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 Vox Pop

3 MP3 CDs - 140 episodes

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"Fort Ord Monterey"
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Vox Pop is a shortened form of the Latin phrase "vox populi" which means the "voice of the people." 

Parker Johnson and Jerry BelcherVox PopIn 1932, Vox Pop started with just two men, an idea, and a microphone.  As producers Jerry Belcher and Harry Grier quizzed random pedestrians on the streets of Houston.  The participants, known as Vox Poppers, would win cash prizes (given out in "crisp $1 bills").  The show quickly became a national sensation and eventually heard around the world. 

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Later the charming Parks Johnson joined the cast and the show moved to New York and became the summer replacement for Joe Penner.  Vox Poppers naturally warmed to Parks Johnson and the interviews seemed like a natural conversation between good friends.  In 1936, Wally Butterworth replaced Jerry Belcher on Vox Pop

Asking passerbys often humorous questions such as "Should a gentleman remove his hat before striking a lady?" The interviews on Vox Pop are particularly engaging because we get to know the participants from all walks of life. 

HathawayIn WWII, as people moved around the country to New York City the shows participants became particularly diverse. Also during the war, the show's hosts went to various military bases and training camps to interview servicemen and women across the nation.

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Vox Pop Kentucky ClubPost WWII, Vox Pop went on the road to towns and cities across America interviewing more Vox Poppers at different locals offering vignettes of 1940s American Life. 

Few episodes of this series were previously in circulation; this extensive collection contains rare recordings of various sound quality.  Also include in this Vox Pop collection are multiple broadcasts aired during the 1939 New York World's Fair.

You won't want to miss this charming program featuring often spontaneous and playful interviews with citizens across the US and abroad from the 1930's – 1940's.

See also: You Bet Your Life, People are Funny, We the People and Breakfast with Binnie and Mike.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.


Volume 1: 47 shows - total playtime 23 hours 19 minutes

Voxpop 390909 NY Worlds Fair
Voxpop 390923 NY Worlds Fair
Voxpop 391214 New York NY
Voxpop 400215 17 Hollywood CA Jackie Cooper
Voxpop 400509 Roosevelt Hospital New York NY
Voxpop 400627 Republican Conv Philadelphia PA
Voxpop 400808 Movieset Charlottesville VA
Voxpop 400815 NY World's Fair (Buster Crabbe)
Voxpop 400905 Burns Detective Conclave
Voxpop 410825 Dodgers V Cardinals Brooklyn NY
Voxpop 410901 Indiana State Fair Indianapolis IN
Voxpop 410915 Duke University Durham NC
Voxpop 410922 Uss Prairiestate New York NY
Voxpop 411006 University Of Tennessee Knoxville TN
Voxpop 411013 Maxwellfield Montgomery AL
Voxpop 411020 US Naval Academy Annapolis MD
Voxpop 411103 Pheasant Hunt Winner SD
Voxpop 411117 NY Military Academy Cornwall NY
Voxpop 411124 Notre Dame Southbend IN
Voxpop 411229 Air Raid Wardens New York NY
Voxpop 420105 US Marines Quanticova
Voxpop 420112 Aviation Cadets Randolph AFB TX
Voxpop 420126 Columbia Studios Hollywood CA
Voxpop 420202 Vultee Aircraft Plant Downey CA
Voxpop 420209 Saints And Sinners Club New York NY
Voxpop 420323 Armored Forces School Fortknox KY
Voxpop 420330 Seamans Church Institute New York NY
Voxpop 420406 Westpoint Academy Westpoint NY
Voxpop 420420 Citadel Charleston SC No End
Voxpop 420504 Little Norway Toronto Canada
Voxpop 420706 All Starbaseball Interviews Cleveland Oh
Voxpop 420713 Naval Gun Crews Brooklyn NY
Voxpop 420727 Keeslerfield Bilox MS
Voxpop 420817 Navy Yard Mareisland CA
Voxpop 420907 Bell Air Cobra Niagrafalls NY
Voxpop 421109 New River NC USMC
Voxpop 421130 Vancouver Canada
Voxpop 421207 Pearl Harborday Alameda CA
Voxpop 430104 Merchant Marine Acad Longisland NY
Voxpop 430118 Netherlandsfighterpilots Jackson MS
Voxpop 430125 Admiral Farragut Academy Pinebeach NJ
Voxpop 430308 Hms Queen Elizabeth Norfolk VA
Voxpop 430412 Tank Destroyer Command Camphood TX [15 min]
Voxpop 430426 US Marines Quantico VA
Voxpop 430719 Alaskan Military Hgwy Edmonton AB
Voxpop 430726 Pacifichuts Seattle WA
Voxpop 430906 Raising Money For Servicemen Natick MA

Volume 2: 47 shows - total playtime 22 hours 46 minutes

Voxpop 431011 Walter Reedhospital Washington DC
Voxpop 431025 Naval Training Station Sampson NY
Voxpop 431101 Raftransport Command Dorval Quebec
Voxpop 431108 Sailors Royal Canadian Navy Halifax
Voxpop 431115 Penn State
Voxpop 431122 Manhattan Beach Brooklyn NY USCG
Voxpop 431206 Uso Entertainers New York NY
Voxpop 431213 Royal Norwegian Gunnery School Pelham NY
Voxpop 431220 Highlander Boys Foundation Denver CO
Voxpop 431227 Lowryfield Denver CO [Open Skips]
Voxpop 440103 Northern Pump Co Minneapolis MN
Voxpop 440214 Navy Wives Norfolk VA
Voxpop 440320 Mosquito Fleet Melville RI [16 min]
Voxpop 440403 Claiborne Alexandria LA
Voxpop 440410 University Of Texas Austin TX
Voxpop 440501 Douglas Aircraft Oklahomacity OK
Voxpop 440508 Army Flight Nurses Louisville KY
Voxpop 440522 Paper Salvage Drive Philadelphia PA
Voxpop 440612 US Infantry Rangers Durham NC
Voxpop 440619 Southsidey Mca Stlouis MO
Voxpop 440703 Portland OR
Voxpop 440710 Hamilton Field CA
Voxpop 440717 Fort Ord Monterey Bay CA
Voxpop 440724 Tuna Fishermen Sandiego CA
Voxpop 440807 Amertorp Forestpark IL
Voxpop 440911 Naval Hospital Greatlakes Navalbase IL
Voxpop 440918 Army Signa Lcorps Fortmonmouth NJ
Voxpop 441009 Army Combat Engineers Fortbelvoir VA
Voxpop 441016 Navy Chaplain Camp Peary Williamsburg VA
Voxpop 441030 Boeing Airplane Plant Wichita KS
Voxpop 441211 Army Transportation Corps New York NY
Voxpop 450115 Merchant Marines New York NY
Voxpop 450122 The Citadel Charleston VA
Voxpop 450212 Hotels At War New York NY
Voxpop 450219 Usn Airstation Patuxent MD
Voxpop 450226 Charleston Point Of Embarkation
Voxpop 450305 State Department Washington DC
Voxpop 450312 Wakeman General Hospital Columbus IN
Voxpop 450319 Red Cross Hq Washington Dc [8 Min]
Voxpop 450326 Ingersoll Steel Beachbuster Kalamazoo MI
Voxpop 450409 Mccloskey General Hospital Temple TX
Voxpop 450416 Troop Carrier Command Austin TX
Voxpop 450514 Caterpillar Bulldozers Peoria IL
Voxpop 450528 Armychaplains Fortdevens MA
Voxpop 450604 Coastguard Depot Boston MA
Voxpop 450618 Naval Photographers Anacostia MD
Voxpop 450702 Erniepyle Tribute Indianapolis IN

Volume 3: 46 shows - total playtime 21 hours 57 minutes

Voxpop 450716 Lake Placid Club
Voxpop 450723 Cherry Point NC
Voxpop 450806 Usarmytransportationcorps Chicago IL
Voxpop 450813 El Toro CA
Voxpop 450820 Hollywood CA
Voxpop 450827 Paramount Studios Hollywood CA
Voxpop 450903 United Airlines 25 Anniversary
Voxpop 450910 Winter Generalhospital Topeka KS
Voxpop 450917 Ccamp Mylesstandish Taunton MA
Voxpop 451001 Freshmenam Herstcollege Amherst MA
Voxpop 451008 US Navalacademy Annapolis MD
Voxpop 451015 Volunteer Firemen Wakefieldpeacedale RI
Voxpop 451029 Recovering From Navy Day New York NY
Voxpop 451119 Iinternational House New York NY
Voxpop 451224 Walter Reed Hospital Washington DC
Voxpop 451231 National Naval Medical Center Bethesda MD
Voxpop 460114 Children Worcester MA
Voxpop 460225 Marine Corps League Brooklyn NY
Voxpop 460304 New Orleans Mardigras
Voxpop 460311 Evelyn Barton Ritten House Stpetersburg FL
Voxpop 460325 Blinded Vet Philadelphia PA
Voxpop 460401 Civica Uditorium Wichita KS
Voxpop 460917 Countrystore Burlington VT
Voxpop 460924 Sweet Briar College Sweetbriar VA
Voxpop 461001 Baseball Fans St Louis MO
Voxpop 461008 Southside YMCA St Louis MO
Voxpop 461105 Election Night Doylestown PA
Voxpop 461112 Fox Theater Atlanta GA
Voxpop 461119 Old News Boys Pittsburgh PA
Voxpop 461217 Stalbans Naval Hospital Longisland NY
Voxpop 470218 Winter Sports Enthusiasts Lakeplacid NY
Voxpop 470225 Algonquin Hotel New York NY
Voxpop 470422 Festade Sanjacinto Sanantonio TX
Voxpop 471029 Highschool Hotshots Stlouis MO
Voxpop 471217 Going Home For Christmas New York NY
Voxpop 471231 Lighthouse Party Longisland NY
Voxpop 480121 US Junior Chamber Commerce Chatanooga TN
Voxpop 480204 Boysclubs Greenwich CT
Voxpop 480218 Fox Movietone Studios New York NY
Voxpop 480225 US Airforce Laddfield Fairbanks AK
Voxpop 480303 Annual Furrendezvous Anchorage AK
Voxpop 480310 USS Mt Olympus Wiequesisland Puerto Rico
Voxpop 480331 Ritz Theater New York NY
Voxpop 480421 Paris France
Voxpop 480428 London England [17 min]
Voxpop 480505 SS America Luxury Liner



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