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 Western Sampler

1 MP3 CD - 74 episodes


"Have Gun Will Travel: Killers Widow"
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Yee-haw!  OTRCAT.com's exclusive Western Sampler gathers the best of the western adventure and drama old time radio shows from American Adventure to Wild Bill Hickok

Favorite Western Radio shows included in this collection are:  Roy Rogers and Bullet

  • American Trail – featuring true stories from American Western History
  • Bobby Benson and the B-Bar-B Riders – Juvenile show with a Western Twist
  • Cisco Kid – The Robin Hood of the West with sidekick Pancho (Mel Blanc)
  • Death Valley Days – Rare Western show takes place in the hottest town in the West
  • Dr. Six Gun – Friend and physician in the lawless 1870s
  • Fort Laramie – From the creators of Gunsmoke, starring Raymond Burr
  • Frontier Gentlemen – British Correspondent travels and reports about his adventures in the West
  • Frontier Town – Tough guy lawyer enforces the law in the tough town Dos Rios
  • Gunsmoke – One of the best radio shows with gruff Matt Dillon
  • Have Gun Will Travel – Gunfighter Paladin could wine and dine fine ladies and shoot with the best of them
  • Hawk Larabee – Tells the stories of the people in a 1840s Texas town
  • Lightning Jim – Rare Western Radio Show about "How the West was Won"
  • Lone Ranger – "Hi Oh Silver, Away!" Long Lived and popular western radio show with The Lone Ranger and his sidekick Tonto
  • Luke Slaughter – Featuring Civil War cavalryman turned Arizona cattleman
  • Red Ryder – Popular Newspaper comic hero and "America's famous fighting cowboy,"
  • Roy Rogers – "The King of the Cowboys" with "The Queen of the West" Dale Evans, "The Smartest Horse in the Movies" Trigger, and "The Wonder Dog" Bullet
  • Six Shooter – Jimmy Stewart stars in this excellent old time radio Western Series
  • Sky King – Part Cowboy Part Aviator in this juvenile western radio show
  • Straight Arrow – Mild Mannered rancher turned warrior with a secret cave
  • Tom Mix –Real-Life cowboy Tom Mix sings, ropes, and rodeos
  • Wild Bill Hickok – With Sidekick Jingles fights bad guys in the American West
All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

74 shows - total playtime 30 hours 55 minutes

American Trail
AmTrail 03 Louisiana Purchase
AmTrail 04 Lewis and Clark Expedition
AmTrail 08 On To Montarey
AmTrail 09 The California Gold Rush
AmTrail 10 The Rich Desert

Bobby Benson
Bobby Benson & B-Bar-B Riders 500728 Ghost Rider
Bobby Benson & B-Bar-B Riders 511117 Lost Tribe
Bobby Benson & B-Bar-B Riders 511201 Queen of the Cowgir

Cisco Kid
CK000000 ep000 Lincoln Couty Maid
CK000000 ep000 Six Gun Law
CK000000 ep000 Trail to Wyoming

Death Valley Days
Death Valley Days 360827 305 Sam Bass
Death Valley Days 380617 398 Burro That Had No Name
Death Valley Days 390616 450 Shoo Fly

Dr. Six Gun
DrSix Gun 540930 e5 Colonel Crown Is Mad
DrSix Gun 541021 e8 The Immigrant Settler
DrSix Gun 541205 e15 Trouble with Male Teacher

Fort Laramie
Fort Laramie 560325 The Coward
Fort Laramie 560415 Stage Coach Stop
Fort Laramie 560520 Gold

Frontier Gentlemen
FG580216 03 Honky Tonkers
FG580404 10 Powder River Kid
FG580525 17 The Cowboy

Frontier Town
Frontier Town 521212 e13 Valley of Lawless Men
Frontier Town 530109 e16 Trouble Is His Target
Frontier Town 530327 e27 Maverick Town

Green Valley Line
GVL 1934 e05 The Dinner Party
GVL 1934 e10 Tragedy Strikes
GVL 1934 e15 Shareholder's Showdown

Guns 521031 Overland Express
Guns 530404 Jayhawkers
Guns 581214 Kitty's Injury

Have Gun Will Travel
HGWT 590208 e012 Killer's Widow
HGWT 590524 e027 In An Evil Time
HGWT 590823 e040 Bonanza

Hawk Larabee
Hawk Larabee 470517 Fred Collins Shot
Hawk Larabee 470718 Race to Build Two Railroads
Hawk Larabee 471228 A Boy Called Pilgrim

Lightning Jim
Lightning Jim - 01 Jesse James Helps The Marshall
Lightning Jim - 03 Jim Meets Wild Bill Hickock
Lightning Jim - 05 Race Against Death

Lone Ranger
LR 380411 0037 The Raiders
LR 380518 0053 The Man Least Suspected
LR 380613 0064 Snake Oil
LR 451012 1210 The Iron Horse
LR 451231 1244 Black Sheep
LR 531023 2463 LeftHanded Killer

Luke Slaughter
Luke Slaughter 580223 Duel On The Trail
Luke Slaughter 580302 Tracks Out Of Tombstone
Luke Slaughter 580601 Cattle Drive

Red Ryder
Red Ryder 000000 Crooked Poker Game
Red Ryder 420228 Indians on Warpath
Red Ryder 420328 Devil's Hole

Roy Rogers
Roy Rogers Show 511026 Old Prospecting Friend
Roy Rogers Show 520104 Andy Sales
Roy Rogers Show 520208 Loco Weed

Six Shooter
Six Shooter 14 531220 Britt Ponset's Christmas
Six Shooter 17 540110 Hiram's Goldstrike
Six Shooter 30 540422 Johnny Springer

Sky King
SkyKing 470714 Land Diamond Scarab-Army Blue Men
SkyKing 470723 Snodgrass Pearls
SkyKing 510417 Mark of El Diablo

Straight Arrow
SA 490324 e244 Wasteland
SA 500102 e156 The Leader
SA 500207 e171 Sands of Gold

Tales of a Texas Ranger
TXR 500902 Play For Keeps
TXR 510211 The Hatchet
TXR 510506 No Living Witness

Tom Mix
Tom Mi0 400000 Mystery Of Magic Mesa
Tom Mi0 450800 Vanishing Village Pt.1
Tom Mix 500623 Blowing Up Powder Factory

Wild Bill Hickok
WBHickock 000000 e002 The Missouri Kid
WBHickock 000000 e029 A Mission in Alamagordo
WBHickock 520919 e089 The Secret of Mile High Rock



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