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Aloha! Hawaiian Old Time Radio Shows


Most people know that Aloha is a greeting which means "hello" and "goodbye." It also means Love, Peace, and Compassion or "I see you love, compassion, knowingness, and peace." So to all our listeners out there, "Aloha!"

Hawaii Calls Memories of Hawaii Hawaii Collection Hawaii Fantasies

Hawaii Calls
Direct from the sands of Waikiki, Hawaii Calls treats us to the gentle music of paradise and calls us to visit the Islands in a time before “Five-O”, before jet travel, even before the Attack on Pearl Harbor.

Memories of Hawaii
Poetic tones of the music, the narration and the imagery and tales of Hawaii soothes the senses.

Hawaii Collection
Aloha! This collection includes old time radio shows from all genres from ting-ting steel guitar music to epic Hawaiian Adventure and detective stories to supernatural Tiki tales.

Hawaiian Fantasies
Although Statehood was not granted until 1959, a vacation to beautiful Hawaii has long been part of the popular imagination.

Hawaii Hotel Remembering Pearl Harbor Pearl Harbor News Recordings Hawaii Complete Broadcast Day

Royal Hawaiian Hotel
Broadcast from the "world famous ballroom" at Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Honolulu.Also known as the Pink Palace of the Pacific for it's all pink exterior, The Royal Hawaiian Hotel opened its doors in a extravagant black-tie party with over a thousand guests in 1927.

Remembering Pearl Harbor
The "date which will live in infamy", the attack on Pearl Harbor changed the history of the world.

Pearl Harbor News Recordings
News of the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 was spread around the globe due to the miracle of radio.

Complete Broadcast 1941 (Attack on Pearl Harbor)
Complete broadcast day recordings of the Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.The Japanese attack changed the history of the world and officially brought the United States in World War II.

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These are great - wonderful collection of music and comedy!!!


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