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 Complete Broadcast 1941 (Pearl Harbor)

1 MP3 CD - 56 episodes

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"First Bulletin on Pearl Harbor Attack"
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Pearl Harbor - capsizing USS Oklahoma, Dec 7 1941Complete Broadcast day on December 7, 1941: Attack on Pearl Harbor

"December 7th, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy".

Attack on Pearl HarborThis fine collection includes the Complete Broadcast of Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941.  The attack changed the history of the world and officially brought the United States in World War II.  It is a day that will "live in infamy."

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The Imperial Japanese Navy was under the command of under the command of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto.  The Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor began At 6:05 am on December 7, 1941 as 6 Japanese aircraft carriers released the first wave of attacks which includes 183 planes with heavy bombers and fighters.  The first wave of Japanese attackers arrived at Pearl Harbor at 7:51 am and the second wave of attacks arrived at 8:30 am.

At the moment of the attacks on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese Ambassador to the United States delivered the declaration of war to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. 

The entire death toll for the day reached 2,350 with 1,178 injured.  The battleship Arizona sank within seconds killing 1,177 people.  The attack sank four battleships damaged four additional battleships and destroyed 188 aircraft among other damage.  

Attack on Pearl HarborA Japanese admiral later said of the Attack on Pearl Harbor, "We won a great tactical victory at Pearl Harbor and thereby lost the war."  The entrance of the United States in WWII eventually lead to the defeat of Imperial Japan.

This is an excellent find and includes many bulletins, news reports, and speeches.  One bulletin announces that "all recruiting stations will be open tomorrow morning at 8 am" as young men swarmed military recruitment stations looking for ways to serve their country.  First lady Eleanor Roosevelt after the attacks on Pearl Harbor speaking of her faith in the citizens of America. 

There is also great additions to the Complete Broadcast of Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 including The Infamy Speech and formal declaration of war on Japan by President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered the following day.

This collection is also part of the larger Hawaii Collection of Old Time Radio Shows.

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56 recordings - total playtime 15 hours

1400 NBCR Sammy Kaye Sunday Serenade
1428 NBCR First Bulletin On Pearl Harbor Attack
1430 CBS World Today John Daly Reads Bulletin
1430 NBCR Univ Of Chicago Roundtable - Canada At War
1432 NBCB Bulletin On Pearl Harbor Attack
1437 CBS Albert Warner Speculates On FDR's Next Steps
1437 CBS Bob Trout On British Reaction
1439 NBCR Manila Bombed
1449 CBS Ford Wilkins In Manilla Cut Off By US Censors
1452 NBC Burma Bombed
1500 CBS NY Philharmonic Concert Interrupted
1515 NBCR H V Kaltenborn
1530 NBCR Listen America
1600 NBCB National Vespers
1600 NBCR Sylvia Marlowe & Richard Dyer Bennett Show
1609 NBCR KGU Honolulu Report
1630 NBCR News
1800 NBCR Catholic Hour With Rev James Gillis
1830 NBCB Drew Pearson & Robert S Allen Commentary
1845 NBCB Eleanor Roosevelt
1900 NBCB News Roundup
1900 NBCR Jack Benny Show
1930 NBCB Captain Flagg & Sergeant Quirt
1930 NBCR Fitch Bandwagon
2000 NBCB Bible Week
2000 NBCR Chase And Sanborn Program
2030 NBCB Inner Sanctum - Island Of Death
2030 NBCR One Man's Family
2100 NBCB Jergens Journal
2100 NBCR Manhattan Merry Go-Round
2115 NBCB Parker Family
2130 NBCB Dear John
2130 NBCR American Album Of Familiar Music
2145 NBCB Dinah Shore
2200 NBCB Goodwill Hour
2200 NBCR Hour Of Charm
2230 NBCR Sherlock Holmes
2300 NBCR News
2330 NBCR Round Table Discussion

411208 FDR Day of Infamy e1
411208 FDR Day of Infamy e2
Alvar Liddell Japanese Attacks In The Pacific
Washington Reaction To Pearl Harbor Attack
CBS Analysis Of Attack On Pearl Harbor And Manilla
CBS Attempts To Call Honolulu
CBS Football Broadcast - War Bulletin
CBS John Charles Daly Reports Pearl Harbor Attack
CBS NY Philharmonic Concert - War Bulletins
CBS World News Today 12-06
CBS World News Today
MBS Bulletin Interrupts Football Game
MBS Flash UPI Bulletin Reports Attack On Pearl Harbor
NBC News Bulletins
NBC American Legion Special Defense Message
NHK Gen Hideki Tojo Declares War On The Allies
WNYC Fiorello La Guardia



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