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 Boogeymen in Comedy (Screamstars Playing for Laughs)

1 MP3 CD - 43 episodes


"Command Performance with Vincent Price"
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Bela Lugosi Boris Karloff Pter Lorre
It would be hard to imagine a more night-mare inducing Bela Lugosi,
Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, and Vincent Price. The work of these three very frightening actors are presented in this collection.  While the characters they play have inspired numerous night-mares, the actors themselves were actually quite pleasant and funny people. But the typecasting they received would lead you to believe that all three took positive delight in murder and terror. This murderous reputation has often been parodied to great effect.

Boris Karloff at the microphoneBoris Karloff became a star with his portrayal of Frankenstein's Monster in Frankenstein (1931) and Bride of Frankenstein (1935) and Son of Frankenstein (1939). He also played the mad scientist in other Frankenstein films, as well as Imhotep in The Mummy (1932), and several horror roles for different studios. In 1941 Karloff opened on Broadway in Arsenic and Old Lace; Karloff played a very frightening psychopathic killer who's most distinguishing feature is that he looks like Boris Karloff! He also began making radio appearances, including Arch Oboler's Lights Out!and as an occasional guest on Information Please. There is a story that Karloff was superstitious, and refused to appear on an episode of the quiz show that was to broadcast on Friday the 13th. He often made appearances that spoofed his frightening roles.

Peter Lorre was born to a Jewish Family in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. His first starring role was in the German film M (1939), playing a serial killer who preys on little girls. His success in M attracted the attention of Alfred Hitchcock who cast him in Peter LorreThe Man who Knew Too Much, despite Lorre's limited mastery of the English Language; Lorre learned his part phonetically. In Hollywood Lorre specialized in playing sinister foreign killers. In Hollywood he starred in the Mr. Moto series, in which Lorre played a Japanese Detective that paralleled the Charlie Chan series. In 1941 Lorre played Joel Cairo in the Maltese Falcon with Sydney Greenstreet and Humphrey Bogart, and appeared the next year as Ugarte in Casablanca with Bogart and Greenstreet. Lorre expanded into comedy in the movie version of Arsenic and Old Lace as the murderer's sidekick,Dr. Einstein (Karloff wasn't able to play the role in the movie, which was filmed in 1941, while he was appearing in the play on Broadway). Lorre also seemed to enjoy appearing on the radio to spoof his type casting, although he did take advantage of it when starring in the anthology series Mystery in the Air.

Vincent PriceThe third leg of our terror-tripod is Vincent Price. Price's first foray into horror was with Karloff in The Tower of London (1939). The following year he had the title role in The Invisible Man Returns. Most of his movie work through the remainder of the 40's was in villainous film noir roles, while on radio he brought the Robin Hood inspired detective Simon Templar to life in The Saint. Through the 50s and 60s Price returned to Horror films. His horror roles were celebrated in Micheal Jackson's ground-breaking music video Thriller, which featured Price providing a sinister voice over in the video ad on the album.

Our collection of Horror Actors Getting Laughed at features our horror stars appearing as guests on several different comedy programs. Usually they get a chance to spoof their type-casting. As guests they it is obvious they are having a good time, although at times it becomes very obvious that they are not used to performing infront of a live audience- like Vincent Price's appearance on Duffy's Tavern where Price completely blows a joke. Price is telling a story about a sister not feeling well. "She writes me that 'I have just reached Chicago sick,' um, that is, Chicago Ill."

Screaming Bela HeadAll three make appearances on Duffy's Tavern, as well as the Fred Allen Show and the Jack Benny Program. Both Lorre and Karloff appear in the same sketch on  Jack Benny's program, several months apart; "I Stand Condemned". A similar situation occurs on the Fred Allen Show when Fred needs an new apartment, only this time with Karloff and Bela Lugosi.

Lugosi is best known for playing Dracula on Broadway and in film. Bela did make a few other radio appearances, mostly in horror related roles. He had been a pioneer in horror films, but he ended his career on Hollywood's Poverty Row, and making low-budget movies with film maker Ed Wood.

The characters these actors have been typecast in for so much of their careers has been so terrifying but in actuality all of them are warm, caring, and genuinely kind people. But it is hard to imagine yourself being foolish enough to turn your back on one of them! See also: Comedians in Suspense (Scared Silly Jokesters)

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

43 shows - total playtime 23 hours 6 minutes

Bela Lugosi
Candid Microphone Bela Lugosi
Fred Allen 430425 418 Bela Lugosi

Boris Karloff
Bergen Mccarthy 451028 379 Court Case Edgar Bergen
Best Plays 520706 05 Arsenic And Old Lace
Bill Stern Guest Boris Karloff
Bing Crosby 471029 Boris Karloff
Durange 471210 011 Karloff Poor Sound
Its Time To Smile 411217 055
Fred Allen Fred Allen Show 451118 046 Renting A House
Info Please 410124 Boris Karloff Louis E Lawes
Info Please 420220 J.carradine Boris Karloffmissing End
Info Please 430517 Jan Struther Boris Karloff
Jack Benny 470119 I Was Condemned
Kraft Music Hall 471225 With Boris Karloff
Martlin Lewis 520418 Guest Boris Karloff
NBC Univ 481017 History Of Mr Polly
Request Performance 460203 18 Bet Frank Morgan Boris Karloff
Screen Guild Theater 461125 323 Arsenic And Old Lace
Sealtest 481028 07 Happy Halloween
Sealtest 490623 39 Stranger Arrives

Peter Lorre
Amos Andy 431105 Locked Trunks Secret
Bing Crosby 471112 Peter Lorre Kay Thompson
Birdseye 460509 With Peter Lorre
Bob Hope 470513 Peter Lorre Martha Tilton
Cpusa 450419 Peter Lorre
Duffy 431019 Missing Salami Sandwich Caselorre
Fred Allen 391004 001 Search For Dr Livingston
Fred Allen 430103 One Long Pan Vs Mr Moto
Fred Allen 440604 65 Killers
Gi Journal 440712 Bing Crosby Linda Darnell
Jack Benny 410309 Murder At Racquet Club
Jack Benny 460324 I Stand Cond
Martin Lewis 490508 With Peter Lorre

Vincent Price
CBS Radio Workshop 560406 11 Cinderella
Command Performance 481130 353
Corwin 450717 Undecided Molecule
Duffy 510126 Actors Club At Tavernvincent Price
Hollywood Star Playhouse 510205 Calculated Risk
Jack Benny 490206 Don Signs A New Contract
Rudy Vallee 380414 Guest Maurice Evans
Sealtest 470320 Village Store
Sgp 501005 475 Champaign For Ceasar
Stars Over Hollywood 501230 06 Continental Cowboy



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