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 Halls of Ivy

2 MP3 CDs - 92 episodes

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"Dr Halls Reappointment"
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Mr and Mrs Ronald Coleman
Situation Comedy (1949 - 52)

Ronald Coleman
Ronald Coleman

Halls of Ivy Magazine AdThis literate comedy was the story of a small Midwestern college, and the President of same and his wife, and their colleagues. Sounds dull, but it wasn't. Especially as the man who developed the show was the chief writer for Fibber McGee and Molly. Don Quinn had been the right hand man to the Jordan's for many years, but wanted to do a show of his own, and so hit upon the theme of a college. One could imagine that Our Miss Brooks might have been in the back of his mind, too. While originally thinking about using Gale Gordon for Hall, and Edna Best as his wife, Quinn hit upon a couple that had been charming and very funny as the British neighbors of Jack Benny of late. It turned out to be a great idea.

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Famed actor Ronald Colman (1947 Academy Award winner for his portrayal of a tormented actor in "A Double Life") was perfect for the part of William Todhunter Hall, the President of Ivy College in the little college town of Ivy. Ronald Colman had the authentic intelligent, English upper-crust manner to convince immediately. Coleman's wife, Benita (Colman) Hume played Hall's wife Vicky, whose background was as a former British stage actress. Thus, the pair was a great example of "opposites attract." A fine radio cast played the Ivy College's Board of Governors, the kids on campus, and the household of the Halls. Herbert Butterfield was the thorny Board of Directors member Clarence Wellman.

Creator/writer Quinn's love of puns that made so much of the Fibber dialogue magic was certainly an integral part of The Halls of Ivy. The title tells us that. There are episodes when there are problems, too, and the show actually gets serious…or at least, the listener feels that these are real people with real concerns.That was also what Quinn was striving for - a show that was mostly funny, but with some real human interest and warmth along with the laughs.

Kay Francis and Ronald Coleman
Kay Francis and Ronald Coleman
The great radio writing team Jerome Lawrence and Robert Lee did most of the scripts, with Quinn's input and punning cunning. They worked with Coleman on another popular old time radio show, "Favorite Story." Lawrence and Lee went on to Broadway to "Inherit the Wind" and "Auntie Mame's" fortune and fame. The Halls of Ivy went on to television in 1954, with Colman and wife Benita continuing in their parts, along with Herb Butterfield.

The Halls of Ivy is a fine example of a good idea well done, and deserves an advanced degree of listening from devotees of old radio comedy.

Other sit-coms from radio are Meet Mr McNutley, Vic and Sade, Easy Aces, Our Miss Brooks, Fibber McGee and Molly, My Favorite Husband, The Adventures of Maisie, The Life of Riley, Life With Luigi, and The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.

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Volume 1 - 50 shows - total playtime 23 hours 58 minutes

Halls Of Ivy 490622 AUD Dr Halls Reappointment
Halls Of Ivy 490623 AUD Dr Halls Reappointment
Halls Of Ivy 500106 001 Reappointment
Halls Of Ivy 500113 002 Student Editorial
Halls Of Ivy 500120 003 Gangsters Son
Halls Of Ivy 500127 004 Wellmans Nose Charter Day Ceremonies
Halls Of Ivy 500203 005 Dr Bromley Shakespeare Expert
Halls Of Ivy 500210 006 Snowman
Halls Of Ivy 500217 007 Chinese Student
Halls Of Ivy 500224 008 Student Thief
Halls Of Ivy 500303 009 Merton Savadas Crush
Halls Of Ivy 500310 010 Victorias New Review
Halls Of Ivy 500317 011 Dirty Politics
Halls Of Ivy 500324 012 Professor Gerhardts Secret
Halls Of Ivy 500331 013 Ivy Chamber Music And Knockwurst Society
Halls Of Ivy 500407 014 Toddy Plays Hooky
Halls Of Ivy 500414 015 Mrs Fosters Lost Dog
Halls Of Ivy 500421 016 Traffic And Cocoanuts
Halls Of Ivy 500428 017 Scofield Prize
Halls Of Ivy 500505 018 Student Actress
Halls Of Ivy 500510 019 Mrs Whitneys Statue
Halls Of Ivy 500517 020 Dr Abel
Halls Of Ivy 500524 021 Fighting Med Student
Halls Of Ivy 500531 022 Sexton Award
Halls Of Ivy 500607 023 Dday
Halls Of Ivy 500614 024 Stolen First Edition
Halls Of Ivy 500621 025 Bentheimers And Census
Halls Of Ivy 500628 026 Faculty Raffle
Halls Of Ivy 500705 027 Poetry Reading
Halls Of Ivy 500712 028 Education Of Annie Belle
Halls Of Ivy 500927 031 Leslie Hoff Painting
Halls Of Ivy 501004 032 New English Teacher
Halls Of Ivy 501011 033 Phone Problems
Halls Of Ivy 501018 034 Scandal
Halls Of Ivy 501122 039 Jack Benny Visits Ivy
Halls Of Ivy 501129 040 Honor Student
Halls Of Ivy 510103 045 Professor Barrettes Play
Halls Of Ivy 510124 048 Goya Bequest
Halls Of Ivy 510131 049 Professor Warrens Retirement
Halls Of Ivy 510221 052 Calhoun Gaddy
Halls Of Ivy 510228 053 French Scholarship
Halls Of Ivy 510307 054 Eddie Grays Wedding
Halls Of Ivy 510314 055 His Fathers Image
Halls Of Ivy 510418 060 Romiette And Julio
Halls Of Ivy 510425 061 Note Quote
Halls Of Ivy 510502 062 Student Vandalism And Draft
Halls Of Ivy 510509 063 Gloria Golightly
Halls Of Ivy 510523 065 Cooks Night Out
Halls Of Ivy 510530 066 Finals Day Award
Halls Of Ivy 510613 068 Finals Season

Volume 2 - 39 shows - total playtime 17 hours 36 minutes

Halls Of Ivy 510620 069 Pork Barrel Politics
Halls Of Ivy 511003 071 Adoption
Halls Of Ivy 511010 072 Editorial In Ivy Bull
Halls Of Ivy 511017 073 Student Council Election
Halls Of Ivy 511024 074 Mrs Why
Halls Of Ivy 511031 075 Football Coach
Halls Of Ivy 511107 076 Halloween
Halls Of Ivy 511114 077 Late Student
Halls Of Ivy 511121 078 Ministers Son
Halls Of Ivy 511128 079 Professor Warrens Romantic Folly
Halls Of Ivy 511205 080 Calhoun Gaddys Agricultural Development
Halls Of Ivy 511212 081 Professor Royce Returns
Halls Of Ivy 511226 083 Sweet Sorrow
Halls Of Ivy 520102 084 Hell Week
Halls Of Ivy 520109 085 Nelson Carters Son
Halls Of Ivy 520116 086 Art Exhibit
Halls Of Ivy 520123 087 Medal Of Honor
Halls Of Ivy 520130 088 Track Star
Halls Of Ivy 520206 089 Glee Club Donation
Halls Of Ivy 520213 090 Dean Huxley
Halls Of Ivy 520220 091 Voice Of Ivy Vine
Halls Of Ivy 520227 092 Budget Problems
Halls Of Ivy 520305 093 Astronomy Exam
Halls Of Ivy 520312 094 Lame Girl And Hypochondriac
Halls Of Ivy 520319 095 Oldest Living Graduate
Halls Of Ivy 520326 096 Stolen Money
Halls Of Ivy 520402 097 Professor Grimes
Halls Of Ivy 520409 098 Faculty Marriage
Halls Of Ivy 520416 099 French Exchange Student
Halls Of Ivy 520423 100 Professor Waldens Son
Halls Of Ivy 520430 101 Faculty Follies Part 1
Halls Of Ivy 520507 102 Faculty Follies Part 2
Halls Of Ivy 520514 103 Student Singer
Halls Of Ivy 520521 104 Doctor Spatzen
Halls Of Ivy 520528 105 Mummynapper
Halls Of Ivy 520604 106 Pregnant Student
Halls Of Ivy 520611 107 Wellmans Come To Dinner
Halls Of Ivy 520618 108 Math Professor
Halls Of Ivy 520625 109 Summer Vacation

+ extras including two scripts from the series...



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