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 Holiday Inn

3 MP3 CDs - 119 episodes

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Holiday Inn
Happy New Years

Easter Rabbit
Riding Turkey
Christmas Tree
Our Holiday Inn Collection takes its name from the great 1942 Irving Berlin musical. Paramount gave Berlin an exclusive contract in May 1941 to write songs for a film, based on Berlin's idea of a nightclub based at an inn that only opened on public holidays. The film starred Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire and featured numbers for each of the year's holidays.

Berlin had a number of tunes from older projects that fit the film along with twelve new numbers. The composer later said that it was not hard to come up with songs for each of the holidays, but the Christmas number gave him some problems. When Berlin first played the Christmas number for Bing Crosby, he told the composer "I don't think we'll have any problems with that one, Irving", but was less than enthused. Der Bingle sang the tune on that year's Christmas Day edition of The Kraft Music Hall, but had now idea how the song would resonate to a country that had just entered WWII. Decca Records and it topped the Hit Parade by the end of Oct 1942. The Armed Forces Radio Service became inundated with requests for the song. The song was the immortal White Christmas.

Our Holiday Inn Collection has selections from the entire spectrum of old time radio which celebrate all of the American Holidays:

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 46 shows : 21 hours 51 minutes

01 Holiday Inn
Railroad Hour 521215 220 Holiday Inn
Screen Guild Theater 430111 126 Holiday Inn

02 New Years
Bandremote 451231 Afrs New Years Dancing Harryjames
Count Basie 671231 CBS 40 Th Anniv Dancing Party
Jack Benny 501231 A New Years Fantasy
New Years Dancing Party 451231 Harry James

03 St Bennytine's Day (Jack Benny)
Jack Benny 370214 820 Jacks Birth
Jack Benny 410216 1220 Surprise Bir
Jack Benny 420215 1320 Jack Cant G
Jack Benny 430214 1420 Birthhday From Ontario
Jack Benny 480215 1920 Jacks Birth
Jack Benny 490213 2020 Jacks Birth
Jack Benny 540214 2523 39 Th Birthday Again
Jack Benny 550213 2820 Surprise Party For Jack

04 Valentine's Day
Aldrich Family 430211 Valentines Day Party
Cav Of America 440214 G I Valentine
Duffys Tavern 510209 Unsigned Valentine The
Fibber Mcgee 580427 Lincoln And Valentines Day
Life Of Riley 480214 188 Comic Valentine For Peg
My Favorite Husband 490211 031 Valentines Day
Ozzie & Harriet 490213 Buying A Valentine
Ph 510213 Tomorrow Is Valentines Day

05 St Patricks Day
Beat Band 400317 P Como E Tanner R Ingle
Bing Crosby 550317 15 Min.
Burns & Allen 410317 St Patrick Parade
Duffys Taverb Looking For Irish Tenor Gertrude Neison
Fibber Mcgee 470513 Smuggled Irish Tweed
Fred Allen 370317 St Patricks Day Show
Have Gun Will Travel E 075 Irish Luck
Jack Benny 460317 1725 Dennis Returns
Lux 520317 Top O Morning
Msa Old Tales & New Zt Grubney & Leprechauns
Screen Guild Theater 460311 289 Irish Eyes Are Smiling

06 April Fools
Aldrich Family 480401 April Fools Day Jokes
Blondie 400401 April Fools Day
Bob Hope 410401 Guest Kate Smith
Frankenstein Hoax
Jack Benny 390402 1027 April Fools
Luigi 520401 April Fools Joke
Msa Old Tales & New 510330 April Fool
My Favorite Husband 490401 038 April Fools Day

07 Easter
Mel Blanc 470408 Easter Egg Hunt
Msa Old Tales & New 510316 Smallest Angel Easter
Omb 500409 Dyeing Easter Eggs
Ph 500409 Easter Bunny
Riley 480327 Giant Easter Bunny

Volume 2: 38 shows : 17 hours 12 minutes

08 Memorial Day
Calv 360527 034 Resourcefulness
Calv 370526 084 Songs Of American Indian
Calv 380525 136 Child Welfare In United States
Calv 390522 166 Dolly Madison
Calv 410526 228 Johns Hopkins
Calv 430531 333 Mr Lincolns Wife
Calv 460527 481 Spin A Silver Dollar

09 Father's Day
Destination Freedom 491009 066 Father To Son
Dragnet 550308 Big Father
Father Knows Best 500511 Dad Plays Golf Tourn
Frontier Town 520926 Chad Remingtons Father Murdred
Gg 420621 Fathers Day Chair
Guns 610423 Father And Son

10 Mother's Day
Aa 491016 Charmaign Larue And Her Mother
Aldrich Family Mothers Day
Andrews Sisters Oh Mama! Butcher Boy
Bimb 530808 177 Who Killed Jimmy Bruces Mother
Burnsallen 480520 Gracies Mother Visits
Clitheroe Kid 651107 0905 Another Mother For Ozzie
Dr.christian 371212 Motherinlaw
Dragnet 491124 E 026 Motherinlaw Murder
Dragnet 550503 E 298 Big Momma
Fbi 510525 E 321 Old Mother Larceny
Front Page Drama 400614 One Man S Mother
Gg 440604 Eves Mother Arrives
Goldberg 1178 Seymour Calls His Mother
Guns 561111 Pretty Mama
Hallmark Playhouse 510510 124 A Mans Mother

11 July 4th
Avalon Hour 390708 27 Curt Massy Joins Cast
Cav 360101 013 Declaration Of Independence
Cav 420511 278 A Tooth For Paul Revere
Columbia Workshop 440704 517 Home For Fourth
Escape 480704 057 A Tooth For Paul Revere
Gg 520702 4 Th Of July Speech
Luigi 500704 Independence Day Parade
Meet Meeks 480703 Planning A Company Picnic
Our Miss Brooks 490703 048 July 4 Th Trip To Eagle Springs
You Are There 480321 Philadelphiajuly 41776

Volume 3: 35 shows : 21 hours 5 minutes

12 Halloween
Aldrich Family 401031 Halloween
Bergen 381030 Charlies Halloween Partymadeline Carroll
Bing Crosby 471029 Boris Karloff
Fibber 351028 Halloween Party
Gildersleeve 431031 Halloween Party
Jack Benny 401103 Halloween Party
Luigi 511030 150 Trick Or Treat
Nkms 451031 005 Jane Powell
Sealtest 481028 07 Happy Halloween

13 Thanksgiving
Elgin Holiday Specials 481125 Thanksgiving 7 Th Annual
Luigi 491122 Thanksgiving Celebration
Milton Berle 471125 Thanksgiving
Sam Spade 501124 Terrified Turkey Caper

14 Christmas
Amos Andy 411224 Annual Christmas Show
Andrew Sisters 431225 Christmas Package
Calv 351225 012 Humanitarian Urge
Calv 361209 060 Story Of Christmas Seals
Calv 401225 206 Green Pastures
Calv 421221 310 A Child Is Born
Calv 431220 362 A Child Is Born
Calv 441225 415 America For Christmas
Calv 451224 459 Names On Land
Calv 471215 546 Day They Gave Babies Away
CBSrw 561223 47 Allis Bright
Columbia Workshop 381222 118 Bread On Waters
Duffy 471224 Miracle In Manhattan
Duffys 451221 Cast Does A Christmas Carol
Elgin Holiday Specials 481225 Christmas 7 Th Annual
F D R 401224 Fdr 0030 Lighting Christmas Tree
Gi Journal 441222 074 Bob Hope
Henry Hall Dance Band Show 361200 Christmas Show
Lux 400122 247 Bachelor Mother
Lux 530511 829 Bishops Wife Cary Grant
Lux Radio Theater 470310 Its A Wonderful Life
Screen Directors Playhouse 491223 Miracle 34 Th Street



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