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 News Recordings 1946

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"First Peacetime Easter"
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Walter Winchell 1946Bob Hope 1946Edward Murrow 1946So intense was the nation's dedication to defeating the foe during the Second World War that settling into the peacetime world was somewhat fractious.

Walter Winchell, being the sort of reporter he was, delivered the news with all the intensity of being in the middle of the Blitz, but his news items are filled with the innuendo that make gossip columnists so much fun. On February 10, he reports on a pair of suicide attempts, a "dope fiend" in Harry James' Band, and Winston Churchill enduring a rough flight from Miami while vacationing in the United States.

After serving CBS listeners from Europe since before the beginning of the War, on Feb 24, Edward R. Murrow gives his impressions of Great Britain before returning to the United States. On March 5, Churchill give his "Sinews of Peace" address at Westminster College, Missouri. In this speech, he describes "an Iron Curtain" descending across the European continent, dividing it between the Soviet sphere of influence and the free West. At the time, most Americans still thought of the Soviet Union as their noble ally from the recent War.

Home is What You Make It on NBC explores "the kitchen of Tomorrow" on April 20. Cesar Saerchinger mourns the gutting of the OPA and the inflation that is sure to come with the end of price control when NBC's Story Behind the Headlines explores "The First Peace-time Easter" on April 21. On May 6, Assault comes from behind to win the Kentucky Derby (Assault went on to be the only thoroughbred out of Texas to win the Triple Crown in 1946.)

On June 4, American Family News describes the Chicago's worst hotel fire ever. On June 8,  Bob Hope is interviewed on Seattle's KOMO where he talks about playing golf in Spokane with Bing. A destructive tornado strikes the Windsor Detroit area on June 17, and we hear reports of the aftermath on the 18th. Walgreen's Drug Store celebrates its 45 anniversary with "Radio's Biggest Show" from Hollywood on June 18, starring Bob Hope, Vera Vague, Dennis Day, Ginny Sims and Rochester.

The Lear Radio Laboratories did very well providing electronics for the War Effort, and used part of the money to sponsor Orson Welles in a commentary program, The Lear Radio Show. Welles' reputation as a gifted orator and artist are well deserved, but his opinions, while very much his own, are not always popular. Lear made it a point to open each broadcast with the disclaimer that the opinions expressed were Welles' own and did not necessarily reflect that of the sponsor. Welles used the forum to lash out at the folly of atomic war and the injustice of racism, among other topics. One thing is certain, when you were chastised by Orson Welles, you knew it, although your head may have spun at the artistry of his language.

On July 1, the Army and Navy went ahead with Operation Crossroads, the detonation of two atomic devices at Bikini Atoll in the South Pacific (on July 5, the first bikini swimsuits go on sale in Paris). On September 22, CBS presents Stars In The Afternoon, a 90 minute preview of the upcoming season on the Columbia System.

On October 1 we hear a British report from the continuing trial against Nazi war criminals from Nuremberg. Mr. Saerchinger, on the October 13 Story Behind the News, discusses the Paris Peace Conference that preceded the opening of the United Nations in New York.

Christmas of the first full year of peace was destined to be a big deal. Jack Benny performs from Birmingham General Hospital and Bob Hope has a full cast plus guests for the Pepsodent Show from California's Sawtelle Veteran's Hospital.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

50 Shows: 19 hours, 51 minutes

News 460210 ABC Jergens Journal Walter Winchell Free Speech
News 460214 ABC Breakfast In Hollywood Johnny Qualin
News 460224 CBS Edward R Murrow Leaving Britain
News 4602xx 588 Muggsy Spanier His Allstars Squeeze Me
News 460305 BBC Winston Churchill The Sinews Of Peace
News 4603xx 605 Roy Eldridge his V Discatters Old Rob Roy
News 460420 NBC Home Is What You Make It
News 460421 NBC Story Behind Headlines First Peace Easter
News 460425 CBC To Canada In Style
News 460506 WHAS Kentucky Derby Clem McCarthy
News 460520 James Brynes On Post War Treaty Talks In Paris
News 460524 BBC Empire Day Speech By HRH Princess Elizabeth
News 460604 CBS WBBM American Family News
News 460608 KOMO Bob Hope Special Interview from Seattle
News 460618 CBC Windsor tornado
News 460618 CBS Radios Biggest Show Walgreens 45th Anniv
News 460621 WJZ Alan Prescott What To Do This Weekend
News 460625 CBC Weather expert explains the Windsor tornado
News 460626 ABC Forum The UN Conference
News 460630 ABC Lear Radio Show 42 OPA Set To End
News 460721 ABC Lear Radio Show 45 OPA One Year Extension
News 460721 NBC Story Behind Headlines British Labour Gov
News 460723 BBC Sir Hartley Shawcross Reads Witness Accounts
News 460728 ABC Lear 46 Black Veteran Blinded Police
News 460804 ABC Lear Radio Show 47 Clement Attlee
News 460811 ABC Lear Radio Show 48 Race Relations
News 460818 ABC Lear Radio Show 49 Batesburg Not Aiken
News 460818 NBC Story Behind Headlines Trumans Trial Balloon
News 460825 ABC Lear Radio Show 50 Welles Movie Banned
News 460831 WJR CBS Country Journal
News 460922 CBS Stars Afternoon Preview News Fall Line up
News 461001 BBC Judgment at Nuremberg
News 461001 Geoffrey Lawrence Goring & Hess Nuremberg
News 461008 BBC Huis Clos by Jean Paul Sartre
News 461013 NBC Story Behind Headlines So Called Peace Conf
News 461103 CBS Louella Parsons Bebe Daniels Ben Lyons
News 461108 AFRS AFRA Workshop Night Flight Arch Oboler
News 461210 ABC Dateline Headline Byline
News 461221 ABC Jergens Journal Walter Winchell
News 461222 AFRS Jack Benny Birmingham Gen Hospital
News 461224 ABC Christmas Party
News 461224 AFRS Bob Hope Sawtelle Veterans Hospital CA
News 461225 NBC Christmas America Proctor & Gamble Christmas
News 461226 WOR MBS In Review News 46In Review
News 461231 NBC New Years Eve Party With Fred Waring
News 46xxxx AFRS Chiquita Christmas Program
News 46xxxx Great Crepitation News Fart Contest Record
News 46xxxx Rendezvous with Destiny FDR speeche pt 1
News 46xxxx Rendezvous with Destiny FDR speeches pt2
News 46xxxx Rendezvous with Destiny FDR speeches pt3



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