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 I was a Communist for the FBI

1 MP3 CD - 74 episodes


"The Little Red"
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Espionage thriller drama (1952 - 54)

Dana AndrewsI was a Communist for the FBIBased on the book by real-life undercover agent, Matt Cvetic, I Was a Communist for the FBI was a dramatization of Cvetics life during the time he infiltrated the Communist Party of the United States of America (CPUSA). In real life, Cvetic lost everything he loved--his wife, children, parents, friends--except for his country and love for that country is what kept him going.

I Was A Communist for the FBIThe old time radio show stars Dana Andrews in the lead role and paints a picture of a man constantly under stress, constantly tested in his loyalty and devotion to the party. While the radio drama was just that, a drama, the stories of Cvetic constantly walking a fine line between discovery by the Communists and doing his job as best he could to gather information and throw up road blocks to their activity in the United States.

Cvetic lived in constant fear for nine years from 1941 to 1950 while he was a party member knowing that if he was discovered, he would pay with his life. His recruitment by the FBI was something out of a spy movie. After failing to gain entry into the US Army in 1941 because he was too short, he received a mysterious phone call. He met his handler exactly once and never met him again though submitted over 50,000 pages of reports.

For more espionage, see also Federal Agent, Cloak and Dagger, Spy Catcher, Counterspy - David Harding!, Dangerous Assignment, Intrigue, The Adventures of Frank Race, Harry Lime (The Third Man), Secret Agent K7 Returns, Top Secret, and The Man Called X.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

74 shows - total playtime 33 hours 16 minutes

C4FBI 520416 e00 (Audition) Little Red Schoolhouse
C4FBI 520423 e01 I Walk Alone
C4FBI 520430 e02 I Can't Sleep
C4FBI 520507 e03 Little Red Schoolhouse
C4FBI 520514 e04 Red Red Herring
C4FBI 520521 e05 Pit Viper
C4FBI 520528 e06 Traitors for Hire
C4FBI 520604 e07 Card Game in the Clouds
C4FBI 520611 e08 American Kremlin
C4FBI 520618 e09 Tight Wire
C4FBI 520625 e10 A Riot Made to Order
C4FBI 520702 e11 Where the Red Men Roam
C4FBI 520709 e12 The Dangerous Dollars
C4FBI 520716 e13 Rich Man, Poor Man
C4FBI 520723 e14 Canadian Crossfire
C4FBI 520730 e15 Draw the Red Curtain
C4FBI 520806 e16 Red Clouds on the Good Earth
C4FBI 520813 e17 Exit on the Left
C4FBI 520820 e18 The Red Record
C4FBI 520827 e19 Burnt Offering
C4FBI 520903 e20 Squeeze Play
C4FBI 520910 e21 Violence Preferred
C4FBI 520917 e22 The Rat Race
C4FBI 520924 e23 Jump to the Whip
C4FBI 521001 e24 Pennies from the Dead
C4FBI 521008 e25 A Suit for the Party
C4FBI 521015 e26 The Party Got Rough
C4FBI 521022 e27 Little Boy Red
C4FBI 521029 e28 The Unwelcome Hosts
C4FBI 521105 e29 No Second Chance
C4FBI 521112 e30 The Red Gate
C4FBI 521119 e31 Red Rover, Red Rover
C4FBI 521126 e32 Home Improvement
C4FBI 521203 e33 Red Clay
C4FBI 521210 e34 The Kiss of Death
C4FBI 521217 e35 Treason Comes in Cans
C4FBI 521224 e36 The Flames Burned Red
C4FBI 521231 e37 Hate Song
C4FBI 530107 e38 Little Boy Blue Turned Red
C4FBI 530114 e39 Red Gold
C4FBI 530121 e40 Charter City Square Dance
C4FBI 530128 e41 A Study in Oils
C4FBI 530204 e42 The Sleeper
C4FBI 530211 e43 Against the Middle
C4FBI 530218 e44 Black Gospel
C4FBI 530225 e45 The Red Ladies
C4FBI 530304 e46 One Way Ticket
C4FBI 530311 e47 Word Game
C4FBI 530318 e48 The Red Waves
C4FBI 530325 e49 Trial by Fear
C4FBI 530401 e50 The Wrong Green
C4FBI 530408 e51 The Brass Monkey
C4FBI 530415 e52 Forged Faces
C4FBI 530506 e55 An Unamerican Activity
C4FBI 530513 e56 My Friend the Enemy
C4FBI 530520 e57 The Canadian Backbone
C4FBI 530527 e58 The Elspeth Club
C4FBI 530603 e59 The Crossed Heart
C4FBI 530610 e60 The Red Octopus
C4FBI 530617 e61 Abby, as in Abbigale
C4FBI 530624 e62 Tour of Duty
C4FBI 530701 e63 Fifteen Minutes to Murder
C4FBI 530708 e64 Use Only as Directed
C4FBI 530715 e65 Double Exposure
C4FBI 530722 e66 Courier of Disaster
C4FBI 530729 e67 The Lion Is Busy
C4FBI 530805 e68 The Red Snow
C4FBI 530812 e69 Very Private Funeral
C4FBI 530819 e70 Rapsody in Red
C4FBI 530826 e71 Kangaroo Court
C4FBI 530902 e72 The Inhuman Element
C4FBI 531007 e77 Panic Plan
C4FBI 531014 e78 Exit on the Left
C4FBI unknown exx The Wrong Dream



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