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 Lights Out

2 MP3 CDs - 94 episodes

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"Oxychloride X"
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Arch Oboler

Horror Drama (1934 - 47)

Willis Cooper
Willis Cooper

Lights OutLights Out debuted in 1934 and was radio's premier horror series created by writer/director Wyllis Cooper, who later scripted Boris Karloff's 1939 classic Son of Frankenstein.  Wyllis Cooper was a innovative radio writer and worked on other notable shows such as The Empire Builders, Quiet Please, Campbell's Playhouse, The Army Hour, and Whitehall 1212Lights Out truly set the bar high for other radio dramas in the 1930's due to its gore and strangeness.  It was one of the first old time radio shows that developed the medium of radio with distinct sound effects and dramas intended to be heard. 


Adhesive tape, stuck together and pulled apart, simulated the sound of a man's or woman's skin being ripped off. Pulling the leg off a frozen chicken gave the illusion of an arm being torn out of its socket. A raw egg dropped on a plate stood in for an eye being gouged; poured corn syrup for flowing blood; cleavered cabbages and cantalopes for beheadings; snapped pencils and spareribs for broken fingers and bones. The sound of a hand crushed? A lemon, laid on an anvil, smashed with a hammer. 

Cooper was succeeded by Arch Oboler, one of radio's greatest dramatic talents. Oboler had scripted the Mae West's infamous "Garden of Eden" sketch and brought a new level of psychological horror to radio in scripts like "Cat Wife," "Sub-Basement," and "Chicken Heart." Though most famous for his film roles, Karloff was an accomplished radio performer who hosted his own series Boris Karloff's Treasure Chest and narrated Radio Reader's Digest broadcasts during the final two decades of his life.

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See also Dark Fantasy, Escape, Inner Sanctum, Mysterious Traveler, Mystery in the Air, Suspense, The Whistler, and Weird Circle.For more Arch Oboler productions, see also: Arch Oboler Collection, Everyman's Theater, Plays for Americans and Arch Oboler Plays .

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Volume 1 - 49 shows - total playtime 20 hours 51 minutes

Lights Out 360617 Cat Wife
Lights Out 360805 Money, Money, Money ($3,000)
Lights Out 360916 The Sea
Lights Out 361209 Nobody Died
Lights Out 370217 Cat Wife
Lights Out 370303 Sakhalin
Lights Out 370310 A Day at the Dentist
Lights Out 370317 State Executioner
Lights Out 370414 The Little People
Lights Out 370512 The Organ
Lights Out 370616 The Meteor Man
Lights Out 370623 Happy Ending
Lights Out 370714 Lord Marley's Ghost
Lights Out 371222 Uninhabited (Christmas Story 1918)
Lights Out 371229 The Dark (7 min version)
Lights Out 380126 Oxychloride X
Lights Out 380216 Murder Castle
Lights Out 380310 Chicken Heart (7.5 min)
Lights Out 380316 Superfeature
Lights Out 380323 The Dream
Lights Out 380330 Valse Triste
Lights Out 380406 Cat Wife
Lights Out 380511 It Happened
Lights Out 380622 Bon Voyage
Lights Out 390426 The Devil's Due
Lights Out 390429 The Cliff
Lights Out 390520 Crazy Town
Lights Out 391216 Nobody Died
Lights Out 410217 Special to Hollywood
Lights Out 421013 Revolt of the Worms
Lights Out 421020 Poltergeist (Gravestone)
Lights Out 421027 Mungahra (The House Is Haunted)
Lights Out 421110 Bon Voyage
Lights Out 421117 Come to the Bank
Lights Out 421201 Mister Maggs (The Chest)
Lights Out 421208 Scoop (Cemetary)
Lights Out 421215 Knock at the Door
Lights Out 421222 Meteor Man (The Hungry Ones)
Lights Out 421229 Valse Triste
Lights Out 430105 Fast One, the (Speed)
Lights Out 430119 Cat Wife (Alley Cat)
Lights Out 430126 Protective Mr Drogen (Big Mr Little)
Lights Out 430202 Until Dead (The Luck of Mark Street)
Lights Out 430209 He Dug It Up
Lights Out 430216 Oxychloride X (Hole, The)
Lights Out 430223 They Met at Dorset
Lights Out 430302 The Sea
Lights Out 430309 The Ball aka Paris Macabre
Lights Out 430316 The Dream

Volume 2 - 45 shows - total playtime 20 hours 3 minutes

Lights Out 430323 The Flame
Lights Out 430330 Money, Money, Money ($3,000) alt
Lights Out 430406 Superfeature-FamiliarSuddenlyUnfamiliar
Lights Out 430413 Archer (Ancestor)
Lights Out 430420 Kill
Lights Out 430427 Execution
Lights Out 430504 Heavenly Jeep
Lights Out 430511 Murder in the Script Department
Lights Out 430518 Spider
Lights Out 430525 Little Old Lady-Mrs Kingsley's Report
Lights Out 430601 Ugliest Man in the World (Mr Freak)
Lights Out 430608 Organ (Vacation with Death)
Lights Out 430615 Prelude to Murder
Lights Out 430622 Nature Study
Lights Out 430629 Bathysphere(Dictator, The)
Lights Out 430629 Bathysphere(Dictator, The) alt
Lights Out 430706 The Cliff
Lights Out 430713 Visitor from Hades
Lights Out 430720 Profits Unlimited
Lights Out 430727 Little People (Shrinking People)
Lights Out 430803 Murder Castle
Lights Out 430810 Sakhalin
Lights Out 430810 Sakhalin (Alt)
Lights Out 430817 State Executioner (Official Killer)
Lights Out 430824 SubBasement (Going Down)
Lights Out 430831 Immortal Gentleman (Live Forever)
Lights Out 430907 Lord Marleys Guest-Hollywood Visitor)
Lights Out 430914 The Word
Lights Out 430921 Mirage
Lights Out 430928 The Author and the Thing
Lights Out 450628 The Truth
Lights Out 450728 The Rocket Ship
Lights Out 450825 Man in the Middle
Lights Out 450920 Rocket From Manhattan
Lights Out 460713 The Coffin in Studio B
Lights Out 460720 Haunted Cell
Lights Out 460720 Haunted Cell alt
Lights Out 460727 Battle of the Magicians
Lights Out 460803 The Revenge of India
Lights Out 460810 Ghost on the Newsreel Negative
Lights Out 460824 The Signal Man
Lights Out 470716 Death Robbery
Lights Out African Story
Lights Out Mirage
Lights Out Special To Hollywood



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