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 Rare Aviation Old Time Radio Shows

1 MP3 CD - 39 episodes


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Smilin Jack

George Bruce Air Stories of WWI
Steve Canyon

As air travel was a budding mode of transport, weaponry, and more old time radio shows reflected Americans interest in all things air travel. Old time radio shows about pilots, airplane, air adventures, and more were pulled from comic strips, pulp fiction, as well as real accounts of pilot's stories of their air escapades.

This collection includes rare, hard to find aviation themed old time radio shows.

  • Flying Hutchinsons - This show was originally called "The Flying Family" and was based on the true life exploits of the adventurous family which included Col. George Hutchinson, Blanche, kids Kathryn and Janet, and their pet lion cub named Sunshine.
  • Howard Hughes Hearings - Senate War Investigating Committee tried millionaire Howard Hughes for a misuse of government funds to build an airplane nicknamed the "Spruce Goose."
  • Howie Wing - This late 1930s radio adventure series included 21 year old Junior Pilot Howie who is joined by WWI Ace Captain Harvey, Howie's girlfriend Donna Cavendish and the cankerous "Zero" Smith.
  • George Bruce Air Stories of the World War- George Bruce was a pioneer fighter pilot during the first world war. He penned his way in the the pulp fiction hearts of young 1930s adventurous Americans everywhere.
  • Sky Blazer - Produced by Phillips H. Lord of Gangbusters, this old time radio show chronicled the early trailblazers of the sky who made aviation what it is today.
  • Sky King - Combination Western and Aviation adventure show with Rancher Sky King, his niece Penny, and their airplane Songbird.
  • Smilin Jack - Based on loved comic strip by Zack Mosley which had a 50 year run, Smilin Jack is joined by Flight Attendant Dixie Lee and Hillbilly Rufus. The comic strip lasted decades, but unfortunately the radio show only lasted one year.
  • Tailspin Tommy - previously created as a movie serial and comic book, Tailspin Tommy saves lives and fights for goodness and humanity around the world in this old time radio adventure series.
  • The Sparrow and the Hawk - Post war adventure serial with It recounted the wild, blue yonder adventures uncle (Hawk) and nephew (sparrow) team of thrill seekers.
  • Steve Canyon - Based on a comic strip by Milton Caniff of Terry and the Pirates fame, Steve Canyon features USAF Lieutenant Colonel Steve Canyon and his team of pilots at Big Thunder Air Force Base.
  • Uncle Neds Squadron - An education air adventure show hosted by pilot,  flight instructor, and middle school teacher Norbert "Ned" Locke.

For other aviation adventure series, see also: Air Adventures of Jimmy Allen, Airplanes and Pilots in Old Time Radio, Anne of the Airlines, Air Stories of the World War, Captain Midnight,Hop Harrigan, Howie Wing, A Saga of Aviation, Rare Aviation Old Time Radio Shows, Sky King, Speed Gibson, Tailspin Tommy, Terry & the Pirates, Sky King, Sky Blazers and Smilin' Jack,

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

39 shows - total playtime 12 hours 34 minutes

Flying Hutchinsons 390814 Scroll Of All Nations
Sparrow & Hawk 450810 Log Rolling 1 Min 36 Sec
Steve Canyon 480902 Fortune Of Rubies
To Fiy With Fighting Navy 421001 Program #4
Uncle Neds Squadron 5x1111

Air Stories of The World War
Air Stories Of World War 320209 American Pursuit Pilots
Air Stories Of World War 320719 Ace Without Country
Air Stories Of World War 320726 Deacon From Hell
Air Stories Of World War 320802 Sky Borne
Air Stories Of World War 320809 Zero Flight

Howard Hughes Hearings
ABC News Special - Howard Hughes Hearings 470807
ABC News Special - Howard Hughes Hearings 470808

Howie Wing
Howie Wing Saga Of Aviation 380000 77 Getting Seri
Howie Wing Saga Of Aviation 380000 78 Trying To Fi
Howie Wing Saga Of Aviation 380000 81 Buzz Rondel
Howie Wing Saga Of Aviation 380000 82 Howie Accuse
Howie Wing Saga Of Aviation 380000 83 Duke Comes T
Howie Wing Saga Of Aviation 380000 84 Faculty Boar

Sky Blazers
Sky Blazers 400106 Bill Brooks Escapades With Sioux Indians
Sky Blazers 400113 06 Bill Brooks Involvement
Sky Blazers 400629 Jack Knight Pioneer Airmail Carrier
Sky Blazers 400831 Al Williams Research Speed Flying

Sky King
SkyKing 450731 Mountain Detour
SkyKing 470714 Land Diamond Scarab-Army Blue Men
SkyKing 470723 Snodgrass Pearls
SkyKing 470731 Benny Miller and the Sheriff
SkyKing 471204 Message In Code
SkyKing 510412 Lady Sheriff
SkyKing 510417 Mark of El Diablo
SkyKing 830000 Jim Harmon Rehersal
SkyKing The Black Circle

Smiling Jack
Smilin' Jack 1939 audition
Smilin' Jack 19391218 The Voice
Smilin Jack 1939xxxx Mad Dog
Smilin Jack 1939xxxx Mad DogAlt

Tailspin Tommy
Tailspin Tommy 410905 01 Hidden Mine
Tailspin Tommy 411003 Movie Murder
Tailspin Tommy 411005 Midnight Patrol
Tailspin Tommy Carablanca



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