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 Space Patrol

3 MP3 CDs - 119 episodes

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"Prisoner Of Pluto"
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Space PatrolOne of several space shows for the boomer kiddies (who were living the beginnings of the real space future themselves), Space Patrol had the distinction of being on TV and radio both, so it was one of the few shows that kids could follow in both mediums. The story lines and characters were the same, and even more amazing, the same performers played both the radio and TV roles! Ed Kemmer played Commander Buzz Corey of the United Planets Space Patrol with vigor and enthusiasm. His sidekick was Cadet Happy, portrayed by Lyn Osborn as something of a futuristic Robin, with lines like "Smokin' rockets, Buzz!" Together they blast off on their ship Terra V to patrol the vast reaches of "outer" space. Of course, a lot of boys thought they might grow up to be like Cadet Happy. Girls liked Carol Karlyle, played by Virginia Hewitt, who was the daughter of a very important leader of the United Planets and was in on the adventures.

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Virginia Hewitt-Carol Karlyle of SPACE PATROL
Virginia Hewitt performed the role of
Carol Karlyle of SPACE PATROL

Of course, there were space bad guys. The evil Mister Proteus was one of the worst. Others were Dr. Ryland Scarno, an evil scientist, and Prince Baccarritti, AKA The Black Falcon. All have space thugs. There was a bad and beautiful space woman also. Nina Bara played the beautiful Tonga in the best space opera fashion. She was one of the first vamps on TV, and Gene Roddenberry must have been watching.

Space Patrol uses whooshy and rumbling sound effects instead of music. That's what the great movie Forbidden Planet did in 1956 too. The commercials by "Captain" America's Greatest Space Drama, Space PatrolDick Tufeld for Wheatchex and Ricechex are really fun to hear, especially for the out-of-this-world Space Patrol stuff that all Space Patrollers will want to have! Since it's the future, things the Space Patrol use have cool names like spaceophones, projectoscopes and atomolights. The letter "o" is very important in the future.

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"High adventure in the wild, vast reaches of space! Missions of daring in the name of interplanetary justice! Travel into the future with Buzz Corey, commander-in-chief of the Space Patrol! " Buzz Corey, Buzz Lightyear, coincidence? Space Patrol is a blast!

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Volume 1: 49 shows - total playtime 22 hours 42 minutes

Sp 521004 0001 Commander Corey
Sp 521011 0002 Happy Joins Buzz Corey
Sp 521025 0004 The Hole In Empty Space
Sp 521108 0006 The City Of The Sun
Sp 521115 0007 Queen Of Space
Sp 521122 0008 The Giant Bubble
Sp 521129 0009 The Electronic Burglar
Sp 521206 0010 The Space Shark
Sp 521213 0011 The Search For Asteroid-X
Sp 521220 0012 The Lady From Venus
Sp 521227 0013 Last Voyage Of Lonesome Lina
Sp 530103 0014 Brainbank And Space Binoculars
Sp 530110 0015 The Sleepwalker
Sp 530124 0017 The Scavengers Of Space
Sp 530131 0018 The Top Secret D-Ray
Sp 530207 0019 Crash Landing
Sp 530214 0020 The Mysterious Meteor
Sp 530221 0021 The Moon Bettles
Sp 530228 0022 The Strange Gift Of The New
Sp 530307 0023 The Seed Crystals Of Zeldabran
Sp 530313 0024 The Magic Space Pictures
Sp 530321 0025 The Caverns Of Venus
Sp 530328 0026 The Forgotten City
Sp 530404 027 The Vanishing Lake
Sp 530425 0030 The Prisoner Of Pluto
Sp 530502 0031 The Venus Space Factory
Sp 530509 0032 The Cosmic Ray Detector
Sp 530516 0033 The Secret Of Sublevel L7
Sp 530523 0034 Treachery In Outer Space
Sp 530530 0035 The Immortal Brain
Sp 530620 0038 The Indestructible Germ
Sp 530626 0039 The Treasure Of Planetoid-6
Sp 530704 0040 Winged Spie of Venus
Sp 530801 0044 The Sleeping Demon Of Saturn
Sp 530808 0045 Trouble Aboard Supernova
Sp 530815 0046 Peril Over Jupiter
Sp 530822 0047 The Menace Of Planet X
Sp 530829 0048 The Trap On Planet X
Sp 530905 0049 The Valley Of Dread
Sp 530912 0050 Escape From Planet X
Sp 530919 0051 The Spies From Planet X
Sp 530926 0052 Target Jupiter
Sp 531003 0053 Return To Planet X
Sp 531010 0054 On The Icecap Of Planet X
Sp 531017 0055 Rescue From Planet X
Sp 531024 0056 The Secret Of Adargo Ruins
Sp 531031 0057 Iron Eaters Of Planet X Ep057
Sp 531107 0058 Cyclone In Outer Space
Sp 531114 0059 Under The Sea Of Planet X

Volume 2: 49 shows - total playtime 22 hours 45 minutes

Sp 531121 0060 Seamonster Of Planet X
Sp 531128 0061 Revolt Of The Space Rats
Sp 531205 0062 Baccarat Is Secret Weapon
Sp 531212 0063 The Lost Condor
Sp 531212 The Lost Condor Ep063
Sp 531219 Venus Tulania Mystery Ep064
Sp 531226 The Lost Dimension Ep065
Sp 540102 Wistful Wizzard Of Neptunes Moon Ep066
Sp 540109 The Claw Of Venus Ep067
Sp 540116 0068 Exiles from Denevola
Sp 540123 0069 Martian Masquerade Ep069
Sp 540130 0070 Treasure Of Mount Rocob
Sp 540206 0071 The Strange Case Of Pilot Prentiss
Sp 540213 0072 Revenge Of Dr Yeager Ep072
Sp 540220 0073 Visitor from Galaxy 9
Sp 540227 Serpents Of Saturn Ep074
Sp 540306 0075 Gems of Jupiter
Sp 540313 0076 Test For Survival
Sp 540320 0077 Secret Of Dr Borodeck Ep077
Sp 540327 0078 The Zero Ray
Sp 540403 0079 Superbrain Of Balmercastr
Sp 540410 0080 Tests Of The Xk3
Sp 540417 0081 Image Of Evil
Sp 540424 0082 Phantom Visitor
Sp 540501 0083 The Wreck of the Black Star
Sp 540508 0084 Captain Haggart's Planetoid
Sp 540508 084 Captain Haggarts Planetoid
Sp 540522 0086 Strange Voyager
Sp 540529 0087 The Red Demon Of Venus
Sp 540605 0088 Mystery Of The Masked Martian
Sp 540612 0089 The Tattoed Atom
Sp 540619 0090 Cavern Of Fear
Sp 540626 0091 Race Against Time
Sp 540703 0092 The Robot Of Vortena
Sp 540710 0093 Trial By Terror
Sp 540724 0095 Supersensitive Star Drive
Sp 540731 0096 The Galaxy Trade Association
Sp 540807 0097 Journey to Troganok
Sp 540814 0098 The Counterfeit Atom
Sp 540821 0099 Formula For Crime
Sp 540828 0100 Shipment to Tiranna
Sp 540904 0101 Locating Tiranna
Sp 540911 00102 Design For Danger
Sp 540918 00103 Prisoners Of Tiranna
Sp 540925 00104 Invasion From Tiranna
Sp 541002 00105 Voice From The Future
Sp 541009 0106 Message to Artona
Sp 541016 0107 Visitor from Artrona
Sp 541023 0108 The Forbidden Planet

Volume 3: 21 shows - total playtime 9 hours 3 minutes

Sp 541030 0109 Realm Of The Robot
Sp 541106 0110 Watchman of Wormic
Sp 541113 0111 The Frightened Robot
Sp 541120 0112 Planet in Peril
Sp 541204 0114 The Invisible Enemy
Sp 541211 0115 The City Of Hidden Doom
Sp 541218 0116 Escape From Neptune
Sp 541225 0117 The Lost Galaxy
Sp 550101 0118 Ambush In Space
Sp 550108 0119 Prison Planet
Sp 550115 0120 The Crown Of Dargeeda
Sp 550122 0121 The Shadow Of Shardu
Sp 550129 0122 The Planet Of Discord
Sp 550205 0123 The Conquest Of Dargeeda
Sp 550212 0124 The Hermit Of Pluto
Sp 550219 0125 The Time Pirates
Sp 550226 0126 Voyage To The Future
Sp 550305 0127 The Monster From The Past
Sp 550312 0128 The Weed Of Despair
Sp 550319 0129 The Fugitive From Telarma
Sp xxxxxx xxxx Using Bees for Space Espionage



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