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 Archie Andrews

1 MP3 CD - 29 episodes

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"Archie Fights a Cold"
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Archie Andrews
Teenage Situation Comedy (1943 - 53)

Archie AndrewsArchie Andrews was a direct spin-off of the popular teenage comic strip created by Bob Montana. Radio was successful with many comic characters, so putting another popular comic "on radio" was a natural. This show was one of the first wanting to win a teenage audience by doing a situation comedy show completely for them, and with them in the audience at the broadcasts.

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Blondie was a flapper, and Dagwood was a racoon-coated collegiate back in the roaring 20's, but Archie and his pals continued success was very much an outgrowth of the post WWII baby boom. It was the classic American suburban kid with his pals, at home and especially, at school. All the well-known characters of the comic book are here in the radio adventures: Archie, his best pal, Jughead, Veronica, nemesis Reggie, and Betty - who is in and out of love with Archie, almost on a daily basis. Of course, Archie's parents are on the scene, and we can't forget dreaded Mr. Weatherbee, Archie's High School Principal.The show was done "before a live audience" as they say in today's sit-coms, and the teenagers who thronged the show were excited and boisterous, to say the least. The kids still love Archie Comics, and Archie and all his friends are still going strong after all these yearsArchie the Comic

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Our Miss Brooks isa radio situation comedy filled with High School hijinks. For more family comedy fun,please see Blondie, Aldrich Family, Ozzie and Harriet, The Harold Peary Show, Life of Riley, and The Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show.

For other classic radio shows based of comics, see also

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29 shows - total playtime 13 hours 51 minutes

Archie Andrews 000000 Dinner at a Restaurant
Archie Andrews 000000 Football Tickets
Archie Andrews 000000 Surprise
Archie Andrews 460727 Drugstore Mix Up
Archie Andrews 461019 Plumbing Woes
Archie Andrews 470315 The Red Cross Benefit
Archie Andrews 470909 Taking a Bath
Archie Andrews 471213 Christmas Shopping
Archie Andrews 480515 The Hiccups
Archie Andrews 480612 Archie Fights A Cold
Archie Andrews 480710 Archie Gets Dresed For A Date
Archie Andrews 480717 Mr Andrews Wallpapers Room
Archie Andrews 480807 Suffering From The Heat
Archie Andrews 480821 Going On A Picnic
Archie Andrews 480904 The Big Dance
Archie Andrews 480911 Archie Borrows A Tire Jack
Archie Andrews 480918 Archie's In Love
Archie Andrews 480925 Free Movie Tickets
Archie Andrews 481030 Halloween Party
Archie Andrews 481106 Locked Out Of The House
Archie Andrews 481113 A Good Night's Sleep
Archie Andrews 481120 Guests Are Coming For Dinner
Archie Andrews 481214 Job At The Drugstore
Archie Andrews 490521 New TV Set
Archie Andrews 490713 Sun Burned
Archie Andrews 491217 Xmas Shopping At Stacy's Dept
Archie Andrews 510520 Fred Tries To Enjoy A Ballgame
Archie Andrews 510527 Babysitting To Earn Money
Archie Andrews 510603 The Economy Program



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