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 Bob Hope Collection

2 MP3 CDs - 146 episodes

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"20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Skit"
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Bob Hope
Comedy (1935 - 55)

Before being a comedian, Bob Hope was a boxer known as Packy East.

Bob HopeThe Bob Hope Show was similar to the Bing Crosby Show. Like Crosby, he came to radio early and stayed late. He shared with Crosby an ability with words, a glibness, a keen intelligence. They did not however share their styles. Crosby on the air was slow and mellow: Hope was a machine gun, constantly firing off jokes.Publicity photo of Bob Hope

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Showcased in the show were the likes of James Melton, Jane Froman, Jack Kirkwood, Patricia Wilder, Betty Hutton, Johnny Mercer, Maureen O'Hara, and Frank Parker. The Pepsodent Show with Yehudi became intertwined with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson but all along, Hope was definitely the star. No one had ever told jokes quite like Bob Hope. His monologues were rapid-fire blasts of comedy, extremely topical and wildly appreciated by all of his audiences.

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Hope had Olympic style writers writing for him and he insisted that the script be exactly 37 minutes long. It was then whittled down joke by joke until only the surefire material remained. The result on the air was a breathless gush, with six laughs a minute guaranteed.

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Bob Hope on a Pepsodent tooth paste box

Volume 1 (Bob Hope Show) - 64 shows - total playtime 28 hours 5 minutes

410128 Xmarksthespot
410610 Cleveland
420505 Bob Hope
430525 Stockton Air Field
431225 The Christmas Package
440919 Camp Bordon Canada
4412xx Christmas 3
45 Routine Comedy Wilson Garland1
450202 Vera Vague And Frances Langford
450206 Bob Hope
451023 At Santa Anna
451218 Christmas Show SF
460000 B
460000 Bob Hope A
460319 Broadcast Cleveland
470408 29 W Al Jolson
471118 Bob Hope Is Absent
480911 Bob And Jack Benny As Radio Djs
481207 Xmas Shopping Doris Day & Bing
490405 Jack Kirkwood Tom Sawyer
490419 Jimmy Durante
491206 Benny Doris Day
500314 Guest Fred Allen
500321 Bing Crosby
501226 Christmas Show Bingsy And B
510123 Fort Ord Kirkwood & Bing Crosby
510605 England Marilyn Maxwell Jerry Desmond
511002 Jane Russell And Bing Crosby
511127 Jerry Colonna And Virginia Mayo
520212 020 Las Vegas Story
520311 Marilyn Maxwell Bing Crosby
520429 William Holden Bell Sisters
520513 Dorothy Lamour And Peggy Lee
520520 Long Beach Afb Jack Kirkwood
520610 San Diego Nas Dale Evans & Roy Rogers
520617 Camp Roberts Jane Russelafrts
530114 Fort Ord Terry Moore & Bing Crosby
530121 Don Cherry Zsazsagabor
530204 05w Jack Webb
530211 Hope & Jane Wyman Do A Nightclub Act
530304 Filling Out Income Tax Jane Russell
530400 Jane Russell
530415 Bakersfield Ida Lupino
530520 Richard Widmark
530527 Fort Belvoir Marilyn Maxwell
530603 Henry Fonda Point Of No Return
530617 Walter Reed Hospital Arlene Dahl
530701 Hollywood Jane Wyman
530823 David Niven
531016 Anne Baxter
531127 Hollywood Zsa Zsa Gabor Afrs
540122 Virginia Mayo
540219 Hollywood Richard Widmark
540305 Glenn Ford David Niven Corrine Calvet
540423 Hollywood Donna Reed
540430 Hollywood Robert Ryan
540521 Merle Oberon
541118 Jack Kirkwood In Jail For Car Theft
541209 Jane Wyman Contract
541223 Xmas Long Beach Veterans Hospital
550407 Maureen Ohara & Jerry Collona
550421 Jim Backus
550913 Clair Trevor

Volume 2 (Guest Appearance and Misc Skits) - 82 shows - total playtime 33 hours 11 minutes

Bing Crosby (13)
Bing 5461204 Philco Hope Lamour
Bing 5501018 Crosby Chest Bob Hope
Bing Crosby & Judy Garland Mail Call
Bing Crosby 1944 Check 29.58
Bing Crosby 19461016 Philco Radio Time World Premiere W'
Bing Crosby 511226 Showwith Bob Hope And Dorothy Lamore
Bing Crosby And Bob Hope For Bonds
Bing Crosby Bob Hope Perry Como
Bing Crosby Put It There Pal
guest star 012 bing crosby
Road To Bali The Bing Crosby & Bob Hope
Show Bing Crosby Beethovan Sketch
Skit Bing Crosby

Command Performance (15)
CP430224 054 Hope Shore Crosby Miranda
Cp430925 086 B Hope, B Crosby
CP431211 096 B.Hope F.Langford M.Raye
CP431225 1943 Christmas Special
CP440122 102 B.Hope Deanna Durbin Dennis Day
Cp440212 106 B Hope, F Sinatra
CP440506 118 B.Hope B.Crosby Betty Hutton
CP440913 138 B.Hope Johnny Mercer June Allyson
CP441014 142 K.Carpenter Highlights 1944 (comp)
CP441216 154 B.Hope B.Crosby Lauren Bacall
CP450329 168 B.Hope Ella Mae Morse W.Bendix
CP450614 179 Gloria DeHaven Bob Hope King Sisters
Cp450907 190 Bob Hope, Judy Garland
CP451011 195 Ralph Edwards Connie Haines B.Hope
Cp461225 000 Marx, Hope, Barrymore, Shore, Durante,

GI Journal (4)
G I Journal 420429 042 Bob Hope, J Collona, G Miller, M Blanc
G I Journal 441124 070 Bob Hope
G I Journal 441222 074 Bob Hope
G I Journal xxxxxx 179 Bob Hope, Ann Rutherford,Alan Ladd

Jack Benny (3)
JB Road to Bali
JB440416 Bob Hope Parody
JB550417 Bob Hope, Jack Double Date

Misc (47)
1945 comedy routine
20000 Leagues Under The Sea
391212 Taking Peter To Toyland
3d Movie & Is A Horse Jockey Russell Holden
Abc Shriner Special 1947 Hope Shore Rogers
Ampol Show 175 Number Please W J Davey Bob Hope
Anne Baxter Dorothy Lamour
Anne Baxter On The Queen Mary
Big Show 510401 Marx Hope Ethel Barrymo
Btom.1950.04.11 Incident At Switchpath
Christmas Marilyn Maxwell Silver Bells
Corinne Calvet
Coronado Nas Frankie Lane Hedy Lamar
Desi Arnaz & Lucy & Nobody Loves The Ump
Early 1950s From Carswell Air Force Base
England Jack Buchanen Douglas Fairbanks Jr
Frances Langford And Jerry Colonna
Francis Langford Camp Wheeler Afrs
From Bobs Hometown Cleveland
Ghost Breakers The Screen Directors Assignment
Glenn Ford David Niven Corine Calvet
Going To Europe To Make A Movie
Hollywood With Grace Kelly
Jack Benny & Doris Day 1
lux510910 756 Fancy Pants w Lucille Bal
Mayor Of The Town 430331 227 Visits Springdale
Pepsodent Victory Tour IL Frances Langford
Santa Ana Separation Center
Shirley Ross Thanks For The Memory
Show music
Shriner Special 47 Bob Hope S Jones D Shore
Skit Christmas Day
Skit Father's Day
Skit Halloween
Skit Independence Day
Skit New Years
Skit St Patrick's Day
Skit Thanksgiving Day
Skit Valentine's Day
Skit Washington's Birthday
Sunday Spectacular With Bob Hope
Thanks For The Memories 1938
Three Make A Road Picture
Vera Vague Claire Trevor
With Frank Sinatra
Wm.holden Jack Kirkwood


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