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 Random Rarities 03

1 MP3 CD - 50 episodes


"To Be Perfectly Frank with Frank Sinatra"
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Rare Drama, Music, Comedy, Suspense, Mystery, Detective, Crime, Adventure and a spiteful literary critic (1920s-1950s)

General Electric Radio AdvertisementWhether you seek farce, handcuffing, soapy stories, lilting melodies, exotic adventure or spiteful literary criticism, Random Rarities Three is sure to entertainOld Time Radio Shows and delight. This varied collection includes some hilarious comedians. There are two nuts in particular you will want to meet, Millie and Mr. McNutley. Meet Millie, the dimwitted Brooklyn secretary who woos the boss' son. Reminiscent of the humor on My Friend Irma, Meet Millie became a television program in 1952. Then step on over and Meet Mr. McNutley, a General Electric situation comedy starring Ray Milland as a dreamy English professor at an all-girls college.

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Hang onto yor handbag, because daring dramas abound. There's Manhattan Mother, a soap opera sponsored by Chipso Soap, broadcast in 1938-1940 with only two surviving episodes. Or stay up late for Manhattan at Midnight, a romantic drama from 1940 sponsored by Sterling Drugs. Perhaps you are in the mood for The Man from Homicide, a 1951 police drama directed by Dick Powell. It stars Dan Duryea as copper Lou Dana who comes down tough on criminals, "I don't like killers. And who does? Except for maybe The Man Named Jordan, the adventure serial that eventually became Rocky Jordan. Full of mystery and intrigue, the show began in 1945, when Rocky owned Café Tambourine "in the narrow street off Instanbul's Grand Bazaar.

In the religous radio program, Hour of Saint Francis, each fifteen-minute show examined a moral problem, explored a virtue, or told the stories of everyday people in extraordinary situations.

If your feet can't stop dancing or your puckered lips can't quit blowing a whistley melodic tune, then lend an ear to The Mildred Bailey Show, starring theinfamous jazz singer. Or tap on over to The Standard Hour, a concert music program from 1926 through 1950s. Later old time radio pictureprograms included more varied music, including jazz, folk and ballads with such guests as Louis Armstrong, Jack Teagarden and Jerome Hines.

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Then there's such novel programs as Town Crier, a show created by Alexander Woollcott, the snobbish theater and literary critic who hailed from the Round Table (a cleverly hateful literary group that met at the Algonquin Hotel during the 1920s). Woollcott could make or break a book, and was pompously responsible for championing Goodbye, Mr. Chips, thrusting it into every popular American parlor. He was said to have the worst voice on radio, yet had a very popular program. Take a listen and see why!

See also Random Rarities 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

50 shows - total playtime 16 hours 22 minutes

Cliff&Lolly The Nuts Of Harmony 1930 07 13
Make Believe Ballroom 400614 Tommy Dorsey
Mama Blooms Brood Xxxxxx (02) New Dresses
Mama Blooms Brood Xxxxxx (03) The Girls Are Late
Mama Blooms Brood Xxxxxx (04) Sidney Comes To Dinner
Man From Homicide 1
Man From Homicide 2
Man From Homicide 3
Man From Homicide 5
Man From Homicide 500916
Man From Homicide 510716 Old Man Kelso (Dan Duryea)
Man Named Jordan 450220
Man Named Jordan 450411 14 Return From Cairo
Manhattan At Midnight 400821 01
Manhattan At Midnight 400821 02
Manhattan At Midnight 400821 03
Manhattan At Midnight 400821 04
Manhattan At Midnight 400821 05
Manhattan Melodies 177 Joe Riceman
Manhattan Melodies Otto Cazan
Manhattan Melodies Randy Weston Trio
Manhattan Mother 391003
Meet Mililie Xxxxxx (xx) Momma's Home Cooked Meal (afrs)
Meet Millie 520323 Aunt Ethel Visits
Meet Millie 531022 Painting the Town Red
Meet Millie Xxxxxx (xx) Millie And Momma Have To Take In
Meet Mr McNutley 540422 32 The New Desk
men Of Vision 370726 Thomas Young
Men Of Vision 370802 Ben Franklin
Men Of Vision 370802 Roger Bacon
men Of Vision 370822 Galileo
Mildred Bailey Show 441020 Teddy Wilson, Red Norve
Pass.1943.12.xx Story Of Christmas Seals
Standard Hour 491223 W Jussi Bjoerling
Star Performance 440411 (xx) Charm Inc
Stark Rock, Det Case Of The Thanksgiving Slasher, The
The Hour Of St. Francis 000000 The Johnny Miller Story
The Hour Of St. Francis 000000 The Pearl of Great Price
The Maltese Goddess 01 The Waking Man Dreams
The Maltese Goddess 02 All Shadows & Light
The Maltese Goddess 03 She Opens Her Eyes
The Mirth Parade 33mmdd W Don Wilson
The Rca Victor Program 481021 I Remember April Tommy Dorsey
Tide Show 520610 W Ginny Simms
Tide Show 520612 'i Want A Girl Just Like The Girl'
Tide Show 520617 W Ginny Simms
To Be Perfectly Frank 540406 Frank Sinatra
To Be Perfectly Frank 540407 Frank Sinatra
Tony Martin 470420 with Red Skelton
Town Crier 331006 Alexander Wolcott, 20 yrs ago



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