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 That Was the Year

1 MP3 CD - 39 episodes


"The Year, 1933"
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Lusitania 1907

That was the Year is a fascinating radio show that dramatizes the major historical events between the years 1896-1934.  Surprisingly, the show was not done chronologically; one week aired a show about 1922 and the next 1910

VolcanoAdolf HitlerFeaturing headlines from World news throughout the early 20th century, the show was produced from the viewpoint of the show's creators in 1937 adding unique interest to modern listeners.   

Every episode ends with a performance of a popular song from the year from "Mandy Lee" in 1899 to "Roses of Picardy" in 1918 to "Lazy Bones" in 1933.  Spotlighting the Year's Ethereal chorus music at the beginning and end of the show is used as fill where local commercials would be added. 

Examples of the headlines include:

  • 1898 – Spanish American War in Cuba and the Philippines marked the US Navy as an leading role on the high seas.  Theodore Roosevelt and the Roughriders make a cameo.
  • 1902 – Volcano Mount Pelee destroys town of Saint Pierre in Martinique killing 30,000 people, Treaty of Vereeniging ended the Boer War in South Africa, Emile Zola dies from a plugged chimney, Edward VII crowned King of England after a bout with appendicitis
  • 1912 – Republic of China established, Teddy Roosevelt shot (his speech saved him), Titanic sinks, and jurors in the LA Times bombing case bribed
  • 1915 – 1st transcontinental telephone message, Lusitania sunk by German submarine, 1st Zepplin bomb raid over London, problem with gang violence in NYC
  • 1933 - Adolf Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany, 20the Ammerndment of the U.S. Constitution moving the inauguration date of the president from March to January abolishing "Lame Duck" session of congress, attempted assignation of president-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt in Miami Florida, earthquake in Long Beach California kills 117, The Dust Bowl hits the Midwestern states,  

See also: In Review and Great Moments in Radio History. For American historical drama, An American in England, American Trail, Cavalcade of America, Destination Freedom, Frontier Fighters, Norman Corwin Collection, Mr President, Science Magazine of the Air, You Are There, and The American History Collection.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

39 shows - total playtime 9 hours 38 minutes

That was the Year 370208 01 1907
That was the Year 370215 02 1920
That was the Year 370222 03 1904
That was the Year 370301 04 1925
That was the Year 370308 05 1913
That was the Year 370315 06 1932
That was the Year 370322 07 1900
That was the Year 370329 08 1926
That was the Year 370405 09 1909
That was the Year 370412 10 1919
That was the Year 370419 11 1896
That was the Year 370426 12 1924
That was the Year 370503 13 1914
That was the Year 370510 14 1930
That was the Year 370515 16 1928
That was the Year 370517 15 1908
That was the Year 370524 17 1903
That was the Year 370531 18 1922
That was the Year 370607 19 1910
That was the Year 370614 20 1933
That was the Year 370621 21 1901
That was the Year 370628 22 1916
That was the Year 370705 23 1906
That was the Year 370712 24 1934
That was the Year 370719 25 1897
That was the Year 370726 26 1912
That was the Year 370802 27 1927
That was the Year 370809 28 1915
That was the Year 370816 29 1921
That was the Year 370823 30 1902
That was the Year 370830 31 1918
That was the Year 370906 32 1929
That was the Year 370913 33 1899
That was the Year 370920 34 1923
That was the Year 370927 35 1905
That was the Year 371004 36 1911
That was the Year 371011 37 1898
That was the Year 371018 38 1931
That was the Year 371025 39 1917



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