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 Random Rarities 01

1 MP3 CD - 80 episodes


"Aunt Jenny's Real Life Stories"
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Rare Drama, Music, Western, Suspense, Mystery, Detective, Crime, Adventure, recipes, and fun (1930s-1950s)

This collection is jammed full of everything you could ever hope for – drama, intrigue, music, western stories, mystery and crime, and even the occasional recipe. All shows in this collection are rare; some have only one or two shows in known existence.

Louella ParsonsYou'll hear music galore, from Cavalcade of Hits (popular songs from 1947), to orchestra programs. Your ears will enjoy the country music of The Louisiana Hayride, as well as Henry Busse (which includes fun popular hits of 1935 like "Lookie, Lookie, Lookie! Here Comes Cookie!). You'll want to get out your magnifying glass and wool cape for such detective mysteries as I Deal in Crime, a 1940s detective drama about a seasoned PI who returns to work after a stint in "Uncle Sugar's Navy. But don't put that cape away yet, though, because there's also The Hunters, which includes adventurous murder and suspense stories of Scotland Yard hunting the most dangerous game in the world - man.

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You'll be trembling in your boots as you listen to murderous tales such as Half Hour to Kill, a study in murder and suspense (gong please!). Then there's Indictment, a program based on NY district attorney Lipsky's real cases. You'll have to get out your hankie and practice your shocked face for many tales of drama – 1001 Wives is just full of organ rips as it tells about the adventure of marriage. Describing itself as a guide, warning, and promise, the program is loaded with portraits of husbands and wives of yesteryear. There's also I Cover the Waterfront, which is based on Max Miller's book. If you're into drama, you might also enjoy Aunt Jenny's Real Life Stories, which includes the story of Lynn finding out her father was insane, after which Aunt Jenny shares her recipe for tender Spry oatmeal muffins.

Helen HayesHelen Hayes Theater is another fantastic program, which features "the finest plays starring Helen Hayes. In this rarity, we get to hear her perform in "Angel Street with Boris Karloff. Then get out your rope because it's time to hear about cattle stealing and bandits with Hashknife Hartley and Sleepy Stevens. After you settle that steer, you'll want to quickly switch costumes and get out your aviator glasses because there's also I Fly Anything, an adventure drama starring Dick Haymes, "The Flying Eight Ball, who does everything by the seat of his pants.

There are also some interesting historical rarities in this collection such as Hollywood Fights Back, a captivating program challenging The House Committee of UnAmerican Activities. On this program, stars voice their anger and sense of injustice about the Committee and its communist accusations. Distance learning was around in the 1940s and 1950s with the science programs presented by the Indiana School of the Sky. Then change pace and get swept up with Glamour Girl, a fun bit of fluff chocked full of housewife makeovers. One lucky audience member has her makeup and hair done by the artist who did some of Hollywood's stars (a resume including Marlene Dietrich and Jane Russell).

House Committee of UnAmerican Activities Trial
House Committee of UnAmerican Activities Trial
More interesting and rare programs in this collection include the Henry J Taylor Show, where listeners write in questions and Henry answers them in a short 5 minute program; this one is on snakes, including a story about a Egyptian serpant that swallowed itself. Then you slice yourself a piece of gossip that Louella Parsons willingly dishes out on Hollywood Mystery Time. This show has juicy Louella tidbids followed by a detective melodrama about Jim Laughton, a mystery movie producer and small-time detective. As well, you may enjoy I Remember Kaltenborn, a 30 th anniversary celebration of the great news commentator. Then there's I Devise and Bequeath, the story of strange wills made by strange people, stories full of greed run rampant and the green people that grab for grub with every inch of their shriveled souls.

And that's not all. So whether you enjoy tear jerkers, fun fluff, serious commentary, celebrations, murder, the western front, or all of the above, then you are sure to enjoy this set of fine and random rarities.

See also Random Rarities 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

80 shows - total playtime 32 hours 40 minutes

1001 Wives 390901 Lori Odonnell
Aunt Jenny's Real Life Stories 460506 Marriage Of Conven
Cavalcade Of Hits 470419 Last Show Summer Repl
CBS Radio Orch Hermann Sympthony 410727
Cloud Nine 500314 Paris
Glamour Girl 460821 Audition
H Hartley Sleepy Stevens The Double Cross
H HartleySleepy Stevens Range War
Half Hour To Kill 461029 Aud Blackout Never Aired
Helen Hayes Theater 451208 Angel Street
Hello Sucker 520112 Fur Coats
Henry Busse Program 35xxxx 01 Wbbm Music Remote
Henry Busse Program 35xxxx 02 Wbbm Music Remote
Henry J Taylor 480315 rattlesnake
Hollywood Fights Back 471026
Hollywood Fights Back 471107
Hollywood Hotel 361218 One In A Million
Hollywood Hotel 370611 Al Jolson Marx Brothers (inc)
Hollywood Mystery Time 430520 Case Of The Glowing Eyes
Hollywood Mystery Time 450819 Murder By Coincidence
Hunters 481129 Aud Take Ballistics
HV Kaltenborn 3910xx Edits The News (cbs)
HV Kaltenborn 520404 Nbc Remembers Kaltenborn
I Cover The Waterfront 550829 Brother's Keeperauditionpt 1
I Cover The Waterfront 550829 Brother's Keeperauditionpt 2
I Deal In Crime 460121 01 Laura Shields Case
I Deal In Crime 460415 10 William Davis Case
I Deal In Crime 470927 00 Abigail Murray Case
I Devise And Bequeth Xx Lady Prisoner
I F A 510130 Date With Death
I F A 510327 Destination Tahiti
I Want A Divorce 410214 W Songwriter
I Want To Come Back Xxxxxx Audition Program 1st (lifeboy
I Was A Convict Story Of Mr R
I Was There 400519 Wilson Vs Hughes
I Was There 410608 Duke Of Windsor
I Was There 411027 1934 Austria
In Your Own Words 550414 Ruth Kearns' Own Story (part 1)
In Your Own Words 550415 Ruth Kearns' Own Story (part 2)
Inaugural Review 490120 Portrait Of Harry Truman
Indiana School Of The Sky Darwin Puts It Into Words
Indiana School Of The Sky Einstein Looks For A New Answer
Indiana School Of The Sky Elictricity Begins To Work
Indiana School Of The Sky Galileo Passes A Crucial Test
Indiana School Of The Sky Greeks Honor Their Thinkers
Indiana School Of The Sky The Atom Yields Power
Indiana School Of The Sky What Are Men Made Of
Indictment 580000 Grand Slam Heist
Indictment 581102 Seeds Of Death
Indictment A Greek Tragedy
In Old New York 440222guestjimmystarr
I Want to Come Back Audtion Program 1st Try
I Want to Come Back Audtion Program 2nd Try
I Want to Come Back Audtion Program Phillip Morris
LA Hayride Kwkh
Lifebuoy Show 440525 W Bob Burns
Light Up Time 500525 Dorothy Kirston
Lily Brothers 53xxxx W Don Stover
Lincoln Highway 410802 Betsy Barnes
Lincoln Highway 420214 Aviatrix Triangle
Lionel Barrymore's Concert Hall 420612
Lionel Barrymore's Concert Hall 420808
Lionel Barrymore's Concert Hall 430301
Lionel Barrymore's Concert Hall420609
Lions Eye 480814 Diamond Quartet
Lions Eye 480821 Man Who Came Back
Listen To Grandma Audition
Little Man Inside 410525
Little Man Inside 450521 First Show
Little Old Hollywood 400311 15 Ben Alexander
Living 1949 490130 Fred Allen On American Comedy
Lone Journey 460412
Lone Journey 460503
Lone Wolf 490101 Adv Of The Golden Santa
Look What We Found 40s Lighthouse Keeper
Lora Lawton 480116
Lost Empire 42 White Flower Of Desteny
Lost Empire Episode 42 White Flower Of Destiny 1 Of 3
Love Thy Neighbor Premiere 19401217 Paramount Theater Br
Luck Of The Irish 460225 Hair Again Harrigan



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