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 Silent Men

1 MP3 CD - 27 episodes


"Souvenirs of War"
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Ruth Crane Shafer & Douglas Fairbanks
Ruth Crane Shafer & Douglas Fairbanks Jr

Dramatic Intrigue (1951 - 52)
Oct 14, 1951- Jun 4, 1952, Sundays
(later Wednesday evenings) on NBC.

Stories about "the special agents of all branches of our federal government, who daily risk their lives to protect the lives of all of us … to guard our welfare and our liberties, they must remain nameless - THE SILENT MEN!!

Well crafted spy dramas are fun. They have all the intrigue of a good mystery story, along with a good deal of action and gun play, spiced with a bit of Patriotic fervor. Basing the story on true life adds even more.

The Silent Men based their transcribed stories on the files of "Special Agents of all branches of the Federal Government, who daily risk their lives to protect the lives of all of us… they must remain nameless- The Silent Men." The drama is heightened when the star warns us that "only the names and places are fictional."

But the real treat is that the star is Douglas Fairbanks Jr.! Best remembered today for his distinguished movie career (60 years and 100 roles,) Fairbanks appeared at least 400 times on radio in 70 different programs, often reprising roles he had made famous on the big screen.

Douglas FairbanksIt is easy to imagine that The Silent Men would have been easy sell to NBC, given Fairbanks' star power and production skills, (The Silent Men was a Fairbanks production, but unlike many stars, he kept his production credits to a minimum) but Fairbanks was himself a "Silent Man!"

It would have been easy for the actor to don a uniform and remain on the sidelines of WWII. In 1941 FDR appointed him a special envoy to South America. Fairbanks held a Reserve Officer's commission in the US Navy, and early on the war was assigned to Lord Mountbatten's Commando Staff in England. Here he learned the value of military deception and harassing raids on the enemy.

When he returned to the States he helped to create the Navy's "Beach Jumper" Units. These small but specialized units used small boats, visual and electronic camouflage, and radio jamming techniques to confuse the enemy in support of Amphibious Operations in the Mediterranean, as well as the D-Day invasion of Europe.

Episodes of The Silent Men began with Fairbanks' character checking in with his chief, usually played by William Conrad (Gunsmoke, Escape). He then left on a vital or dangerous assignment. Through the course of the series, Fairbanks would portray several Agents of the Central Intelligence Agency, Department of Commerce Enforcement Division Special Agent, Postal Service Agent, Department of Defense Investigative Service Special Agents, Treasury Agents, and Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Agents.

The program had to have been a great morale boost to the agents and their family whose work was saluted. It can also be assumed that several of the agents listening knew of Fairbanks' own contributions as a Silent Man.

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For more espionage and adventure see: I was a Communist for the FBI, Spy Catcher, Cloak and Dagger, Counterspy - David Harding!, Dangerous Assignment, The Adventures of Frank Race, Harry Lime (The Third Man), Secret Agent K7 Returns, and The Man Called X.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

27 shows - total playtime 13 hours 12 minutes

Silent Men 511125 The Roping of Joe Landis
Silent Men 511202 Death and Taxes
Silent Men 511209 Pirates, 20th Century Brand
Silent Men 511216 The Bogus GI
Silent Men 511223t Souvenirs of War
Silent Men 520106 Visas For Sale
Silent Men 520113 Little White Lies
Silent Men 520120 The Gigantic Hoax
Silent Men 520203 The Big Kill
Silent Men 520204 Trouble at Suez
Silent Men 520210 Blood Money
Silent Men 520217 Stolen Arsenal
Silent Men 520319 Confess Or Die
Silent Men 520326 Murder In Vienna
Silent Men 520409 The University Fix
Silent Men 520416 The Torch
Silent Men 520423 Food and War
Silent Men 520507 Missing Masterpiece
Silent Men 520514 The Miracle Cure
Silent Men 520521 Sabotage
Silent Men 520528 The Green Sedan
Silent Men 511014 The Big Sneak (poor sound)
Silent Men 511021 Empire of Pip the Blind
Silent Men 511028 Case of Rubber Gloves
Silent Men 511104 Death In The Mail
Silent Men 511111 The TransAtlantic Push
Silent Men 511118 Heroin Source X



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