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 Kraft Music Hall

6 MP3 CDs - 227 episodes

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Al Jolson
Variety and Music Show (1933-1949)

Mary Martin on Kraft Music Hall PosterKraft Music Hall was created to promote a new product in the Kraft family, Miracle Whip. Miracle Whip caught on like wildfire, making it a household name in a short period of time, thanks to the folks at Kraft Music Hall. Kraft Music Hall went through several different periods with different popular hosts:

Al Jolson on Kraft Music Hall Whiteman hosted the show from 1933 to 1935. He was a character, billing himself as "The King of Jazz, although he didn't really play jazz per se. However, he did play with some of the jazz greats and did have some jazzy moments.

Al Jolson dotted the Kraft Music Hall landscape, first as a singer from 1933 to 1935, then later as the star and host from 1947 to 1949. Oscar Levant piped in with his dry wit during 1947-1949. Jolson kept working until shortly before his death in 1950, with these shows as some of his last.

Bing Crosby was probably the best known as the Kraft Music Hall host, and the longest-running, from 1936 through 1946. His casual style and humorous easy-going banter made the show tops with the young "country club set. The average listener was 21 during this period, compared to the average age of 11 at the movie houses. Intelligent humor and delightful guests made these years some of the greatest. On the show, Bing rubbed elbows with the likes of Spike Jones , Lucille Ball, Victor Borge, Gene Kelly, the Andrews Sisters, Nat King Cole, and Peggy Lee . It was during these years on the Bing sings on Kraft Music HallKraft Music Hall that Bob Burns popularized his famous "bazooka instrument (made out of pipes and a funnel), coining the term which was later used so often by soldiers that it came to name the weapon. Cass Daley was another popular female comedian who made her name on the show before appearing on Fitch Bandwagon.

Several others hosted the Music Hall, though for shorter periods. Edward Everett Horton, Eddie Foy and Frank Morgan all hosted from 1945 through 1947. Nelson Eddy took over the summer spots in 1947, and with costar Dorothy Kirsten in 1948 and 1949. The show was supported by a fantastic cast – singer and pianist, Ramona, Helen Jepson the soprano, Jack Fulton the tenor, Roy Bargy, and funny-man music critic Deems Taylor.

If you enjoy Kraft Music Hall, you might also enjoy hearing more shows by some of its hosts. Listen in to the old time radio show collections of Bing Crosby, Al Jolson, and Paul Whiteman.

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Volume 1:
27 shows - total playtime 24 hours 34 minutes

Kraft Music 331130 Peter,Peter
Kraft Music 331207 Love Sweeping Country,Harold Arlen,J.Mercer
Kraft Music 331214 Bambalina
Kraft Music 331228 Great Day,Pickens Sisters
Kraft Music 340104 Revolt In Cuba,Pickens Sisters
Kraft Music 340111 Who,Pickens Sisters
Kraft Music 340125 Johnny Mercer,Jack Teagarden,E.y. Harburg
Kraft Music 340201 Raggin Scale,Johnny Mercer,Jack Teagarden
Kraft Music 340419 Medley
Kraft Music 340524 Lee Wiley,Mystery Singer
Kraft Music 340628 Jack Teagarden,Johnny Mercer
Kraft Music 340920 One Night Of Love,Johnny Mercer,Helen Ford
Kraft Music 341129 Overture Dedicated To President Roosevelt,Y.Gall
Kraft Music 341206 Espana Rhapsody,Yvonne Gall
Kraft Music 341213 Alexanders Ragtime Band,Jack Teagarden
Kraft Music 341220 Hit Hunting,Johnny Mercer,Jack Teagarden,Derek Oldham
Kraft Music 360109 Little Bit Independent,Joe Venuti
Kraft Music 370527 How Could You,Gail Patrick,Zasu Pitts
Kraft Music 380303 Gypsy My Soul,Maureen Osullivan,Mischa Auer
Kraft Music 380519 You Couldnt Be Cuter,Humphrey Bogart,Adrienne Ames
Kraft Music 401017 Im Nobodys Baby,Host Bob Burns,Dorothy Lamour
Kraft Music 410306 Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me,Lionel Barrymore,Eddie Bracken
Kraft Music 410320 Band Played On,Edward Arnold,J. Carrol Naish
Kraft Music 410501 With Twist Of Wrist,Pat Obrien,Josephine Tuminia
Kraft Music 410529 Cantcha Tell,Duke Ellington,Frank Mchugh,James Hilton
Kraft Music 410605 Youre Double Lovely,William Boyd,Jerry Lester
Kraft Music 410612 Ethel Waters

Volume 2:
35 shows - total playtime 24 hours 16 minutes

Kraft Music 410619 Youre Double Lovely,Bert Lahr,Gail Patrick
Kraft Music 410626 Smile Your Troubles Away,Host Don Ameche,Charles Boyer
Kraft Music 411002 Melvyn Douglas Jackie Cooper
Kraft Music 411009 Ida,Host Don Ameche,Duke Ellington,Douglas Fairbanks,Jr.
Kraft Music 411023 Therell Be Some Changes Made,Host Don Ameche,George Murphy
Kraft Music 420129 U.s. Field Artillery March,Sam Snead,Madeleine Carroll
Kraft Music 420312 How About You,Pat Obrien,Wingy Manone
Kraft Music 420402 Army Air Corps Song,Walter Huston,Claude Thornhill
Kraft Music 420416 Spike Jones,Ronald Reagan,Sabu
Kraft Music 420423 Marines Hymn,Capt. Floyd J. Sweet
Kraft Music 420430 Hey,Mabel!,Susan Hayward,Larry Adler,Gene Tunney
Kraft Music 420528 Bombardier Song,Frank Mchugh,Ruth Hussey
Kraft Music 420604 John Garfield
Kraft Music 421105 Marines Hymn,Cass Daley,Richard Haydn
Kraft Music 421112 Praise Lord And Pass Ammunition,Ginny Simms,Edgar Buchanan
Kraft Music 421224 Adeste Fidelis,Jack Carson,Fay Bainter
Kraft Music 430114 Hip,Hip,Hooray!,Cass Daley,Janet Blair
Kraft Music 430128 Anchors Aweigh,Ginny Simms,Frank Mchugh
Kraft Music 430204 For Me And My Gal,Victor Borge
Kraft Music 430325 Great Day,Bert Lahr
Kraft Music 430401 You Are My Sunshine,Lucille Ball
Kraft Music 430408 Macnamaras Band,Rags Ragland
Kraft Music 430812 Ive Got Sixpence,Ed Gardner
Kraft Music 430902 Oh! What Beautiful Morning,Frank Mchugh
Kraft Music 430909 Comin In On Wing And Prayer,Phil Silvers,Falstaff Openshaw
Kraft Music 430916 Road To Victory,Jinx Falkenburg,Falstaff Openshaw
Kraft Music 430923 George Murphy
Kraft Music 430930 Victry Polka,Phil Silvers
Kraft Music 431007 Road To Victory,Lucille Ball
Kraft Music 431104 Host Bob Crosby,Bob Hope
Kraft Music 431111 Host Bob Crosby,Lum And Abner
Kraft Music 431202 Victry Polka,Ed Gardner
Kraft Music 431216 Phil Silvers
Kraft Music 431230 Happy Holidays And Come To Holiday Inn,Cass Daley
Kraft Music 440106 Shoo Shoo Baby,William Frawley,Nan Wynn

Volume 3:
50 shows - total playtime 24 hours 33 minutes

Kraft Music 440113 San Fernando Valley,George Murphy,Jane Frazee
Kraft Music 440120 What Do You Do In Infantry,Dale Evans
Kraft Music 440203 San Fernando Valley,Donald Oconnor
Kraft Music 440217 Iowa,Cass Daley
Kraft Music 440224 San Fernando Valley,Phil Silvers
Kraft Music 440302 Therell Be A Hot Time In Town Of Berlin,Lucille Ball
Kraft Music 440309 Bombardier Song,George Murphy
Kraft Music 440330 Therell Be A Hot Time In Town Of Berlin,George Murphy
Kraft Music 440406 Its Love,Love,Love,Kraft Choral Club
Kraft Music 440413 Swinging On Star,Bob Hope
Kraft Music 440420 San Fernando Valley,Dave Shelley
Kraft Music 440427 Swinging On Star,Sonny Tufts
Kraft Music 440504 Its Love,Love,Love,Gene Kelly
Kraft Music 440511 Great Day,Keenan Wynn
Kraft Music 440518 Its Love,Love,Love,Jack Carson,Eddie Marr
Kraft Music 440525 Bless Em All,Richard Haydn
Kraft Music 440601 San Fernando Valley,Katina Paxinou
Kraft Music 440608 Swinging On Star,Cecil B. Demille 23 Min Due To Dday News Bulletin
Kraft Music 440615 Bless Em All,Bob Hope
Kraft Music 440622 Therell Be A Hot Time In Town Of Berlin,George Murphy
Kraft Music 440629 Swinging On Star,Roy Rogers
Kraft Music 440706 Snoqualmie Jojo,Tommy And Jimmy Dorsey
Kraft Music 440713 Bless Em All,Keenan Wynn
Kraft Music 440720 Snoqualmie Jojo,Sonny Tufts
Kraft Music 440727 Swinging On Star,Sonny Tufts
Kraft Music 440803 Walking My Baby Back Home,Host Sonny Tufts,Lina Romay
Kraft Music 440810 Exactly Like You,Host Sonny Tufts,Ginny Simms,Eddie Marr
Kraft Music 440817 Is You Is Or Is You Aint My Baby,Host Sonny Tufts,Johnny Mercer
Kraft Music 440831 Trolley Song,Host Sonny Tufts,Oscar Levant,Vera Vague
Kraft Music 440907 By Beautiful Sea,Host George Murphy,Sons Of Pioneers
Kraft Music 440914 It Had To Be You,Host George Murphy,Lum And Abner
Kraft Music 441012 Swinging On Star,Host George Murphy,Bing Crosby,Bob Hope
Kraft Music 441109 Is You Is Or Is You Aint My Baby,Ethel Smith
Kraft Music 441116 Accenttchuate Positive,Frank Sinatra
Kraft Music 441123 Dance With Dolly,Rise Stevens
Kraft Music 441130 Is You Is Or Is You Aint My Baby,Spike Jones
Kraft Music 441207 Therell Be A Hot Time In Town Of Berlin,Diana Lynn
Kraft Music 441214 Dont Fence Me In,Jerry Colonna
Kraft Music 441221 Adeste Fidelis,Kraft Choral Club
Kraft Music 441228 Accenttchuate Positive,Les Paul Trio,Beatrice Kay Afrs
Kraft Music 441228 Accenttchuate Positive,Les Paul Trio,Beatrice Kay
Kraft Music 450104 Dont Fence Me In,Johnny Mercer
Kraft Music 450111 Dance With Dolly,Spike Jones
Kraft Music 450118 Accenttchuate Positive,Duke Ellington
Kraft Music 450125 Dont Fence Me In,Andrews Sisters
Kraft Music 450201 Evelina
Kraft Music 450208 Fred Lowery
Kraft Music 450215 Dance With Dolly,Ella Logan,Eddie Heywood
Kraft Music 450301 Sandra Benkova
Kraft Music 450308 Accenttchuate Positive,Joe Venuti,Silvino De Solas

Volume 4:
44 shows - total playtime 21 hours 20 minutes

Kraft Music 450315 Macnamaras Band,Artie Shaw And His Gramercy Five
Kraft Music 450322 Saturday Night Is Loneliest Night Of Week,Frankie Carle
Kraft Music 450329 Fifth Marines,Kraft Choral Club
Kraft Music 450405 Little On Lonely Side,King Cole Trio,Florence Alba
Kraft Music 450419 My Dreams Are Getting Better All Time,Yehudi Menuhin
Kraft Music 450426 Candy,Carmen Cavallaro,Florence Alba
Kraft Music 450503 Sentimental Journey,King Cole Trio
Kraft Music 450510 My Dreams Are Getting Better All Time,Cass Daley
Kraft Music 450517 Candy,Florence Alba,Eddie Heywood
Kraft Music 450628 On Atchison,Topeka & Santa Fe,Carmen Cavallaro,Florence Alba
Kraft Music 450719 Sunny Side Of Street,Jo Stafford,Pearl Bailey,Elton Britt
Kraft Music 450830 Im Gonna Love That Guy,Jo Stafford,Curt Massey
Kraft Music 450906 On Atchison,Topeka And Santa Fe,Andrews Sisters
Kraft Music 450913 Lass With Delicate Air,Paula Kelly And Modernaires,Igor Gorin
Kraft Music 450920 Gee,Its Good To Hold You,King Cole Trio,Jo Stafford
Kraft Music 450927 Kiss Goodnight,Woody Herman,Hildegarde
Kraft Music 451004 Stars In Your Eyes
Kraft Music 451018 Chiuchiu
Kraft Music 451108 Chica,Chica,Boom,Chic
Kraft Music 451122 Tampico
Kraft Music 451206 Wild,Wild West
Kraft Music 460207 Arent You Glad Youre You
Kraft Music 460214 Let It Snow,Let It Snow,Let It Snow,Les Paul
Kraft Music 460221 Doctor,Lawyer,Indian Chief
Kraft Music 460228 Let It Snow,Let It Snow,Let It Snow,Martha Tilton,Jerry Colonna
Kraft Music 460404 Sioux City Sue,Georgia Gibbs
Kraft Music 460411 Shoo Fly Pie And Apple Pan Dowdy,Les Paul Trio,Marilyn Maxwell
Kraft Music 460418 Sioux City Sue,Trudy Erwin,Kraft Choral Club
Kraft Music 460502 Shoo Fly Pie And Apple Pan Dowdy,Bob Hope,Peggy Lee,Joe Frisco
Kraft Music 470703 Listen To Band,Host Nelson Eddy
Kraft Music 470828 Ranger Song,Host Nelson Eddy
Kraft Music 471002 Sonny Boy,Edgar Bergen
Kraft Music 471009 Waiting For Robert E. Lee,Lauritz Melchior
Kraft Music 471016 For Me And My Gal,Bing Crosby
Kraft Music 471023 Im Sitting On Top Of World,Groucho Marx
Kraft Music 471030 Almost Like Being In Love,William Bendix
Kraft Music 471106 Golden Gate,Humphrey Bogart
Kraft Music 471113 Fella Needs Girl,Victor Moore
Kraft Music 471120 Hello,Tucky,Hello,Charles Boyer
Kraft Music 471127 California,Here I Come,Dorothy Lamour
Kraft Music 471204 Theres Rainbow Round My Shoulder,Red Skelton
Kraft Music 471211 When Redredrobin Comes Bobbobbobbin Along,Arnold Stang
Kraft Music 471218 Swanee,Jimmy Durante
Kraft Music 471225 Is It True What They Say About Dixie,Boris Karloff

Volume 5:
44 shows - total playtime 21 hours 20 minutes

Kraft Music 480101 Avalon,Madeleine Carroll
Kraft Music 480108 Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go,William Powell
Kraft Music 480115 Toot Toot Tootsie,Bing Crosby
Kraft Music 480122 Yacka Hula,Hickey Dula,Lucille Ball
Kraft Music 480129 Alabamy Bound,Walter Okeefe
Kraft Music 480205 Ed Gardner
Kraft Music 480212 For Me And My Gal,Charles Laughton
Kraft Music 480219 Im Sitting On Top Of World,Charles Boyer
Kraft Music 480226 Chicago,David Niven
Kraft Music 480304 Yacka Hula,Hickey Dula,Cary Grant
Kraft Music 480311 Im Looking Over Four Leaf Clover,Edward Everett Horton
Kraft Music 480318 Edward G Robinson
Kraft Music 480325 Baby Face,Clifton Webb
Kraft Music 480401 Shes Latin From Manhattan,Jimmy Durante
Kraft Music 480408 Im Just Wild About Harry,Vera Vague
Kraft Music 480415 Chinatown,My Chinatown,Charles Boyer
Kraft Music 480422 Alexanders Ragtime Band,Dorothy Kirsten
Kraft Music 480429 Gotta Get Back To New York,Victor Moore
Kraft Music 480506 Yacka Hula,Hickey Dula,Groucho Marx
Kraft Music 480513 Baby Face,Dorothy Kirsten
Kraft Music 480520 April Showers,Henry Morgan
Kraft Music 480527 California,Here I Come,Dorothy Kirsten
Kraft Music 480603 When Redredrobin Comes Bobbobbobbin Along,Ezio Pinza
Kraft Music 480610 Alexanders Ragtime Band,Dorothy Kirsten
Kraft Music 480616 Stouthearted Men,Host Nelson Eddy Rehearsal,19480617
Kraft Music 480624 June Is Bustin Out All Over,Host Nelson Eddy Rehearsal
Kraft Music 480701 June Is Bustin Out All Over,Host Nelson Eddy Rehearsal
Kraft Music 480708 Come To Mardi Gras,Host Nelson Eddy Rehearsal
Kraft Music 480714 Rise And Shine,Host Nelson Eddy Rehearsal,19480715
Kraft Music 480715 Rise And Shine,Host Nelson Eddy
Kraft Music 480722 Your Land Is My Land,Host Nelson Eddy Rehearsal
Kraft Music 480729 I Feel Song Coming On,Host Nelson Eddy
Kraft Music 480805 Great Day,Host Nelson Eddy
Kraft Music 480825 Get Happy,Host Nelson Eddy Rehearsal,19480826
Kraft Music 480826 Get Happy,Host Nelson Eddy
Kraft Music 480902 Its Grand Night For Singing,Host Nelson Eddy
Kraft Music 480923 Drums In My Heart,Host Nelson Eddy
Kraft Music 480930 Judy Garland
Kraft Music 481007 Baby Face,Edward G. Robinson
Kraft Music 481014 Just One Of Those Things,Ezio Pinza
Kraft Music 481021 For Me And My Gal
Kraft Music 481028 Im Just Wild About Harry,Dorothy Kirsten
Kraft Music 481104 Swanee,George Burns And Gracie Allen
Kraft Music 481111 Bright Eyes,George Jessel

Volume 6:
27 shows - total playtime 13 hours 15 minutes

Kraft Music 481118 Bright Eyes,Groucho Marx
Kraft Music 481125 That Certain Party,Victor Mature
Kraft Music 481202 When Redredrobin Comes Bobbobbobbin Along,Peggy Lee
Kraft Music 481209 Dennis Day
Kraft Music 481216 Dinah Shore
Kraft Music 481223 Is It True What They Say About Dixie,Kraft Choral Club
Kraft Music 481230 Smile,Doris Day
Kraft Music 490106 Yacka Hula,Hickey Dula,Larry Parks
Kraft Music 490113 Grouch Marx
Kraft Music 490120 Im Just Wild About Harry,Victor Moore
Kraft Music 490127 When Redredrobin Comes Bobbobbobbin Along,Arthur Treacher
Kraft Music 490203 Hello,Tucky,Hello,Dennis Day
Kraft Music 490210 Oh,You Beautiful Doll,Peggy Lee
Kraft Music 490217 Hello,My Baby,Joan Davis
Kraft Music 490224 Bright Eyes,Andrews Sisters
Kraft Music 490303 Waiting For Robert E. Lee,Phil Harris,Elliott Lewis,Dorothy Kirsten
Kraft Music 490310 After Youve Gone,Jimmy Durante
Kraft Music 490317 At Sundown,Roy Rogers And Dale Evans
Kraft Music 490324 Chinatown,My Chinatown,George Jessel
Kraft Music 490407 When Redredrobin Comes Bobbobbobbin Along,Groucho Marx
Kraft Music 490414 Give My Regards To Broadway,Jack Kirkwood,Margaret Whiting
Kraft Music 490421 Ma! Shes Making Eyes At Me,Jimmy Durante
Kraft Music 490428 Swanee,Doris Day
Kraft Music 490505 California,Here I Come,Dennis Day
Kraft Music 490512 Victor Moore
Kraft Music 490519 Look For Silver Lining,Dorothy Kirsten,Jack Kirkwood
Kraft Music 490526 Waiting For Robert E. Lee,Groucho Marx



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