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 John Dickson Carr Collection

1 MP3 CD - 41 episodes

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"Suspense: Cabin B-13"
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John Dickson CarrMystery writer extraordinaire John Dickson Carr was a prolific writer during the golden age of detective mysteries in the 1930s.  He is considered a master of "locked room mysteries" stories that required complex logic to solve because on the surface they seemed unsolvable. 

Although John Dickson Carr was an American writer, his best known stories took place in England.  One of his most beloved characters is Dr. Fell, an obese but brainy detective in England whose hefty size prevented him from too much action, similar to the character The Fat Man.

In 1942, John Dickson Carr began writing for the well loved mystery show Suspense and created some of the best episodes of the series.  After the success of one particular Suspense episode, Cabin B-13 about a missing groom on his honeymoon, Carr was given the opportunity to write an entire series called Cabin B-13.  The show is quite rare but considered to be one of the best mystery shows ever created for radio.  John Dickson Carr also wrote for the little known series, Murder by Experts.

John Dickson CarrMany of John Dickson Carr's stories that were written for radio had some sort of confused hopelessness to the plot that would drive some characters into sobbing hysteria.  But somehow and someway, Carr would dig the plot out of impossibility and miraculously explain the mystery.  See also:

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.


41 shows - total playtime 19 hours 51 minutes

Cabin B-13 480705 01 Bill & Brenda Leslie
Cabin B-13 481212 22 The Bride Vanishes
Cabin B-13 481226 24 The Sleep Of Death
Murder By Experts 490613 Summer Heat
Murder By Experts 490702 Two Coffins To Fill
Murder By Experts 490711 Prescription For Murder
Murder By Experts 490725 The Big Money
Murder By Experts 490808 Dark Island
Murder By Experts 490815 Dig your Own Grave
Murder By Experts 490905 Return Trip
Murder By Experts 491226 Missing Mind
SUSP 420617 001 The Burning Court
SUSP 421027 015 Lord of the Witch Doctors
SUSP 421103 016 The Devil in the Summer House
SUSP 421110 017 Will You Make a Bet with Death
SUSP 421117 018 Menace in Wax
SUSP 421124 019 The Body Snatchers
SUSP 421201 020 The Bride Vanishes
SUSP 421215 021 Till Death Do Us Part
SUSP 421222 022 Two Sharp Knives
SUSP 430105 023 Nothing up My Sleeve
SUSP 430112 024 The Pit and the Pendulum
SUSP 430119 025 The Devil's Saint
SUSP 430323 034 The Customers Like Murder
SUSP 430330 035 The Dead Sleep Lightly
SUSP 430406 036 Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble
SUSP 430420 038 A Moment of Darkness
SUSP 430504 040 Death Flies Blind
SUSP 430511 041 Mr Markham, Antique Dealer
SUSP 430608 045 Five Canaries in the Room
SUSP 430622 047 The Man Without a Body
SUSP 430909 057 Marry for Murder
SUSP 431109 065 Cabin B-13 (AFRS)
SUSP 431109 065 Cabin B-13
SUSP 440127 076 The Locked Room
SUSP 450607 144 Two Sharp Knives
SUSP 450628 147 The Dealings of Mr Markham
SUSP 471128 273 The Pit and the Pendulum
SUSP 571110 724 The Pit and the Pendulum
SUSP 581102 DealingsOfMrMarkham wJames&PamelaMason
SUSP 590607 805 The Pit and the Pendulum



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