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 Jeff Chandler Collection

5 MP3 CDs - 222 episodes

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Jeff ChandlerBorn Ira Gossel in Brooklyn, New York, Chandler showed an early interest in the performing arts.  At the age of 15, Jeff Chandler stood at 6'4" tall and by age 18 he had a thick head of grey hair giving him an unmistakable presence.  In fact, Chandler's nickname was "big grey" because of his prematurely grey hair.

On the radio Jeff Chandler played a wide variety of dynamic roles from detective to drama to horror to comedy.  Chandler portrayed both detective Michael Shayne and bashful Professor Boynton.  In the western old time radio show, Frontier Town, the Brooklyn born Jeff Chandler was initially billed as "Tex Chandler." 

Jeff Chandler & Joan Crawford -- Huba huba!On the big screen Jeff Chandler was best known for his portrayal on Native Americans most notably Cochise in Broken Arrow.  He co-starred with some of the biggest names in Hollywood such as Joan Crawford, Jimmy Stewart, Maureen O'Hara, Susan Hayward (his childhood friend), Rock Hudson and Raymond Burr.  

Popular with female audiences for his hunky appearance, he often played shirtless roles once complaining of the need to shave his chest to get good film roles. 

Jeff Chandler was also good friends with Gerald Mohr, Tony Curtis, and Sammy Davis Jr.  Such a good friend was he, that Chandler once offered Sammy Davis Jr. one of his own working eyeballs to be surgically transferred into Sammy's eye socket!

This collection includes examples of Jeff Chandler's fine work in old time radio shows.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1:
44 recordings - total playtime 19 hours 14 minutes

Academy Award Theater
AAT460710 16 Young Mr Lincoln
AAT461016 30 Blood On Sun

Casebook of Gregory Hood
Gregory Hood 460930 Gregory Hood, Suspect

Cavalcade of America
Cavalcade Of America 460902 487 With Cradle and Clock

Damon Runyan Theater

Duffys Tavern
Duffys Tavern 481222 Christmas Stranger

Escape 480208 032 (EC) Snake Doctor
Escape 490818 087 Snake Doctor

Frontier Town
Frontier Town 520926 e01 Chad Remington's Father Murdred
Frontier Town 521003 e02 Bank Held Up by John Smith
Frontier Town 521010 e03 Tod Ford
Frontier Town 521024 e05 Poisoned Waterhole
Frontier Town 521031 e06 Emily Bracket
Frontier Town 521114 e08 The Chavez Family
Frontier Town 521121 e09 The Opening of Tioga Reserve
Frontier Town 521128 e10 Death and Taxes
Frontier Town 521205 e11 Sixgun Justice
Frontier Town 521212 e12 Return of the Badmen
Frontier Town 521212 e13 Valley of Lawless Men
Frontier Town 521226 e14 Guns of Wrath
Frontier Town 530102 e15 Her Name Is Burbon Kate
Frontier Town 530109 e16 Trouble Is His Target
Frontier Town 530116 e17 Land Grab
Frontier Town 530123 e18 The Jailbird Rangers
Frontier Town 530130 e19 Five Gun Final
Frontier Town 530213 e21 All Trails Lead to Trouble
Frontier Town 530220 e22 Forest Fire
Frontier Town 530227 e23 Thunder over Texas

Guest Star
Guest Star 520720 0278 The Woodsman

Hallmark Playhouse
Hallmark Playhouse 480819 010 Drums Along The Mohawk
Hallmark Playhouse 481007 016 Elmer The Great
Hallmark Playhouse 490127 032 The Failure
Hallmark Playhouse 490224 036 So Big
Hallmark Playhouse 490310 038 And There I Stood W My Pic

Hedda Hopper
501231 Hedda Hopper's Hollywood Previews Of 1951

Jeff Regan
Jeff Regan 480807 The Man Who Liked the Mountains

Let George Do It
Let George Do It 480705 Jonathan Thorpe Case
Let George Do It 481101 Flowers That Smelled Of Murder


Volume 2:
56 recordings - total playtime 36 hours 54 minutes

Lux Radio Theater
Lux 470324 565 Smoky
Lux 470421 568 My Reputation
Lux 470505 570 The Egg and I
Lux 470512 571 Johnny O'Clock
Lux 470922 582 Two Years Before the Mast
Lux 471006 584 Undercurrent
Lux 471117 590 Nobody Lives Forever
Lux 471215 594 Magic Town
Lux 480105 597 The Farmer's Daughter
Lux 480112 598 The Kiss of Death
Lux 480119 599 The Yearling
Lux 480405 610 Daisy Kenyon
Lux 480503 614 Cloak and Dagger
Lux 480510 615 Intrigue
Lux 480531 618 Miracle of the Bells
Lux 480920 626 Gentlemens Agreement
Lux 481018 629 Razor's Edge
Lux 481115 632 Body and Soul
Lux 481122 633 The Big Clock
Lux 490131 643 Street with No Name
Lux 490307 648 Red River
Lux 510122 730 Broken Arrow
Lux 531102 853 Because of You
Lux 541109 896 My Man Godfrey

Martin and Lewis
Martin & Lewis 520923 069 W Jeff Chandler
Martin & Lewis 530602 104 W Jeff Chandler

Michael Shayne
Michael Shayne 06 Grey Eyed Blonde
Michael Shayne 07 Model Murder
Michael Shayne 15 Popular Corpse
Michael Shayne 16 Bayou Monster
Michael Shayne 480722 Hunted Bride
Michael Shayne 480729 Case Of The Bloodstained Pearls
Michael Shayne 480806 The Case Of The Phantom Gun
Michael Shayne 480818 Pursuit Of Death
Michael Shayne 480902 Generous Kille
Michael Shayne 480918 The Case Of The Crooked Wheel
Michael Shayne 481016 Left Handed Fan
Michael Shayne 481113 A Problem In Murder
Michael Shayne 481120 High Priced Twins
Michael Shayne 481127 The Carnival Killer
Michael Shayne 481204 Constant Companion
Michael Shayne 481211 Borrowed Heirloom
Michael Shayne 481231 Mail Order Murder
Michael Shayne 490000 Wandering Fingerprints
Michael Shayne 490108 Phantom Neighbor
Michael Shayne 490510 Man Who Lived Forever
Michael Shayne 490827 Case Of The Hate That Killed
Michael Shayne AFRS 06 Grey Eyed Blonde
Michael Shayne AFRS 14 Deadly Dough
Michael Shayne Case Of The Purloined Corpse
Michael Shayne Corresponding Corpse
Michael Shayne Deadly Dough

Mr President
Mr President 470710 003 John Quincy Adams
Mr President 481107 072 Theodore Roosevelt
Mr President 481205 076 Andrew Jackson

O Hara 510722 Audition The Judas Face


Volume 3:
49 recordings - total playtime 24 hours 3 minutes

Our Miss Brooks 1
Our Miss Brooks 480623 000 Audition Eve Arden
Our Miss Brooks 480719 001 First Day
Our Miss Brooks 480919 007 Weekend At Crystal Lake (v1)
Our Miss Brooks 481024 012 Surprize Party
Our Miss Brooks 481031 013 Clay City Football Game
Our Miss Brooks 481107 014 The Work Horse
Our Miss Brooks 490102 022 Old Clothes for Party
Our Miss Brooks 490109 023 The Heating System
Our Miss Brooks 490116 024 Student Government Day
Our Miss Brooks 490130 026 Student Banking
Our Miss Brooks 490213 028 Stretch the Basketball Star
Our Miss Brooks 490220 029 The Frog
Our Miss Brooks 490227 030 Stretch Has a Problem
Our Miss Brooks 490306 031 The Hair-Do
Our Miss Brooks 490313 032 Cafeteria Boycott
Our Miss Brooks 490320 033 Poetry Mix-Up
Our Miss Brooks 490327 034 Clay City English Teacher
Our Miss Brooks 490327 Clay City English Teacher AFRS
Our Miss Brooks 490403 035 April Fools Day
Our Miss Brooks 490410 036 Mr Conklin's Wake Up Plan
Our Miss Brooks 490417 037 Easter Outfit
Our Miss Brooks 490424 038 Dress Code
Our Miss Brooks 490501 039 Walter Vs Stretch Grudge Match
Our Miss Brooks 490508 040 Mr Boynton's Parents
Our Miss Brooks 490515 041 Friday the 13th
Our Miss Brooks 490522 042 Peanuts the Great Dane
Our Miss Brooks 490529 043 Arguments Arguments
Our Miss Brooks 490605 044 Key to the School
Our Miss Brooks 490612 045 Wishing Well Dance
Our Miss Brooks 490703 048 July 4th Trip to Eagle Springs
Our Miss Brooks 490717 050 Conklin's Carlessness Code
Our Miss Brooks 490724 051 Pensacola Popovers
Our Miss Brooks 490731 052 Connie's New Job Offer
Our Miss Brooks 490807 053 Heat Wave
Our Miss Brooks 490814 054 The English Test
Our Miss Brooks 490821 055 Weekend at Crystal Lake (V2)
Our Miss Brooks 490911 057 Head of the Board
Our Miss Brooks 490918 058 Faculty Cheer Leader
Our Miss Brooks 490925 059 Taking the Rap for Mr Boynton
Our Miss Brooks 491023 063 Exchanging Gifts
Our Miss Brooks 491113 066 School Mascot
Our Miss Brooks 491120 067 The Party Line
Our Miss Brooks 491127 068 Where to Go for Thanksgiving
Our Miss Brooks 491211 070 Game at Clay City
Our Miss Brooks 491218 071 Department Store Contest
Our Miss Brooks 491225 072 Magic Christmas Tree
Our Miss Brooks 500101 073 Babysitting on New Year's Eve
Our Miss Brooks 500115 075 Cure That Habit
Our Miss Brooks 500122 076 Professorship at State U


Volume 4:
50 recordings - total playtime 23 hours 43 minutes

Our Miss Brooks 2
Our Miss Brooks 500129 077 School on Saturday
Our Miss Brooks 500205 078 Miss Enright's Dinner
Our Miss Brooks 500226 081 Stretch is in Love
Our Miss Brooks 500305 082 Letter from the Education Board
Our Miss Brooks 500312 083 The Burgler
Our Miss Brooks 500319 084 The Auction
Our Miss Brooks 500326 085 Baseball Uniforms
Our Miss Brooks 500402 086 Free TV from Sherry's
Our Miss Brooks 500409 087 Easter Egg Dye
Our Miss Brooks 500423 089 Tape Recorder
Our Miss Brooks 500430 090 School Band
Our Miss Brooks 500507 091 Mr Boynton's Barbecue
Our Miss Brooks 500514 092 Mr Boynton's Parents
Our Miss Brooks 500521 093 Rare Black Orchid
Our Miss Brooks 500528 094 Reckless Driving
Our Miss Brooks 500910 096 Rumors
Our Miss Brooks 500917 097 Elopement with Walter
Our Miss Brooks 500924 098 Bronco Dismissed
Our Miss Brooks 501001 099 Measles
Our Miss Brooks 501008 100 Radio Bombay
Our Miss Brooks 501015 101 The Bookie
Our Miss Brooks 501022 102 Stretch Is In Love Again
Our Miss Brooks 501029 103 The Dancer
Our Miss Brooks 501105 104 Indian Burial Ground
Our Miss Brooks 501112 105 Teachers Convention
Our Miss Brooks 501119 106 Thanksgiving Turkey
Our Miss Brooks 501126 107 Woman Driver
Our Miss Brooks 501203 108 Music Festival with Oakhurst
Our Miss Brooks 501217 110 A Suit for Charity
Our Miss Brooks 501224 111 Magic Christmas Tree
Our Miss Brooks 501231 112 Christmas Gift Returns
Our Miss Brooks 510204 117 Puppy Love and Mr Barlow
Our Miss Brooks 510211 118 Business Course
Our Miss Brooks 510225 120 Skis in the Classroom
Our Miss Brooks 510304 121 Overseas Job
Our Miss Brooks 510311 122 Tex Barton Basketball Star
Our Miss Brooks 510325 124 Mr Boynton's Lots
Our Miss Brooks 510401 125 Another Day Another Dress
Our Miss Brooks 510415 127 Mr Conklin's Induction Notice
Our Miss Brooks 510422 128 New School TV Set
Our Miss Brooks 530531 212 Cosmopolitan Magazine
Our Miss Brooks 531115 223 The Moving Van
Our Miss Brooks 531220 228 Christmas Gift Mix-up
Our Miss Brooks 540131 234 Four Fiances
Our Miss Brooks 541017 259 Photo Feud
Our Miss Brooks 550327 282 Mr Boynton's Moustache
Our Miss Brooks 550403 283 An American Tragedy
Our Miss Brooks 550501 287 Spring Cleaning
Our Miss Brooks 550619 294 Taxi Fare
Our Miss Brooks 560101 322 Winter Outing



Volume 5:
26 recordings - total playtime 14 hours 22 minutes

Philip Marlowe
Philip Marlowe 490212 Lonesome Reunion

San Francisco Final
San Francisco Final 540726 Chinatown

Scarlet Queen
Sq 480107 The Derelict & The Wandering Boy

Screen Dir Playhouse
SDP 500113 051 Tomorrow Is Forever
SDP 501116 077 Lifeboat
SDP 510412 098 Hired Wife
SDP 510705 110 Only Yesterday
SDP 510907 119 Broken Arrow

Sealtest Variety
Sealtest 480923 03 Love Pact

SUSP 460718 202 Photo Finish
SUSP 480103 278 The Black Curtain
SUSP 510903 437 The Steel River Prison Break
SUSP 520107 455 The Case Against Loo Dock
SUSP 531019 522 My True Love's Hair
SUSP 540208 538 Death at Skikerod Pond
SUSP 570331 692 A Good Neighbor

Voice of the Army
V O T A 447 The Critics Choice
V O T A 448 The Flying Dutchman

Whistler 480915 e331 Uncle Ben's Widow
Whistler 490424 e363 Mask For Kinsella
Whistler 490821 e380 Confession
Whistler 490904 e382 Smart Girl

Your Movietown Radio Theater
YMRT 470000 Flowers For Millie
YMRT 480000 ep37 Under Big Top
YMRT 480000 ep46 Sunday Punch
YMRT Great Dane



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