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 Rare Detective and Crime Shows

2 MP3 CDs - 100 episodes

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"Bishop and the Gargoyle Episode"
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This collection includes Rare Detective and Crime shows from old time radio's golden era. Some of the shows only lasted a few short months, some were summer replacement shows, and some are so rare only one or two episodes remain.

Rare Detective and Crime shows is a fascinating look at the different key players in crime solving including detectives, spies, private investigators, cops, FBI agents, newspaper reporters, attorneys, defense attorneys, informants, and even personnel in the emerging field forensic science.

Some of the shows in this extensive collection include:

  • Amazing Mr. Tutt - A clever Yankee lawyer who uses drama and action to prove his case often in place of evidence and facts.
  • Armstrong of the SBI - Sponsored by Wheaties and starring Carlton Kadell, a forensic detective who works for the Scientific Bureau of Investigation (SBI) solving murders with brains and evidence.
  • Attorney of the Defense - We are innocent until proven guilty, but sometimes proving the defendent's innocence is more difficult than finding the guilty party. Barton Yarborough of Dragnet appears in the episode.
  • The Bishop and the Gargoyle - The title is a metaphor for this unlikely crime fighting duo: the Bishop is a former minister and the Gargoyle is an ex-con. Together they solve crime in this unique old time radio show.
  • Chick Carter - the adopted son of the famous detective Nick Carter, the young Chick and his buddies Tex and Sue are on the beat, solving crimes, tracking the guilty, and having wild adventures.
  • Crime Correspondent - this old time radio show features another type of crime solver, the crime reporter Larry Mitchell.
  • Crime Letter from Dan Dodge- similar to the very popular Sam Spade, this show begins and end with Dan Dodge recapping the events in a case to his secretary. Myron McCormick starred as Dan Dodge and Shirley Eggleston played Susie the secretary.
  • Crime on the Waterfront - Lou Kagel is an NYPD detective who specializes in crime on, by, or in the water.
  • Dan Dunn: Secret Operative Number 48 - This cartoon detective made the jump from the funny pages to the airwaves.
  • Mr Aladdin - A summer replacement for Broadway is My Beat, features magic to solve mysteries in Manhattan starring Paul Frees.
  • Ned Jordan, Secret Agent - This is an old time radio show about a secret federal agent who's work ranges from pretending to be a railroad worker to protecting the plans for a new US Army tank from spies.
  • Police Blotter - "Authentic dramas of the police work in the constant battle that goes on night and day against crime."
  • Somebody Knows - Summer replacement series for Suspense with the premise was that there are no perfect crimes, that someone, somewhere, could have the one missing clue.
  • The McCoy - Howard Duff stars as the private investigator McCoy who uses tough talk and a fast fist to solve murder crimes.
Dan Dunn
Carlton Kadell of Armstrong of the SBI
Chick Carter

This collection contains 100 episodes of rare crime fighting radio - see below for a details and complete list of recordings. For more rare detective series see also:

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1:
50 recordings - total playtime 21 hours 5 minutes

Amazing Mr Tut
Amazing Mr Tut 480705 001 Advice To A Young Lawyerpremiere

Armstrong Of The SBI
Armstrong Of Sbi 510628 Deadliest Of Speciesendg Cut

Attorney at Law
Attorney At Law 380705 001 Tcot Asia Express Endgcut

Attorney For Defense
Attorney For Defense 441214 Murder Of Charles Stuart Grant

Bishop & The Gargoyle
The Bishop & Gargoyle 400714 002 Jennifer Botts Case

Bob Sterling American Ranger
Bob Sterling American Ranger 350319 Taot Headless Horseman

Chick Carter, Boy Detective
Chick Carter Boy Detective 430713 Bubbling Poolakathe Rattler Closes
Chick Carter Boy Detective 440000 Pursuit Of Fat Man On Ferry

Colin Doyle, Crime Doctor
Colin Doyle Crime Doctor Bad Actor

Crime Cases of Warden Laws
Crime Cases Of Warden Laws Case # 43587 M Stands For Murder

Crime Correspondent
Crime Correspondent 491021 Chair For Dino

Crime Letter From Dan Dodge
Crime Letter From Dan Dodge 530130 Runaway Redhead Caper
Crime Letter From Dan Dodge 530220 Preposterous Caper

Crime On The Waterfront
Crime On Waterfront 490224 Aud 1 A Murder Of Mrs Lattimore
Crime On Waterfront 490224 Aud 1 B Murder Of Mrs Lattimore
Crime On Waterfront 490301 Aud 2 Heiress Cruise

Criminal At Large
Criminal At Large 470911 Murder In Stone

Crow & The Quail
Crow & Quail Corpse Declares A Dividend

Crow & The Quail, The - The Corpse Declares A Dividend [Jud Montrose Case]

Dann Dunn, Secret Operative #48
Dann Dunn Secret Operative #48

Deadline Mystery
Deadline Mystery 470810 016 B Apartment Racket
Deadline Mystery 470824 018

Dont Cheat Uncle Sam
Dont Cheat Uncle Sam 390312 003 Needlework

Dyke Easter, Detective
Dyke Easter Detective This Time For Creeps

Eno Crime
Eno Crime Club 330110 097 32 Caliber Kiss Pt 1
Eno Crime Club 330111 098 32 Caliber Kiss Pt 2
Eno Crime Clues 340327 Talking Skull

Fighting Parson
Fighting Parson 01 Detroit 1925

Flying Hutchinsons
Flying Hutchinsons 390804

Follow That Man-Steve Mallory, Private Eye
Follow That Man Aud Trail Of Terrified Temptress

Foreign Assignment
Foreign Assignment 440108

Gentlemen Adventurers
Gentlemen Adventurers 480206 Bandit & Blonde

Highway Patrol
Highway Patrol

Hollywood Mystery Time
Hollywood Mystery Time 450520032 Tcot Glowing Eyes
Hollywood Mystery Time 450819045 Tco Murder By Coincidence

Homicide Okane
Homicide Okane 430302 Killer Who Returned From Dead As Clock Struck Hour

I Confess
I Confess 521017 Narcotics Case

I Was A Convict
I Was A Convict 460303 Mr R

Intrigue 460814 003 Sinister Errand
Intrigue 460821 004 Great Impersonation
Intrigue 460911 007 Satan Was A Salesman

Isn't It A Crime
Isnt It A Crime 451214013 Speaking Of Murder

Its Murder
Its Murder 440810001 Portrait

Jane Endicott, Reporter
Jane Endicott Reporter 420105 No Job For A Lady
Jane Endicott Reporter 420107 Girl Bites Dog

Johnny Fletcher Mystery
Johnny Fletcher 460325000 Navy Colt

Jonathan Brixton, Attorney At Large
Jonathan Brixton Attorney At Large 1944 Blacklock Murder Case

Lawless Twenties
Lawless Twenties 012 Flood Of Bootleg Gold

Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 490104037 Golden Santa

Mr Aladdin
Mr Aladdin 510519 Miracle Of 4 Legged Husband


Volume 2:
50 recordings - total playtime 22 hours 2 minutes

Murder Will Out
Murder Will Out 450508 Mystery Of Swindled Song Writer
Murder Will Out 450807 Mystery Of Death Under Sea

Mystery Theater [Insp. Mark Saber]
Mystery Theater 511010 002 Tcot Cancelled Bride
Mystery Theater 520213 020 Tcot Portrait In Red
Mystery Theater 520409 028 Tcot Wistful Widow
Mystery Theater 521008 038 Tcot Telltale Tie

Narcotics Intelligence Bureau
Narcotics Intelligence Bureau

Ned Jordan, Secret Agent
Ned Jordan Secret Agent Tank Trap For Terrorists

Ned Jordan Secret Agent True Light Cult

Operation Danger
Operation Danger 500625 Aud Howard Culver

Peter Salem
Affairs Of Peter Salem 491219 035 Horrible Hitch
Affairs Of Peter Salem 530124 188 Murderous Mirror

Police Blotter
Police Blotter Homicide By Hurricane
Police Blotter Murder At Windsor

Police Recorder
Police Recorder 14 Yr Old Burglar

Policewoman Usa Aud Red Rose Murder

Prowl Car
Prowl Car Wilshire Werewolf

Rajput, Hindu Secret Service
Rajput Hindu Secret Service Jasmine Tower Murder

Roger Kilgore, Public Defender
Roger Kilgore Public Defender 480427 George Brown
Roger Kilgore Public Defender 481012 Eddie Lewis

San Francisco Final starring (Jeff Chandler)
San Francisco Final 540726 Chinatown

Secret Missions
Secret Missions 490306 Iron Curtain Escape
Secret Missions 490313 Battle For Heavy Water

Security Agent, USA
Security Agent Usa 490900001 Tom Bennett

Somebody Knows
Somebody Knows 500720 03 Unsolved Murder Of Joseph P Bohanek
Somebody Knows 500824 08 Unsolved Murder Of Elizabeth Short

Special Investigator
Special Investigator 1947 Fake Diploma Mill

The Blind Spot
The Blind Spot Burglars Discover Body
The Blind Spot French Detective Dreams Of Guillotine

The Defense Rests
Defense Rests 510417 Client Joseph Moriano

The Gentleman
The Gentleman 500714 Episode Of Lovely Liar

The Hunters
The Hunters 481129 You Take Ballistics

The Judge
The Judge 520213 Death Of A Playboy

The Jury Retires
The Jury Retires Cot Greedy Nephew

The McCoy
The Mccoy 510424 Three Wayward Girlsh Duff

The Whisper Men
The Whisper Men 451020 Black Light
The Whisper Men 451229 Rose Gilman Is Murdered

This Is O'Shea
This Is Oshea 521001 Hong Kong

Tman 500429 Bleeding Gold
Tman 500729 Big Mexican Dope

Treasury Agent
Treasury Agent 4704140 01 Tcot Hate Racket
Treasury Agent 4708110 18 Tcot Faithful Wife
Treasury Agent 5 Xxxxx Know Your Money
Treasury Agent 5 Xxxxx Lady In Red

Two On A Clue
Two On A Clue 441003 Tcot Silent Witness

Under Arrest
Under Arrest 480606 024 A Tcot Accidental Murders
Under Arrest 480801 032 A Janet Sherwood
Under Arrest 500806 091 A Willing Victim

Voice In The Night
A Voice In Night 460614 Stolen Necklace
A Voice In Night 460809 Worried Detective



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