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01.Sam Spade
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03.Have Gun Will Travel
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1 MP3 CD - 104 episodes

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PhilcoStop the Music, the anticipated OTRCAT.COM SAMPLER #7 is now available! We're Riding High Against the Storm and Out in the Deep with a Captain Stubby and slew of sample episodes from all new collections.  There are samples from the newest personality collections like Guess Who? Clark Gable, Ginger Rogers, Ann Sothern, Cathy Lewis, Charlton Heston, Bette Davis, and Joan Crawford.  This is one of our best Samplers yet so be sure to add it free of charge to your shopping cart for hours of fun old time radio listening.

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

104 shows - total playtime 43 hours 52 minutes

Against the Storm 410602 Imaginary Homecoming
Aircheck ABC via WSGA Patty Hearst Kidnap
Alan Freed W Buddy Holly
Ann Sothern Lux 411124 327 Mazie Was A Lady
Answer Man 441123 Who Ate the Most at the First Thanksgiving
Anthology 550529 Memorial Day
Are these Our Children 480929 Witness to Murder
At Ease Ep131 Nice Work If You Can Get It
Behind Mike 400915 First Episode
Benny & Allen Feud King for a Day
Bette Davis on Lux 511001 759 All About Eve
Blue Ribbon Town 440129 with Vera Vague
Border Patrol 07 Alien Ghosts At Niagara Falls
Cabin B-13 480705 01 Bill & Brenda Leslie
Cal Stewart and then I Laughed
Call For Music 480213 01 First Show
Call the Police 470617 Case Of The Violent Vegetable
Cap't Stubby & Buccaneers Button Up your overcoat
Carnation Contented Hour 490900 Buddy Clark
Catholic Hr 470223 Light Lamps 5 How To Meet Communism
Cathy Lewis on Suspense 501116 403 On A Country Road
Cavalcade Of Kings 51 Queen Victoria Part 1
Cavalcade Of Music 370728 Music of Vincent Loumans
Charles Dickens 421224 Christmas Carol
Charlton Heston Hollywood Radio Theater Presidents Lady
Chuck Wagon Jamboree 024 Shoo Fly Dont Bor Me
Clark Gable on Lux 381114 193 The Buccaneer
Clutching Hand 1936 01
Coke Time 540704 Sunny Side Of The Street
Country Style USA 015 Hank Snow The Golden Rocket
Cowboy Church Of The Air 530510 002 W Stuart Hamblin
Cresta Blanca Hollywood Players 461001 Rebecca
Dale Evans on Bergen Mccarthy 430502 Barbara Stanwyck Acts
Dark Venture 461119 The Only Inhabitant
Dear Adolf 420621 Farmer Raymond Massey
Detective Black and Blue Shortages
Dinner Bell Roundup Time 480107 Sugar Hill
Doctors Wife 530925 Palmer Takes Over Herbert Irwin's Case
Double Or Nothing 420911 Tribute To The Merchant Marine
Dunninger The Mentalist 440726 42 Edward Raymond Johnson
Eb and Zeb 320513 How to Operate Gas Pump
Fabulous Dr. Tweedy 460112 Tweedy Plays The Bassoon
Family Hour Of Stars 481219 Lullaby Of Christmas
Famous Escapes 1945 Mary Queen Of Scots
Forever Tops 460603 The Waltz
Fred Astaire on Packard Hour 361103 Other Dentist
Free Company 410427 Miracle Of Danube
Freedoms People 410900 Music Opening Broadcast
Gary Cooper on Lux Radio 400923 The Westerner
Gerald Mohr On The Whistler 480602 E318 Stranger In The House
Ginger Rogers on Lux 410505 Kitty Foyle
Gregory Peck on Lux 480920 626 Gentlemens Agreement
Guess Who 470823 Mrs Brooks and John Barrymore
Hello Sucker 520301 Spare Time Sucker
Hobby Lobby 1935 Arthur Williamson, Fingerless Pianist
Hollywood Star Time 440901 Phil Harris & Barry Fitzgerald
Hollywood Theatre Of Stars 491018 Love That Law
Hour Of Charm 441108 Salute To Hollywood
Inheritance 540411 Dorothea Lynde Dix
It Pays to Be Married 540308 Phil Harris & Alice Faye
Its Higgins, Sir 510724 04 Summer Vacation
Joan Crawford on Suspense 490602 343 The Ten Years
Joe DiMaggio Show 490000 Lou Ethrack
Last Nighter 03 Loud Mouth Little Theater
Lauritz Melchoir 480513
Leo Is On The Air 1939 The Wizard Of Oz
Lets Go To Town 069 Song Of India
Lindas First Love 490519 Linda Danny Leave Hospital, Head To Greylake
Lora Lawton 471026
Loretta Young on Lux Radio 401125 Jezebel
Love On The Line 1947 34 Uncle Joe Aunt Prissy Doesnt Work Out
Matthew Slade PI 06 Afrs Passage To Tangiers
Much About Dolittle 500323 Hans Conried Get A Job
Mystery Playhouse 450227 Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper
New World A Coming 440312 Negro Fascism And Democracy
Nona From Nowhere 500207 Vernon Tries Convince Nona Of His Love
Out Of The Deep 460209 The Panther Story
Passing Parade 09 charlton doctor
Red Foley Show 05 Smoke On The Water
Riding High 370401 Frank Parker
Robert Arden News Commentary 400520 Hitler Biography
Romance 440125 05 Elizabeth Of Austria
Royal Hawaiian Hotel 1934 09
Sad Sack 460612 Returns Home From The Army
Singin Sam Refreshing Time 391009 751 I Like Mt Music
Speaking Of Liberty 410724 15 Guest Bertram Russell
Stop The Music 510101
Strange Adventure 152 Zombie
Strange As It Seems 35 Most Valuable Book In The World
Tell It Again 480613 Moby Dick
Tenth Man 471017 Punishment Without Crime
Tex & Jinx Show 471104 Walt Disney
That Strong Guy 024 Trapeze Artist
That was the Year 370614 20 1933
This Is Civil Defense 560000 Listen Carefully
Virgina Gregg on The Whistler 460923 Stranger in teh House
Voice Of Firestone 510611 The Voice Of Firestone
Wax Cylinder Vess L Ossman Yankee Doodle 1897
Western Party 490529 First Song Tennessee Saturday Night
Whispering Streets Office Romance
Witness Who is My Neighbor
You Can't Do Business with Hitler Heads they Win Tails We Lose
Young Love 490509 Audition Show
Your Playhouse Of Favorites 480514 Treasure Island


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