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 News Recordings 1939

1 MP3 CD - 93 episodes


"Sept 1 1939 News with Lionel Marson"
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German Invasion of PolandOur 1939 collection begins with the winds of War swirling, but life going on as normally as can be expected. We begin with a clip from the BBC describing how to take care of our gas mask, and another clip of Prime Minister Chamberlain speaking after the Invasion of Czechoslovakia.  

Prime Minister ChamberlainA historically significant concert was given on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial by Marian Anderson, considered the greatest contralto alive at the time. In his introduction, Secretary of the Interior, Howard Ickes explained that the outdoor concert was to allow more people to enjoy Ms. Anderson's marvelous talent. In fact, she had wanted to perform in Washington D.C.'s largest arena, Constitution Hall, but was barred because of her color. When Secretary Ickes and Eleanor Roosevelt heard about it,  they made arrangements for the Easter Sunday concert which was attended by 75,000 appreciative listeners. Our collection also includes an episode of The Bob Hope Show with guest Betty Grable.

The majority of 1939's radio news was dominated by the coming of War in Europe. For American listeners and their leaders, the important question was how to keep out of the fighting while not giving aid to the enemies of our friends. There would be no easy answer, although the issue would be discussed by politicians and commentators alike.

Robert (Bob) TroutSome parties were not shy about lending support to friends of the United States. CBS, NBC and the Mutual Broadcasting System all had correspondents in Europe, as well as a wealth of commentators state-side who were ready to give their interpretation of events.

CBS had well known announcer Bob Trout in New York, and his broadcasts often called upon Edward R. Murrow in London or William Shirer in Berlin. The Columbia network also had the reporting and commentary of H.V. Kaltenborn before 1940. Mutual took advantage of Sigrid Schultz's services. William Shirer would write "No other American correspondent in Berlin knew so much of what was going on behind the scenes as did Sigrid Schultz." NBC broadcast commentary from Dorothy Thompson, “the first lady of American journalism”. After the Invasion of Poland, Ms. Thompson was on the air fifteen consecutive days and nights.

Many of our 1939 News Broadcasts come from the BBC. Great Britain and France were to be the two biggest thorns in Hitler's side in the months before invading Poland. Prime Minister Chamberlain's efforts to avoid War are still being debated by historians. Opinions range from too little, too late to a noble, even heroic effort against insurmountable odds.

All of the news services went into overdrive on September 1, 1939, the day that Nazi Germany crossed the border into Poland. England and France immediately declared War on Germany, but little was done militarily for several months.

During the period known as the "Sitzkrieg" or Phoney War, two significant military engagements took place, the Soviet assault on Finland and Battle of the River Plate. Two months after invading Poland, the Soviets expected to roll over the outnumbered and poorly equipped Finns. German pocket battleship Graf Spee However, the Russian army leadership was still suffering from Stalin's purges. Although the sheer number of Soviet troops and equipment would wear down the Finns, Russia was not able to achieve its goal of total conquest.

The German pocket battleship Graf Spee had been acting as a commerce raider since the beginning of the War, sinking several merchant vessels in the Indian Ocean and the South Atlantic. A squadron of smaller British ships were sighted by the Spee, but initially believed to be a pair of small destroyers escorting a convoy. Too late the German captain realized he was engaging three British cruisers. The Spee was damaged in the engagement, but not fatally so. She made her way to Montevideo to make repairs. The government of neutral Uruguay informed the Graf Spee that she had to leave port within 72 hours. Unable to effect the necessary repairs in that time, the Captain chose to scuttle his ship rather than face sinking by the British.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

News 390308 BBC Gas Mask Drill
News 390312 PTT Reportage De Lintronisation Du Pape PIE XII
News 390315 BBC Chamberlain After Czech Invasion
News 390409 Marian Anderson Concert
News 390411 NBC Bob Hope Guest Betty Grable
News 390426 Former British Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin Speaks In New York
News 390618 WCCO Anoka Tornado
News 390706 Herbert Hoover Urges US Neutrality In European Conflicts
News 390823 Rep Martin Dies on Nazi Bolshevism Soviet Fascism
News 390827 BBC Czech Ambassador In London On Poland Situation
News 390827 BBC News
News 390827 CBS HV Kaltenborn Reports On The Eve Of War
News 390828 CBS European News
News 390828 CBS London Before War Murrow
News 390828 MBS Sigrid Schultz In Berlin
News 390831 BBC Alvar Liddell Reports On German 16 Point Plan
News 390831 BBC Polish Question 16 Points
News 3908xx FDR Speech There Can Be No Peace
News 390901 BBC Alvar Liddell Reports On Evacuation Of Children
News 390901 BBC Alvar Liddell Reports The Invasion Of Poland
News 390901 BBC Evacuation of London
News 390901 BBC Evacuees Depart from Waterloo Station Seymour Joly de Lotbinire
News 390901 BBC Ignace Paderewski On The War Looming Before Poland
News 390901 BBC Invasion of Poland Lionel Marson
News 390901 BBC S J de Lotbinire Reports Further On Evacuation
News 390901 BBC S J de Lotbinire Reports Train Now Leaving
News 390901 CBS Adolf Hitler Announces War With Poland
News 390901 FDR Speaks On US Neutrality
News 390901 Herbert Hoover Speaks At The Onset Of The War
News 390901 Polish Ambassador To US On War With Germany
News 390901 PPR Radio Warsaw Reports On German Invasion
News 390902 BBC News
News 390902 Chamberlain Declares War
News 390903 1000 BBC Outbreak of War with Germany
News 390903 1115 BBC Britain Declares War On Germany
News 390903 BBC Britain Declares War On Germany
News 390903 BBC King George VI Addresses The Nation Excerpts 1
News 390903 BBC King George VI Addresses The Nation Excerpts 2
News 390903 BBC King George VI Addresses the Nation
News 390903 BBC Places Of Entertainment To Be Closed
News 390903 BBC PM Chamberlain Declaration of War
News 390903 BBC Prime Minister Chamberlain Declares War On Germany
News 390903 BBC Reports Defense Order Closing Places Of Entertainment
News 390903 CBC Canada Declares War on Germany
News 390903 CBS AP Bulletin On Peace Efforts
News 390903 FDR Speaks About The War Beginning In Europe
News 390903 NBC Hitler Invasion of Poland Dorothy Thompson
News 390904 BBC News
News 390904 CBS Edward R Murrow British Class System
News 390906 BBC Survivors Recall the Sinking of the SS Athenia
News 390907 CBS William L Shirer In Berlin
News 390907 CBS William L Shirer News From Berlin
News 390910 BBC Evacuee Message To Parents
News 390910 BBC We Have Been Evacuated
News 390920 NBC Reports On Adolph Hitlers Danzig Address
News 390921 CBS French Premier Daladiers Message To France
News 390921 FDR Addresses Extraordinary Session Of Congress
News 390922 CBS Adolf Hitler On Poland H V Kaltenborn Commentary
News 390922 CBS H V Kaltenborn Commentary
News 391001 BBC Winston Churchill The First Month of the War
News 391007 CBS Elmer Davis With The News
News 391015 BBC Richard Dimbleby By A French Road
News 391016 Elsie and Doris Waters Gert Daisy the Blackout
News 391024 CBS Elmer Davis Reports City Of Flint Still Missing
News 391027 NBC Story Behind The Headlines The Outbreak Of The European War
News 391030 CBS Elmer Davis Reports On Neutrality Bill
News 391031 CBS Elmer Davis Reports On Molotovs Speech
News 391111 BBC HM Queen Elizabeth Calls on Women
News 391111 BBC Queen Elizabeth Fortitude Of Women
News 391112 BBC Winston Churchill Ten Weeks Of War
News 391127 CBS Edward R Murrow Underground Air Raid
News 391129 BBC War Comes to London Voluntary Hospitals
News 391130 CBS Elmer Davis And George Fielding Elliot
News 391130 CBS Elmer Davis Reports Russian Air Raids On Helsinki
News 3911xx BBC Our War Aims Now and After Viscount Halifax
News 3911xx God Bless You Mr Chamberlain
News 391201 CBS Elmer Davis Reports The Defense Of Finland Continues
News 391202 CBS Elmer Davis Reports Germany Accuses Sweden
News 391213 RSH Lord Haw Haw NY Times Reports Cruiser Exeter Damaged
News 391217 From Montevideo Uruguay The End Of Graf Spee
News 391217 News Bulletin On Graf Spee
News 391218 BBC Churchill Sinking of Graff Spee
News 391218 BBC Winston Churchill The Sinking Of The Graf Spee
News 391218 CBS Elmer Davis Reports On Russo Finnish Front
News 391219 CBS Elmer Davis Reports German Liner Columbus Scuttled
News 391220 CBS Elmer Davis Reports Swedish Volunteer Units For Finland
News 391231 Siegfried Line Nazi Parody
News 391231 Siegfried Line
News 3912xx BBC Tommy Handley Very Little Nazi
News 39xxxx RSH Lord Haw Haw Germany Calling Sign On
News 39xxxx RSH Lord Haw Haw Sign Off
News 39xxxx Shinola
News 39xxxx XERA Pickard Family


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