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 Lucille Fletcher Collection

1 MP3 CD - 30 episodes


"Barbara Stanwyck on Lux Radio -- Sorry Wrong Number"
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Sorry Wrong Number
Of all the elements that go into a detective thriller program, the voice actors, the announcers, the music, production, and sound effects, none are as important as the story.

Sorry Wrong Number radio ProductionMystery fans will only tune in for finely crafted, suspense filled  and often very personal plots. It is little wonder that some of the best writers of this kind of material, writers like Cornell Woolrich, Patricia Highsmith, John Dickson Carr and Dashiell Hammett were all in their own ways just a little cuckoo. Knowing this, it if a little surprising to find that one of the greatest writers of "Radio Noir" was a pretty normal, albeit gifted person.

Lucille Fletcher was born to middle class parents in Brooklyn in 1912, went to PS 168 and the Maxwell Training School before entering high school where she began to distinguish herself. She was president of the Arista Honor Society and editor of the school newspaper. At 17, she entered an oratory contest and was the only female finalist from the New York area, and in the national competition she placed third after speaking before five Supreme Court Justices on "The Constitution: A Guarantee of the Personal Liberty of the Individual."

Lucille began her association with CBS after graduating from Vassar in 1933. At first she worked as music librarian, clerk and publicity writer, but cemented her ties to the network when she began dating the conductor of the CBS Orchestra, composer Bernard Herrmann.  The couple tied the knot in 1939 (the marriage would end in divorce after Herrmann was caught having an affair with her cousin in 1948).

Agnes Moorehead in Sorry Wrong NumberLucille's story telling talent was "discovered" by Norman Corwin who adapted one of her stories, "My Client Curly" for the Columbia Workshop. The delightful fantasy small time con artist who discovers a boy who has taught his pet caterpillar to dance to the tune "Yes Sir, That's My Baby". Our hero is soon rich beyond his wildest dreams, but in the end discovers that it is not as important as the faith of a little boy (and that you cannot keep caterpillars from doing what caterpillars are designed to do!) "My Client Charlie" was adapted as Once Upon A Time (1944) by Columbia Pictures starring Cary Grant.

Shortly after their marriage, Herrmann and Fletcher began "commuting" between New York and Hollywood where Herrmann was working on the score for Orson Welles' first feature film, Citizen Kane. One of the trips was in couple's Packard convertible when  Lucille became fascinated with "an odd looking man" on the Brooklyn Bridge and the Pulaski Skyway. The incident was the inspiration for "The Hitchhiker", one of OTR's all time classic horror stories.

In 1943, Suspense presented for the first time what Orson Welles would call "the greatest single radio script ever written". "Sorry, Wrong Number" would be reprised seven times on Suspense, and the movie adaptation is considered a classic of film noir. In an interview years later, Ms. Fletcher revealed that "Sorry, Wrong Number" was inspired when she struck up a conversation with her neighborhood pharmacist, a long time friend. An old biddy in line interrupted, in a shrill voice, to complain about the poor service and insisted on knowing whom the "interloper" was who held up the line. Fletcher used the demeanor and shrill voice of the incident to create the helpless character facing an impossible situation.

The Lucille Fletcher Collection includes both acclaimed radio shows "The Hitchhiker" and "Sorry Wrong Number." Also included are her old time radio episodes on Columbia Workshop, Inner Sanctum, Mercury Summer Theater, and Suspense.

Lucille Fletcher BookSee also:


All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

30 shows: total playtime 14 hours, 40 minutes

Clock 480425 Bad Dreams
Cw 400307 025 My Client Curley
Cw 400630 036 Man With One Track Mind
Cw 400728 040 Carmilla
Cw 400901 044 Alf Allamerican Fly
Cw 420720 035 Someone Else
Cw 421019 046 Remodeled Brownstone
Inner Sanctum 500123 Hitchhiking Corpse
Lux Radio Theater 500109 684 Sorry Wrong Number
Mercury Summer Theater 460621 E03 Hitch Hiker
Mercury Summer Theater 460726 E08 Moat Farm Murder
Screen Guild Theater 460204 283 My Client Curley
Suspense 420902 011 Hitchhiker
Suspense 430427 039 Diary Of Sophronia Winters
Suspense 430525 043 Sorry, Wrong Number
Suspense 430821 054 Sorry, Wrong Number
Suspense 440224 080 Sorry, Wrong Number
Suspense 440601 094 Fugue In Cminor
Suspense 440706 099 Search For Henri Lefevre
Suspense 440817 105 Diary Of Sophronia Winters
Suspense 450906 157 Sorry, Wrong Number
Suspense 450913 158 Furnished Floor
Suspense 460425 190 Dark Journey
Suspense 461219 224 Thing In Window
Suspense 481118 315 Repeat Sorry Wrong Number
Suspense 490127 325 Thing In Window
Suspense 571020 721 Sorry, Wrong Number
Suspense 590726 812 Night Man
Suspense 600214 840 Sorry Wrong Number
Suspense 601023 876 Night Man



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