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 Man Called X

2 MP3 CDs - 78 episodes

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"Silver Scarab"
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International Spy Series (1944 - 48, 1950 - 52)

Mann Called XSponsored by Frigidaire and later General Motors, this spy series starred Herbert Marshall as Ken Thurston, Intelligence Agent. Marshall, British by birth, starred in films with many of the greatest, especially Detreich in Blonde Venus, Bette Davis in The Virgin Queen, Vincent Price in The Fly, and a great cast in The Razor's Edge, where he portrayed W. Somerset Maugham. He played mainly English professional types, as his style seemed naturally cerebral and aloof.

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Thus he's perfectly suited to play a British operative in The Man Called X. It's certainly tailored on Maugham's book Ashenden, Or The British Agent, which was based on Somerset Maugham's own work with British intelligence.

Of course, this kind of stuff lead directly to Bond, James Bond, and certainly Ian Fleming admired The Third Man, and perhaps The Man Called X. Of course, Agent OO7 is still very much with us, but so is The Man Called X. It's a fine show. The music is excellent, as composed and conducted by Johnny Green.

Herber Marshall
Herbert Marshall, 1942

Jack Johnstone directs the production before a live audience, which adds glamour to the proceedings, although suspense purists might feel the secretive ambiance of tales of intrigue isn't rogjt for an audience. Lux Radio Theater didn't seem to suffer from that problem.

Fans of the spy game will certainly appreciate the dialogue, with its world-weary and world-wary comments delivered by Marshall with clipped certainty. The plots deal with smuggled guns, explosives, drugs, art, radioactive material, murders, kidnappings, rogue scientists, leaked secrets, sabotage, secret documents, notorious politicians, corpses, wetbacks, revolutionaries, foreign ports… even zombies! Except for the zombies, the entire list seems to be ripped from today's headlines.

Herbert Marshall
Herbert Marshall

Leon Belasco is Thurston's "sidekick" Pagon, a young and often timorous assistant who serves a variety of tasks. Fine Hollywood-based radio actors such as Cathy Lewis, Peter Leeds, Lawrence Dobkin, and William Conrad (Escape, Gunsmoke) fill out a constantly shifting cast of shady characters.

For more spies and undercover types, you can also see The Silent Men, Spy Catcher, Cloak and Dagger, Counterspy - David Harding!, Dangerous Assignment, The Adventures of Frank Race, Top Secret, Harry Lime (The Third Man),Secret Agent K7 Returns, and I Was a Communist for the FBI. Of course, there are many spy adventures to be found among the Escape episodes, and many private investigators are available. To follow up on them, you can start with the classic Sam Spade and follow the clues at the end of the introduction.

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Volume 1 - 37 shows - total playtime 19 hours

Man Called X 470403 01 Arctic Expedition
Man Called X 470417 03 The Oil Refinery
Man Called X 470424 04 Mr Nessler & Insurance Policy
Man Called X 470515 08 The Stamp Story
Man Called X 470605 11 Swindle To Honolulu
Man Called X 470619 13 Silver Scarab
Man Called X 470626 14 Rembrandt In Rio
Man Called X 470724 18 Destination Manila
Man Called X 470807 20 Will You Marry Me
Man Called X 470821 21 The Lost Ones
Man Called X 471002 27 No One Wins On Zero
Man Called X 471009 28 All That Glitters
Man Called X 471016 29 Timber
Man Called X 471102 32 Ashes To Ashes
Man Called X 471116 34 Trip To Xenephon
Man Called X 471123 35 Report From Arctic
Man Called X 471130 36 Checkmate In Tahiti
Man Called X 471207 37 Shipment Condemned
Man Called X 471228 40 Naples

Man Called X 480104 41 Spot Eight Ball
Man Called X 480111 42 Spirit Of The Snows
Man Called X 480119 43 Renne Of Shalakar
Man Called X 480125 44 Carbon 14
Man Called X 480201 45 One Way To Macassar
Man Called X 480208 46 Tiger For Lady
Man Called X 480215 47 Guns On Niger
Man Called X 480222 48 Operation Silver
Man Called X 480229 49 Storm OverThe Alps
Man Called X 480307 50 Passport To Danger
Man Called X 480314 51 Pickled Chemist
Man Called X 480321 52 One Sailor Died Twice
Man Called X 480328 53 Ruby For Pearl
Man Called X 480815 73 Girl Who Couldnt Remember
Man Called X 480926 79 Laughing Lady
Man Called X 501013 01 Custom Cigarettes
Man Called X 501020 02 One Way To Macassa
Man Called X 501103 03 Professor Channey Disapeared

Volume 2 - 41 shows - total playtime 17 hours

Man Called X 501111 05 Rendevous With Death
Man Called X 501118 06 Warm Welcome Sudden Death
Man Called X 501202 08 Dr Alverizs Laboratory
Man Called X 501209 09 Thurston Goes to Syria
Man Called X 501230 12 Rhythm Of Death
Man Called X 510106 13 Operation Fifty
Man Called X 510113 14 Five Ounces Of Treason
Man Called X 510120 15 Japan Underground
Man Called X 510127 16 The Orient Express
Man Called X 510203 17 Pirates Off Coast of India
Man Called X 510210 18 Black Of Diamonds
Man Called X 510217 19 North of ThirtyEight
Man Called X 510224 20 Tiny Bit Of Microfilm
Man Called X 510303 21 Dope Smuggling
Man Called X 510310 22 Cargo Confidant
Man Called X 510317 23 University Of Lyden
Man Called X 510331 25 The Blue Unicorn
Man Called X 510407 26 India
Man Called X 510414 27 National Easter Party
Man Called X 510421 28 Race Against Death
Man Called X 510428 29 Terror Across Nation
Man Called X 510504 30 Monte Carlo
Man Called X 510511 31 Knocked Off His Feet
Man Called X 510518 32 Enough Intrigue To Fill A Book
Man Called X 510525 33 Man, Girl & Plot
Man Called X 510608 35 Black Market In India
Man Called X 510615 36 Amazon River
Man Called X 510622 37 Vienna
Man Called X 510713 40 Flying Trip To Indonesia
Man Called X 511001 52 Invitation To A Murder
Man Called X 520101 65 Sabotage At Ankora, Turkey
Man Called X 520108 66 Flying Trip To Nowhere
Man Called X 520115 67 Icy Slopes Of The Matterhorn
Man Called X 520122 68 Casablanca
Man Called X 520205 70 Clicking Buddah
Man Called X 520219 72 Hey Penny Stamp
Man Called X 520226 73 Ononoka River Basin
Man Called X 520513 84 Alaska Weather Station
Man Called X 520520 85 Noah And His Ark
Man Called X 520527 86 Operation Cabal
Man Called X 520926 79 The Smiling Lady


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