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 Best of Suspense

1 MP3 CD - 52 episodes

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"House In Cypress Canyon"
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Jimmy Stewart
Jimmy Stewart
Gene Kelly
Gene Kelly
Charles Ruggles
Charles Ruggles
Alice Frost
Alice Frost
Jack Webb
Jack Webb
Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock
Alan Ladd
Alan Ladd
Dane Clark
Dane Clark
Cary Grant
Cary Grant
Susan Hayward
Susan Hayward

Suspense was a highly popular and successful radio program with over twenty years on the air.  Autolight Logo--was a sponsor of the radio show, Suspense!The show is widely considered to be the best radio program in the mystery and horror genre.

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This collection includes OTRCAT's handpicked Suspense Favorites.  In the show "The Ghost Hunt a Disk Jockey plans to spend the night in a haunted house in which 4 people committed suicide after loosing their minds.  Agnes Moorehead stars in "Don't Call me Mother playing the role of an overbearing mother with deadly consequences.  In "The Man from Tomorrow a man endures medical experiments including sensory depravation to gain heighten abilities.   In the frightening "The House of Cypress Canyon, a young couple rent a house that disturbs their sanity.  Old favorites, including Lucille Fletcher's "Sorry, Wrong Number, "Three Skeleton Key and "The Hitchhiker are also included in this collection "well calculated to keep you in…Suspense!

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

52 shows - total playtime 22 hours, 44 minutes
SUSP 420902 011 The Hitchhiker
SUSP 430601 044 Banquo's Chair
SUSP 430615 046 Last Night
SUSP 430821 Sorry Wrong Number Agnes Moorehead
SUSP 430902 056 The Singing Walls
SUSP 440518 092 Donovan's Brain, Part One
SUSP 440525 093 Donovan's Brain, Part Two
SUSP 440601 094 Fugue in C Minor
SUSP 441005 112 Dateline - Lisbon
SUSP 450531 143 August Heat
SUSP 451101 165 The Dunwich Horror
SUSP 451206 170 I Won't Take a Minute
SUSP 460627 199 Return Trip
SUSP 461205 222 The House in Cypress Canyon
SUSP 490623 346 Ghost Hunt
SUSP 520421 470 The Diary of Captain Scott
SUSP 521222 492 Arctic Rescue
SUSP 530119 496 The Gold of the Adomar
SUSP 531005 520 Action
SUSP 531102 524 Ordeal in Donner Pass
SUSP 550531 600 Beirut by Sunrise
SUSP 550712 606 Kaleidoscope
SUSP 550802 609 Black Death
SUSP 550816 611 A Study in Wax
SUSP 551011 619 Heavens to Betsy
SUSP 560619 655 A Sleeping Draught
SUSP 561009 668 The Digger
SUSP 561111 673 Three Skeleton Key
SUSP 570210 685 Door of Gold
SUSP 570901 714 The Man from Tomorrow
SUSP 571027 722 Country of the Blind
SUSP 581004 771 The Wait
SUSP 581228 783 The Thirty Second of December
SUSP 590104 Don't Call Me Mother Agnes Moorehead
SUSP 590726 812 Night Man
SUSP 591018 823 The Crisis of Dirk Diamond
SUSP 600103 834 Zero Hour
SUSP 600710 861 Report from a Dead Planet
SUSP 600925 872 Time on My Hands
SUSP 601106 878 The Green Lorelei
SUSP 610806 888 Bells
SUSP 611119 901 The Black Door
SUSP 620121 909 2462
SUSP 620304 915 The Doom Machine
SUSP 620311 916 Heads You Lose
SUSP 620422 922 The Curse of Kamashek
SUSP 620429 923 Blackbeard's Ace
SUSP 620603 928 Stand-In for Murder
SUSP 620617 930 Lunatic Hour
SUSP 620902 941 The Death of Alexander Jordan
SUSP 620909 942 Strange Day in May


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