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 Children Collection

1 MP3 CD - 73 episodes


"Brer Rabbit & Bear Big Snow"
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Collection of hours of excellent children's programming from the 1930's - 1950 including episodes of Columbia Workshop, Fairy Tales by Harold Peary (of Great Gildersleeve) and Earle Ross, Howdy Doody, KittyKeen, Old Tales and New, Sleepy Joe and many others.

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For other great children's programs see the collections of Smilin' Ed's Buster Brown Gang, Howdy Doody Time, Let's Pretend, Cinnamon Bear, Wormwood Forest, and Minnesota School of the Air.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

73 shows - total playtime 15 hours 27 minutes

Chick Carter Boy Detective (2)
Chic Carter 430713 008 The Bubbling Pool
Chic Carter 44xxxx Fat Man On The Ferry

Columbia Workshop (4)
370928 058 Alice in Wonderland Part 1
371003 059 Alice in Wonderland Part 2
371223 070 Alice Through the Looking Glass Part 1
371230 071 Alice Through the Looking Glass Part 2

Fairy Tales Harold Peary - (7)
SFC Brave Little Tailor
SFC Cinderella
SFC Hansel and Gretel
SFC Jack and the Bean Stalk
SFC Puss in Boots
SFC Rumpelstiltskin
SFC Snow White and Rose Red

Fairy Tales-Earle Ross (7)
AFT Steadfast tin Soldier
AFT The Magic Tinder Box
GFT 3 Brothers
GFT 3 Feathers
GFT Bremen Town Musicians
GFT Docter know All
GFT Dragon and his Grandmother

Howdy Doody (2)
Howdy Doody 520816 Buffalo Bob Smith
Howdy Doody 540000 The Kipper Factory

Misc (5)
450508 Roy Rogers Legend of Pecos Bill
550322 Peter Pan
bing crosby alibaba and the 40 thieves
Daybreak at Calamity Farm Gilbert Girard and Company 1924
Lux Radio Theater 1950-12-25 0727 The Wizard Of Oz

Old Tales & New (14)
Old Tales New 000000 A Camel Named Cuddles 30 s
Old Tales New 000000 A Small Tribute
Old Tales New 000000 Pierre the Remarkable Prarie Dog
Old Tales New 000000 Strange Occurance in Toyland
Old Tales New 000000 The 3 Elephants Vacation
Old Tales New 000000 The Emporer s New Clothes
Old Tales New 000000 The Horse Who Loved Music
Old Tales New 000000 The Nightingale
Old Tales New 501002AYak At The County Fair
Old Tales New 501009Whitney The Neighborly Whale
Old Tales New 501016Three Billy Goats Gruff
Old Tales New 501218The Lost Puppy
Old Tales New 510108 Sleeping Beauty
Old Tales New Boy That Was Carried Away by a Bear

Rumpelstiltskin (4)
Rump 001
Rump 002
Rump 003
Rump 004

Sleepy Joe (24)
Sleepy Joe 01 Brer Fox and the Christmas Turkey
Sleepy Joe 02 Brer Rabbit Loses an Address
Sleepy Joe 03 The Time Brer Rabbit Was Picked Off
Sleepy Joe 04 Brer Rabbit s Surprise
Sleepy Joe 05 Brer Rabbit s Mistake
Sleepy Joe 06 Brer Rabbit s Goose
Sleepy Joe 07 The Building of the World
Sleepy Joe 08 Brer Fox and His Christmas Hate
Sleepy Joe 09 Brer Fox and the Carrot Trap
Sleepy Joe 10 The Unhappy Stable
Sleepy Joe 11 Brer Rabbit and Brer Bear The Big Snow
Sleepy Joe 12 Brer Snake s Christmas Gift
Sleepy Joe 129 Brer Fox and Brer Goat
Sleepy Joe 13 Jack in the Box
Sleepy Joe 130 Brer Fox s Toothache
Sleepy Joe 131 The Tattlin Snake
Sleepy Joe 132 Brer Fox in the Brier Patch
Sleepy Joe 14 How Brer Rabbit Lost His Tail
Sleepy Joe 15 Brer Beaver s Christmas Dinner
Sleepy Joe 16 Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit s Lesson
Sleepy Joe 17 Mr Rabbit s Christmas
Sleepy Joe 18 Brer Fox and the Christmas Packages
Sleepy Joe 19 Santa Claus Comes to the Brier Patch
Sleepy Joe 20 The Night Before Christmas

Stories from the thirties (3)
1930s Captain One Eye Disappears
1930s The Horse Who Had His Picture in the Paper
1930s The Missing Whistle



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