suspense 450419 Pearls Are a Nuisance
Suspense 450712 149 Footfalls
Suspense 451025 164 A Shroud For Sara
Suspense 451227 173 Pink Camellias
Suspense 460801 204 Commuter's Ticket
Suspense 461107 218 Easy Money
Suspense 470227 234 Three Faces At Midnight
Suspense 470306 235 Elwood
Suspense 471016 267 Self Defense
Suspense 471023 268 X-Ray Camera
Suspense 471106 270 Dream Song
Suspense 471205 274 Clock and the Rope
Suspense 471226 277 Too Little to Live On
Suspense 480313 288 Nightmare
Suspense 480812 302 Beware the Quiet Man
Suspense 481014 311 A Little Piece Of Rope
Suspense 481230 321 Break-Up
Suspense 490113 323 Too Perfect Alibi
Suspense 490203 326 Backseat Driver
Suspense 490428 338 Lie
Suspense 490505 339 Death Has a Shadow
Suspense 491103 357 Search for Isabell
Suspense 491117 359 Red Headed Woman Lucy And Desi Arnez
Suspense 491208 362 For Love or Murder

Volume 2: 32 shows - total playtime 14 hours 32 minutes

Suspense 491222 364 Double Entry
Suspense 500105 366 I Never Met the Dead Man
Suspense 500126 369 Mr Diogenes AFRS
Suspense 500420 381 Pearls Are a Nuisance
Suspense 500525 386 Very Much Like a Nightmare
Suspense 500622 390 One Millionth Joe
Suspense 501012 398 Rave Notice
Suspense 501123 404 Going, Going, Gone
Suspense 501207 406 After the Movies
Suspense 501221 408 Christmas for Carole
Suspense 510104 410 Alibi Me
Suspense 510118 412 Well-Dressed Corpse
Suspense 510222 417 Backseat Driver AFRS
Suspense 510301 418 Gift of Jumbo Brannigan
Suspense 510329 422 Death Pitch
Suspense 510405 423 Murder in G Flat
Suspense 510412 424 Early to Death
Suspense 510510 428 Death on My Hands
Suspense 511022 444 Log of the Marne
Suspense 520204 459 Treasure Chest of Don Jose
Suspense 520519 474 Flight of the Bumblebee
Suspense 520602 476 A Good and Faithful Servant
Suspense 530202 498 Plan X
Suspense 540118 535 Face Is Familiar
Suspense 571006 719 Misfire AFRTS
Suspense 580504 749 Sundown AFRTS
Suspense 590111 785 Night on Red Mountain
Suspense 590222 791 Star over Hong Kong
Suspense 590419 798 See How He Runs
Suspense 590628 808 Analytical Hour
Suspense 590726 812 Night Man
Suspense 590816 815 Like Man, Somebody Dig Me



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