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Airplanes, Pilots, and Aviation in Old Time Radio

The Wright Brothers took flight in 1903 and commercial air travel became popular towards the end of the Golden Age of Radio. To fly like the soaring eagle in the clouds to destinations around the world is a good premise for any radio program and the magic and science of aviation continues to delight and inspire humans around the world.

Airplanes and Pilots in Old Time Radio
Adults and children alike marveled at the new found reality of air adventures popularized after WWI and air travel was a huge part of America's consciousness between the two World Wars. This compilation contains episodes from all different series and genres of old time radio focused the listening audience's fascination with airplanes and pilots.

Rare Aviation
Rare Aviation Old Time Radio Shows
 Rare, hard to find aviation themed old time radio shows including Sky Blazers, Smilin Jack, Howie Wing, Flying Hutchinsons, and many more.


Chuck Yeager
Chuck Yeager
A genuine American hero, best known for being the first pilot to fly faster than the speed of sound. This collection includes dramatizations about Chuck Yeager as a well as appearances by this amazing man.

Amelia Earhart
An iconic American hero and pioneer in aviation, Amelia Earhart's story and bravery inspired many old time radio shows.

Charles Lindbergh
By becoming the first aviator to fly non-stop from New York to Paris, Charles Lindbergh became a driving force in the practical acceptance of aviation.

Howard Hughes
Howard Hughes Hearings
Senate War Investigation Committee tried millionaire Howard Hughes for a misuse of government funds to build an airplane nicknamed the "Spruce Goose."


Anne of Airlines
Anne of the Airlanes
Ann of the Airlines was created because of the popularity and successes of Amelia Earhart. Though, Ann is not a pilot, but a young girl, there is undoubtedly residue interest of female pilots from Earhart's fame.

Jimmy Allen
Air Adventures of Jimmy Allen
This series included the boy wonder and pilot, Jimmie Allen, his best teenage buddy, Speed Robertson, and mechanic, Flash Lewis.

Capt Midnight
Captain Midnight
This flying adventure with mysterious Captain Midnight and his pals Chuck Ramsey and Patsy Donovan was sponsored by Skelly Oil and took an exciting and melodramatic view of aviation adventure.

Sky King
Sky King
Sky King was a hybrid of a cowboy and an aviation adventure show aimed at the kids. The show was one of the last of the aviation-based juvenile shows on radio, since after WWII the miracle of flight became common.

Howie Wing
Howie Wing, A Saga of Aviation
A fun kids adventure series with 20 year old cadet Howie, WWI Ace Captain Harvey and abetted by his fellow pilot “Zero” Smith and Howie's girl friend, Donna Cavendish.

Airmail Mystery
The Air Mail Mystery 
Stories of mystery and drama surrounding the Airmail of Great Britain's Royal Mail Service.

Hop Harrigan
Hop Harrigan
is based on the popular All-American comics star, Hop Harrigan, "America's Ace of the Airwaves."  He gets a lot of flying time fighting evil, and as the war developed, Hop in his radio adventures was in the thick of the real battles.

Island Venture
Island Venture
This old time radio show chronicled the adventures of two "Navy Heroes" Naval Aviator Gil Perry and his sidekick Trigger Brett who returned to the Central Pacific to start an air freight company to serve the smaller islands.

Smilin Jack
Smilin' Jack
From the skylanes to the comic strips to the radio, Smilin’ Jack ’s aviation adventures were just the thing to keep kids’ heads in the clouds.

Tailspin Tommy
Tailspin Tommy
previously created as a movie serial and comic book, Tailspin Tommy saves lives and fights for goodness and humanity around the world in this old time radio adventure series.

Terry and Pirates
Terry and the Pirates
This action package juvenile adventure series follows Terry and his friends as he explores the Asian jungles in search of his father.

Air Stories
Air Stories of the World War
George Bruce 1930's old time radio stories of aviation in the first great world war.

Sky Blazers
Sky Blazers
Produced by Phillips H. Lord of Gang Busters, this old time radio show chronicled the early trailblazers of the sky who made aviation what it is today.

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I love the old time radio flying shows. I remembering hearing these live and thinking about the excitement of flying.


I became a fan of old time radio before it was old. In the late 40's and early 50's I went in the car with my dad. He bred cows for all the farmers in the central Michigan area. He would get two new cars each year and put close to 50,000 miles on each. The point I make here is that the new cars had a much better radio than we had at home. I would beg to go with him so I could listen to The Lone Ranger, Fibber McGee and Molly. The whistler, Mr and Mrs North and so many others. Now with your great offering of so many shows, I can me in my work shop building model airplanes and listen to all of my favorites. I thank you for making them available. I now have a lifetime supply, but will still order more soon.


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