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 Academy Award Theater

1 MP3 CD - 39 episodes


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Jezebel Snow White Movie Poster Stage Coach Movie Poster

Movie anthology series (1946)

"Hollywood's finest, the great picture plays, the great actors and actresses,
techniques and skills, chosen from the honor roll of those who have won
or been nominated for the famous golden Oscar of the Academy
of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences."

SquibbStars and movies with Oscars were the idea - in most cases, the movie stars recreated their Academy Award roles for the show, or in other cases, fine actors played the parts and gave it a different character. Both ways made for great radio drama and first class Hollywood motion picture star entertainment. The Lux Radio Theater had been doing this kind of radio show in the grandest manner for many years, but sponsor Squibb had the hubris and deep pockets to take on the competition by doing Academy Award Theater right after the Second World War. The year 1946 was pre-television, and so movies were still the major American visual art form, with radio the other popular network entertainment. In this final pre-TV time, Academy Award Theater was thought of as a premier radio production, a wow show, much like CinemaScope was to be in the 1950s when Hollywood felt the box office blow of early TV.Bette Davis

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The list of films and actors on Academy Award Theater is very impressive. Bette Davis begins the series in Jezebel, with Ginger Rogers following in Kitty Foyle, and then Paul Muni in The Life of Louis Pasteur. The Informer had to have Victor Mclaglen, and the Maltese Falcon, Humphrey Bogart, Sidney Greenstreet (this movie was his first major motion picture role) plus Mary Astor for the hat trick. Suspicion starred Cary Grant with Ann Todd doing the Joan Fontaine role, Ronald Coleman in Lost Horizon, and Joan Fontaine and John Lund were in Portrait of Jenny.

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Some films are less well known, such as Guest in the House, with Kirk Douglas and Anita Louise, It Happened Tomorrow, with Eddie Bracken and Ann Blythe playing Dick Powell and Linda Darnell's roles, and Cheers for Miss Bishop with Olivia de Havilland. Each adaptation is finely produced and directed by Dee Engelbach, with music composed and conducted by Leith Stevens. Frank Wilson wrote the movie adaptations. In his book,"On the Air, The Encyclopedia of Old Time Radio," John Dunning tells us why such a fine production lasted less than a year, "The House of Squibb, a drug firm, footed a stiff bill: up to $5,000 for the stars and $1,600 a week to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for use of the title. The production had all the class of a Lux or Screen Guild show…But the tariff took its toll, and after 39 weeks the series was scrapped."

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For more movies made for radio, please see Lux Radio Theater. Mercury Theater and Campbell Playhouse, both Orson Welles creations, also had many great classic theater works and novels that were adapted for the movies. All of these shows are wonderful old time radio listening. See also: Hollywood Star Time.

Maltese Falcon Movie Poster Watch on the Rhine Movie Poster Suspicion Movie Poster
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39 shows - total playtime 19 hours 12 minutes

Academy Award Theater 460330 01 Jezebel
Academy Award Theater 460406 02 Kitty Foyle
Academy Award Theater 460413 03 Life Of Louis Pasteur
Academy Award Theater 460420 04 Great Mcginty
Academy Award Theater 460427 05 Snow White And Seven Dwarfs
Academy Award Theater 460504 06 Stagecoach
Academy Award Theater 460511 07 If I Were King
Academy Award Theater 460518 08 My Sister Eileen
Academy Award Theater 460525 09 Informer
Academy Award Theater 460601 10 Arise My Love
Academy Award Theater 460608 11 Ruggles Of Red Gap
Academy Award Theater 460615 12 Pride Of Marines
Academy Award Theater 460622 13 Front Page
Academy Award Theater 460629 14 A Star Is Born
Academy Award Theater 460703 15 Maltese Falcon
Academy Award Theater 460710 16 Young Mr. Lincoln
Academy Award Theater 460717 17 Prisoner Of Zenda
Academy Award Theater 460724 18 Foreign Correspondent
Academy Award Theater 460731 19 Hold Back Dawn
Academy Award Theater 460807 20 Watch On Rhine
Academy Award Theater 460814 21 Vivacious Lady
Academy Award Theater 460821 22 Keys Of Kingdom
Academy Award Theater 460828 23 One Sunday Afternoon
Academy Award Theater 460904 24 Pinocchio
Academy Award Theater 460911 25 Shadow Of A Doubt
Academy Award Theater 460918 26 White Cliffs Of Dover
Academy Award Theater 460925 27 Guest In House
Academy Award Theater 461002 28 My Man Godfrey
Academy Award Theater 461009 29 It Happened Tomorrow
Academy Award Theater 461016 30 Blood On Sun
Academy Award Theater 461023 31 Devil And Miss Jones
Academy Award Theater 461030 32 Suspicion
Academy Award Theater 461106 33 Cheers For Miss Bishop
Academy Award Theater 461113 34 Night Train
Academy Award Theater 461120 35 Brief Encounter
Academy Award Theater 461127 36 Lost Horizon
Academy Award Theater 461204 37 Portrait Of Jennie
Academy Award Theater 461211 38 Enchanted Cottage
Academy Award Theater 461218 39 Lost Angel

+ 9 extra Academy Awards related recordings



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