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 Hardboiled Detectives

2 MP3 CDs - 80 episodes

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"Philip Marlowe: Lady in Mink"
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Mysterious Detective Man

One of the finest traits of a HARDBOILED RADIO DETECTIVE is being able to take a beating like a man...


Star of Sam SpadeWhereas classic detectives stories focused on plot and thought (sometimes called whodunits), Hardboiled Detectives focused scene setting in the gritty urban street and the characterization of the tough, shrewd detectives.  Unlike traditional detectives, hardboiled detectives routinely faced death and danger. The characters were super masculine, independent, American frontiersman-type with a propensity for violence and ambivalence towards the law enforcement. 

Carroll John Daly, Dashiell Hammett (Sam Spade), and Raymond Chandler (Philip Marlowe) are thought to be the godfathers of hardboiled detective fiction.  Writers were encouraged to write with an "authentic" voice often using more metaphors and similes than a 10th grade English teacher. The slang of Hardboiled Detectives is legendary with authors often coining new terms.  Eventually this characterization became a cliché and eventually satirized. 

Alan Ladd publicity still.This collection included a sample of some of the best Hardboiled Detectives old time radio shows; including: Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe, Pat Novak, Jeff Regan, Harry Lime, Box 13, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, Richard Diamond, Bold Venture, Big Town, Michael Shayne, Nightbeat, That Hammer Guy, Rogue's Gallery, The Falcon, and a few surprises.

Get out your bean shooter, flogger, and your dame because there's a Baumes rush of bindle punks and there's no telling who's going to be blipped off or bopped off.  Don't be a weak sister because, these aren't a bunch of flatties gumshoeing, and they won't think twice about dry gulching you in the conk.

That talk is too tough for you? See also: Softboiled Detectives.


All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 41 shows - total playtime 19 hours 32 minutes

Barry Craig
Barry Craig 511024 04 Microfilm In Theffishtank
Barry Craig 511114 07 Dead On Arrival
Barry Craig 520109 15 Murder Island
Barry Craig 530301 The Impostor
Barry Craig 540307 Code Of The Underworld

Big Town
Big Town 481012 05 The Double Murder
Big Town 481019 06 An Angel of the Street
Big Town 481123 11 The Deadly Doll
Big Town 481214 14 Deadline at Dawn
Big Town 490208 22 Death at the Wheel

Bold Venture
Bold Venture 12 The Tears Of Sheba
Bold Venture 26 Slate's Tuxedo Pocket
Bold Venture 38 Voodoo
Bold Venture 511119 05 Buried TreasureSpanish Gold
Bold Venture Crazy Old Carlos

Box 13
Box 13 480822 (01) First Letter
Box 13 481114 (13) DamselInDistress
Box 13 481128 (15) Double Right Cross
Box 13 490123 (23) Three To Die
Box 13 490306 (29) Hunt And Peck

Broadway is my Beat
BIMB 490721 002 Otto Prokosh
BIMB 491224 015 Nick Norman, Santa Claus
BIMB 500210 021 Julie Dixon Case
BIMB 500505 033 Janice Guilford Case
BIMB 500616 039 Morris Bernstein

Harry Lime
Harry Lime 510831 005 Voodoo
Harry Lime 511102 014 Mexicanhattrick
Harry Lime 520104 023 Cherchezlagem
Harry Lime 520314 033 Violetssweetviolets
Harry Lime 520425 039 Harrylimejoinsthecircus

Jeff Regan
Jeff Regan 480717 The Prodigal Daughter
Jeff Regan 480724 The Lonesome Lady
Jeff Regan 480828 The Man in the Door
Jeff Regan 480925 The Lady with No Name
Jeff Regan 481204 The Lawyer and the Lady

Martin Kane
Martin Kane Private Detective 531029

Michael Shayne
Michael Shayne 480806 The Case Of The Phantom Gun
Michael Shayne 480902 Generous Kille
Michael Shayne 481127 The Carnival Killer
Michael Shayne 490000 Wandering Fingerprints
Michael Shayne 490115 Tahlan's Tears

Volume 2: 39 shows - total playtime 16 hours 56 minutes

Nightbeat 500515 The Firebug Killings
Nightbeat 500522 I Wish You Were Dead
Nightbeat 500619 Vincent And The Painter
Nightbeat 500724 The Devil's Bible
Nightbeat 500731 The City At Your Fingertips

Pat Novak
Pat Novak 490306 Fleet Lady
Pat Novak 490416 Go Away Dixie Gillian
Pat Novak 490423 Rita Malloy
Pat Novak 490507 Shirt MixUp at the Laundry
Pat Novak 490514 Geranium Plant

Philip Marlowe
Philip Marlowe 490312 024 Grim Hunters
Philip Marlowe 490430 031 Lady in Mink
Philip Marlowe 490507 032 Feminine Touch
Philip Marlowe 490604 036 Unfair Lady
Philip Marlowe 490813 045 Indian Giver

Sam Spade
Sam Spade 470615 B038 Convertable Caper
Sam Spade 480104 B067 One Hour Caper
Sam Spade 480125 B070 Gold Key Caper
Sam Spade 480704 B093 The Rushlight Diamond Caper
Sam Spade 480815 B099 Critical Author Caper That Hammer Guy
That Hammer Guy Babysits Jolly
That Hammer Guy Barney Miller Syndicate
That Hammer Guy Dead Dame in the Park
That Hammer Guy Faye Durando
That Hammer Guy Trouble with Dames

Yours Truly Johnny Dollar
Ytjd 490225 003 The Slow Boat From China
Ytjd 510926 116 The Protection Matter
Ytjd 521205 141 James Clayton Matter
Ytjd 540720 226 Jeanne Maxwell Matter
Ytjd 551017 243 Chesapeak Fraud Matter
Ytjd 560326 358 Lamar Matter
Ytjd 560416 373 Shepherd Matter
Ytjd 561029 508 Silent Queen Matter
Ytjd 561111 513 Big Scoop Matter
Ytjd 570331 531 Moonshine Murder Matter
Ytjd 590405 633 Frisco Fire Matter
Ytjd 590816 652 Night In Paris Matter
Ytjd 610319 732 Informer Matter
Ytjd 610924 759 Doublebarreled



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