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 Music Rarities

6 MP3 CDs - 256 episodes

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Eddie Condon
Eddie Condon

Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra
Fletcher Henderson
and His Orchestra

Xavier Cugat
Xavier Cugat

Freddy Martin

Count Basie
Four Ink Spots
Four Ink Spots
Earl Hines
Earl Hines
Gene Krupa
Gene Krupa

Lena Horne

And Many More!

An original, the boys and girls of OTRCAT were calling for another grandstand and here we have it!

This music collection contains the biggest and brightest musical stars from the golden era. Performers like Henry Hall, Mildred Bailey, Kay Kyser, Hal Kemp, Charlie Barnet, Count Basie, Ray Eberle, Woody Herman, Harry James, Ozzie Nelson, Frank Sinatra, and the rest are with the best bands to foster fashion and mingle minds.

Text on OTRCAT.com ©2001-2014 OTRCAT INC All Rights Reserved-Reproduction is prohibited.

If you are looking for a compilation of treasured big bands and even bigger performers both well known and rare of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s this is the greatest collection one could hope to own. Get you toe tappin' shoes on and cosmopolitan cocktails in hand because the big bands are coming to you, you snazzy devil!

This collection contains rare broadcasts including:

Al Overland
Ben y
Big Band Spotlight
Charlie Barnet
Chesterfield Supper Club
Chet Barker
Claude Thornhill
Count Basie
Don Ross
Earl Hines
Eddie Bergman
Eddie Condon
Fletcher Henderson
Don Ross
Earl Hines
Four Ink Spots
Frank Sinatra
Larry Clinton

Freddy Martin
Freddy Nagle
Gene Krupa
Glen Gray
Gordon Gray
Griff Williams
Gus Arnheim
Guy Lombardo
Hal Kemp
Harry James
Henry Hall
Jan Garber
Jeff Wayne
Jerry Gray
Joe Sanders
Kay Kyser
Keyboard Melodies
Lena Horne
Mildred Baily Ozzie Nelson
Ray Eberle
Red Nichols
Russ Morgan
Sammy Kaye
Sandy De Santis
Shep Fields
Sherman Hayes
Shorty Sherock
Stan Kenton
Ted Lewis
Ted Weems
Tommy Dorsey
Woody Herman
Xavier Cugat
And many more !
See the complete file list below for all the names and recordings ...
All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1 - 41 shows - total playtime 16 hours 42 minutes

Al Overland
Al Overand 48 06 03 Starlight Billings Montana

Battle of the Bands
Battle Of The Bands 490730 Charlie Barnet Herman Kenton
Battle of the Bands with Barnet, Herman & Kenton 19490730

Ben Pollak
Ben Pollack Band Remote 30XXXX Summer of 1930

Big Band Spotlight
BBSLarry Clinton Bea Wain

Caroll Gibbons
Caroll Gibbons 1934 'I Wish I Were Twins'
Caroll Gibbons 1934 'Who Do You Think You Are'

Charlie Barnet
Charlie Barnet 440603 Night Club Dance
Charlie Barnet BattleOfTheBands 19490730 Herman, Kenton
Charlie Barnet Columbia Presents 481122'Bunny'
Charlie Barnet Down Beat e140 AFRS
CharlieBarnet 19440603
Chet Baker Quartet RemoteBoston's Storyville 19540316

Chesterfield Supper Club
481021 ChesterfieldSupperClub
490103 ChesterfieldSupperClub
490623 ChesterfieldSupperClub
490630 ChesterfieldSupperClub

Chet Barker
Chet Baker 540316 Storyville, Boston

Chuck Foster
Chuck Foster MusicInTheFosterFashion 19441126 WishYouWere
Chuck Foster MusicInTheFosterFashion 'I Don'tWantToLoveYou'

Claude Thornhill
Claude Thornhill 47 09 22 Cafe Rouge
Claude Thornhill NBCBandstand 19560824 'So In Love'

Count Basie
Count Basie 400220 From Southland 'ebony Rhapsody'
Count Basie 440604 269 One Night Stand Hotel Lincoln
Count Basie 450129 551 One Night Stand
Count Basie 450129 Hotel Lincoln 'just After Awhile'
Count Basie 460726 1111 One Night Stand
Count Basie 460802 1142 One Night Stand
Count Basie 460809 1185 One Night Stand
Count Basie 671231 CBS 40th Anniv Dancing Party
Count Basie From Avadon 'stepNFetchin'
Count Basie One Night Stand 'Diggin' for Dex'

Dale Jones
Dale Jones Orch CBSPresents 19440607 AtTheHollywoodPalladi

Dick Jurgens
DickJurgens 460626 From Hotel Clairmont
DickJurgens 501200 AragonBallroomChgo WBBM
DickJurgens From Willowbrook
DickJurgensRecipeForRomance From Hotel Clairemont
The Songs That Made Them Famous W Dick Jurgens

Don Ross
Don Ross Trio 46 05 23 Harmony Matinee

Earl Hines
Earlhines 19380803 Grandterrace Chgo (Nbc)

Eddie Bergman
Eddie Bergman 1951 06 22 From Coconut Grove

Volume 2 - 60 shows - total playtime 19 hours 45 minutes

Fletcher Henderson
Fletcher Henderson 1945 09 00 Magic Carpet 104

Four Ink Spots
FourInkSpots 390712

Frankie Carle
Frankie Carle SaturdayDanceDate 19500812 MarineRoom Chicag

Freddy Martin
Freddie Martin Edens Shampoo 330300 Sorority Dance
Freddie Martin EdensShampooCollegeSororityDance 19330400
Freddy Martin 49 06 13 From Edgewater Beach Hotel
Freddy Martin Music by Martin From Mural Room

Freddy Nagle
Freddy Nagel 470624 From Empire Room Chgo
Freddy Nagel 470712 From Empire Room Chgo
Freddy Nagel 470921 From Empire Room Chgo

Gene Krupa
Gene Krupa 381128 From Palomar
Gene Krupa 400131 From Meadowbrook
Gene Krupa 400205 From Meadowbrook
Gene krupa 450123 775 One Night Stand
Gene Krupa 450815 Hotel Astor, London
Gene krupa 461200 One Night Stand
Gene Krupa 490415 1961 One Night Stand
Gene Krupa Hollywood Paladium 'hop, Skip And A Jump'

Glen Gray
Glen Gray & His Casa Loma Orchestra on Here's To Veterans
Glen Gray Casa Loma Orch
Glen Gray Meadowbrook

Glenn Miller
45 Glenn Miller Announced Missing
46 Glenn Miller Interview (Sept[1] 1944)
46 Glenn Miller Propaganda Broadcast part 1 (Nov[1] 1
47 Glenn Miller Propaganda Broadcast part 2 (Nov[1] 1
CBSPresents Tex Beneke & Glenn Miller Orch460811
CBSPresents Tex Beneke & Glenn Miller Orch460913
GlennMiller 19390619 GlenIslandCasinoNY afternoon
GlennMiller 19390619 GlenIslandCasinoNY evening
GlennMiller 19390720 GlenIslandCasinoNY
XXXXXX Glen Miller 'The Chesterfield Show' 2

Gordon Gray
Gordon Gray 1939 01 18 Pocketful Of Dreams

Griff Williams
Griff Williams 470305 Empire Rm Palmer House Chgo

Gus Arnheim
Gus Arnheim&His Orchestra 1932 You Really Started Something
Gus Arnheim&HisOrchestra 1932 'It's Love'

Guy Lombardo
XXXXXX Guy Lombardo Royal Grill 'It's a Lovely Day Today'

Hal Kemp
Chesterfield 371224 Time Hal Kemp Alice Faye Xmas Show
Hal Kemp on the Macy Morning Show 19351100
HalKemp 34
HalKemp GriffenShinola

Harry James
Harry James 390619 America Dances
Harry James 400000 Chatterbox Club 'maybe'
Harry James 400319 Southland Cafe
Harry James 410522 Hotel Lincoln 'relaxin'
Harry James 410921 Gay Blades Arena, Ny
Harry James 411200 Hotel Lincoln
Harry James 411201 Hotel Lincoln
Harry James 411208 Hotel Lincoln
Harry James 420318 Schaeffer Band Review
Harry James 430501 War Bond Drive Central Park
Harry James 440820 Casino Gardens
Harry James 450608 Pabst Blue Ribbon
Harry James 45231 New Years Dance Party
Harry James for Pabst Blue Ribbon 194506XX
Harry James PabstBlueRibbon 1945061 'Just You, Just Me'

Henry Hall
Henry Hall Dance Band Show 3612Xx Christmas Show

Volume 3 - 31 shows - total playtime 14 hours 29 minutes

Jan Garber
Jan Garber WGN Remote from Melody Hill 1950

Jeff Wayne
Jeff Wayne War Of The Worlds W Richard Burton 1of2
Jeff Wayne War Of The Worlds W Richard Burton 2of2

Jerry Gray
Jerry Gray 1951 06 08 Edgwater Beach Hotel Chgo

Joe Sanders
Joe Sanders & Nighthawks 370325 Blackhawk Rest Chgo Mbs

Kay Kyser
Kaykyser 19370206 Trianonballroom Chgo (Mbs)

Keyboard Melodies
Keyboard Melodies 1950 Seems Like Old Times
Keyboard Melodies Wgn Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Larry Clinton

Mildred Baily
Mildred Bailey 44 10 20 Teddy Wilson Red Norvo

Ozzie Nelson
1938 Ozzie Nelson Orch Harriet Hilliard Forget If You Can
Ozzie Nelson 400324 From Blackhawk Do I Love You
Ozzie Nelson 400330 From Blackhawk


Ray Eberle
Ray Eberle 470718 From Clique

Ray Herbeck
Ray Herbeck & His Romantic MusicMural Room 450428

Red Nichols
Red Nichols 501028 From Sardi S Restaurant

Russ Morgan
Russ Morgan 1938 10 14 Paradise Rest Love Of My Life
Russ Morgan 1945 01 18 From Trocodero When You Left Me
Russ Morgan 1945 09 03 From Trocadero
Russ Morgan 1947 07 14 From Biltmore Bowl
Russmorgan 19381014 Paradise Rest 'love Of My Life'
Russmorgan 19450118 From Trocodero 'whenyouleftme'
Russmorgan 19450903 From Trocadero
Russmorgan 19470714 From Biltmore Bowl(1st )

Sammy Kaye
AcrossTheDial 19531225
Air National Guard Show with Russ Morgan & Rosemary Clooney
Sammy Kaye 400610 Sensations In Swing
Sammy Kaye 411207 Sunday Serenade
Sammy Kaye Melody Showcase Audition Program 390606
Sammy Kaye Show Audition

Sandy De Santis
Sandy De Santis 380000 Jam Session Cbc

Shep Fields
Shep Fields 441201 Twilight Time
Shep Fields 53 Concert Recording

Sherman Hayes
Sherman Hayes & His New Styl In Melodies WGN 'Cuddle Up A

Shorty Sherock
Shorty Sherock 450807 At Glen Island Casino Afrs

Songlines Ave Maria
Songlines Clementine
Songlines Guantanamera
Songlines Skye Boat Song
Songlines Tipperary

Stan Kenton
Stan Kenton 451127 From Palladium Artistry Jump
Stan Kenton 530203 Concert In Miniature Vancouver
Stan Kenton All Star Parade of Bands Frivolous Sal
Stan Kenton All Star Parade of Bands Swing House
StanKenton 4109

Volume 4 - 31 shows - total playtime 14 hours 29 minutes

Big band Remotes
440607 BandRemote BillSnyderOrchestraFromTheDrakeHotelChic
451231 BandRemote AFRSNewYearsDancingPartyWithHarryJames
471018 BandRemote KayKyser
47UUUU BandRemote WayneKing01
Big Band Remote xxxxxx Jack Fina
PaulWhiteman1 11 34
TommyDorsey 401126

NBC Bandstand
N B C Bandstand 560824 w Claude Thornhill 'So In Love'
N B C Bandstand 560830 w Ralph Flanagan
N B C Bandstand 561026 w Ralph Flanagan

Ted Lewis
Ted Lewis From San Francisco Crossroads

Ted Weems
Ted Weems 370210 Trianon Ballroom Chgo Mbs
Tedlewis Fromsanfrancisco 'crossroads'

Teddy Powell
Teddy Powell Remote
TeddyPowell 'Limehouse Blues'

Tommy Dorsey
Tommy Dorsey And Duke Ellington
Tommy Dorsey And Rita Hayworth
Tommy Dorsey At The Hollywood Paladium
Tommy Dorsey Show, The
Tommy Dorsey With Frank Sinatra
TommyDorsey 401126

Woody Herman
Jubilee Woody Herman
Woody Herman 400107 Famous Door Choppin Wood
Woody Herman 450327 College Inn Hotel Sherman Chgo Cbs
Woody Herman on Downbeat e137

Xavier Cougat
Xavier Cugat 450126 Tico Tico
Xavier Cugat Remote 450126

Volume 5 - 39 shows - total playtime 13 hours 2 minutes

1928 SOMEDAY Sophie Tucker
380706 Fats Waller 'Hold My Hand'
701231 Duke Ellington AllStar Parade Of Bands
Air National Guard Show Russ Morgan Flying High W Rosemary C
All Star New Years Dancing Party 451230 Music
All Star Parade Of Bands W Stan Kenton Frivolous Sal
All Star Parade Of Bands W Stan Kenton Swing House
Bob Connor Show 'my romance'
Boyd Raeburn from Hollywood's Club Morocco 1947
Bud Morrow & Rosemarry Clooney Nat Guard Armory 590502 e183
Camel Caravan 391014 Guest Louis Armstrong
ChetBaker 540316 StoryvilleBoston
Cliff & Lolly, The Nuts of Harmony 19300713
Columbia Presents Archie Blyer & Joan Brooks 19440607
Columbia Presents Bill SnyderChicago Drake Hotel 440607
Columbia Presents Charlie Barnet 19481122
Columbia Presents Harry JamesNew York Astor Hotel440607
Count Basie CBS40thAnnivDancingParty 19671231
Country Hoedown W Fyoung, B Helms

Country Hoedown W Fyoung, B Helms
Don RossTrio 19460523 Harmony Matinee
EarlHines 19380803 GrandTerrace Chgo NBC
Eddie Condons' Jazz 44 09 09 New York
For The Record 19440731
Frank Devol TideShow 19520610 wGinnySimms&JackSmith&FrankD
Frankie Masters on Showtime 19470126
Fred Waring 420 Chesterfield
From Hollywood 1947 W Boyd Raeburn From Club Morocco
GerberProgram 19340610
Glenn Miller 45 rpm on the Radio
Golf Match At Hillcrest Country Club
High Fever (Doc Cook's Dreamland Orchestra)
I Was Condemned
Jack Smith Tide19520617 Ginny Simms
Jd430526 Downbeat
Jimmy Dorsey At The Hollywood Paladium
Jo Stafford AmericanHeartAssocPresents

Volume 6 - 35 shows - total playtime 14 hours 17 minutes

Manny Strand on CBSPresents 19440607
Mary Does Mae West
Mary's Birthday
Music In The Foster Fashion with Chuck Foster
Nat Guard Armory 1959 05 02 183 Buddy Morrow&Rosemary Cloone
Nat Guard Armory 1959 05 09 Rosemary Clooney Afrs E 184
New Years Dancing Party 451231 W Harry James
Ocean Park Ca, Casino Gardens 440820 Harry James
PaulWhiteman 430410 ABC Housewarming
Phil Harris And His Girls
Previews Romeo Juliet
Ralph Flanagan Apple Blossom Time
RayEberle 470718 FromClique
Red Nichols Remote from Sardi's Restaurant 501028
Road To Bali, The
Royal Gelatin Hour03
Savoy Ballroom 400304 Erskine Hawkins
Showtimewithfrankiemasters 19470126 'openthedoorrichard'

Sound Off Top Tunes e346 440814
Sound Off Top Tunes e414 Heat Wave
Sp381219 The Nutcracker (Broadcast On Wgn In Chicago)
Ted Dill Remote
Ted Dill The Touch Of Your Hand
Ted Lewis Remote from San Francisco's Crossroads
Ted Weems Chicago Trianon Ballroom 370210
TedDill 'The Touch of Your Hand'
Teddy Powell Limehouse Blues
Tex Beneke & his Orchestra 460913
The Bells Of St Marys
The Cuban Love Song W Edmundo Ross
Thecubanlovesong Wedmundoross (Early 60's)
Tickets To The Rose Bowl Game
Tide Show with F Devoll, G Simms & J Smith 520610
USO Back From Far East Tour



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