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 Amnesia and Memory Loss Collection

2 MP3 CDs - 82 episodes

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"Random Harvest"
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Confused WomanThere are different types of amnesia just as there are different causes. Amnesia may be brought on by an injury or trauma to the brain, the “bump on the head” scenario. There are also cases where an experience is so traumatic or terrible that the mind simply does its best to erase it. This is a more extreme case than a simple repressed memory, in psychogenic amnesia the entire memory is erased.

The hippocampus and the medial temporal lobe of the brain are often associated with amnesia. This may explain why a person is able to function normally after an injury to this part of the brain yet lose their memory. Of course, there is no accounting for just being scatterbrained.

On A Day in the Life of Dennis Day, Dennis does not really have amnesia. Given the mysterious way Dennis Day's mind works, who can tell? Especially when the newspaper accidentally puts the wrong caption under the boy's picture. The picture is supposed to be the missing heir to a sardine fortune who is missing after losing his memory.

On Virginia Lane, the story of an American Girl, all we know is that Uncle Danny and his friend are missing, could they have Amnesia?

Sergeant Preston of Challenge of the Yukon is hot on the trail when the bad guys take a pot shot at him from across the ravine. The shot creases his skull, and he disappears when falls into a snow drift. When King, the Wonder Dog of the Yukon, goes to find help, the villains search Preston's sled and find his extra uniform. What mischief can they cause with that?

Confused SupermanIt is a rainy night on San Francisco bay when a pretty girl gets Pat Novak to buy her a cup of coffee. She claims to have amnesia, but before Novak can help her she falls over dead. Someone has given her an overdose of sleeping pills. Of course, the only unsolved amnesia case Novak can find is a beautiful heiress.

Arthur Burke wakes up in an office with a bump on his head but suddenly realizes he has had amnesia for the last three weeks. He also wakes up next to George Digby's body. He goes to Boston Blackie to find out if he is the killer.

Robert Stack plays “The Indispensable Man”. He has a photographic memory, so he has been assigned to carry atomic secrets to Washington. A bump on the head as he is getting of the train has scrambled brain, and he thinks he sees movie star Debra Paget.

Confused ManDr. Kildare contributes a pair of amnesia cases. Dr. Gillespie and Dr. Kildare are asked to find Phillip Vancort. The Vancort boy saw his best friend's plane shot down right in front of him during the War, and now he cannot remember whom he is. In another episode a young woman wearing designer clothes and a $1000 coat walks into Blair Hospital, there is nothing wrong with her except that she does not know whom she is! Kildare and Gillespie diagnose “psychogenic amnesia”.

Dagwood is afraid Blondie does not appreciate him the way she did before. Maybe she will feel different after he runs into a trash can chasing a football and loses his memory. “Stop calling me Dagwood!”

Fibber McGee is having trouble forgetting things, so he decides to take the Gildersleeve Memory course. Will the lessons help him remember that he is keeping Mrs. Uppington's diamond for safe keeping? More important, will he remember where he hid it? Eighteen years later, Fibber tries the Apex Memory Course through the mail and is confident he can remember everything by association. When he uses the system at the grocery store and gets all the wrong items, it must be Molly's fault for ordering the wrong things!

This collection of old time radio shows about amnesia and memory is surely a collection you won't forget!

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 41 shows - total playtime 19 hours 7 minutes

Amos & Andy 440331 026 Long Lost Harold
Bergen Mccarthy 450909 W Keenan Wynn
Big Town 481130 456 I Remember Murder
Blondie 440917 Dagwood Gets Amnesia
Boston Blackie 451108 Amnesia Victim
Boston Blackie 470318 114 Sam Fishers Past
Bulldog Drummond Yymmdd Mr Smith, Amnesiac
Burns And Allen 430629 39 Amnesia
Chase, 521123 26 Blackout 12848
Coty 481004 0557 Extra Uniform
Coty 490325 0630 Letter To Killer
Dennis Day 470122 Dennis has Amnesia
Dick Tracy 460119 0014 Dark Corridor
Dr Kildare 500426 13 Phillip Vancorts Amnesia
Dr Kildare 510803 80 Alice Bradley Amnesia Victim
Escape 490312 059 He Who Rides Tiger
Fibber Mcgee And Molly 390314 Gildersleeve Memory Course
Fibber Mcgee And Molly 571221 1441 Taking Memory Course
Flash Gordon 350713 E11 Dr Zarkoff Shoots Cooks
Flash Gordon 350720 E12 Flash Regains Memory
Flash Gordon 350817 016 Avenging Shadow
Ft 530211 305 Indispensable Man
Ft 550504 419 Who Am I
Grand Marquee 460730 04 Hold That Memory 3244
Green Hornet 410614 Man Wanted For What
Hallmark Playhouse 490217 E035 Random Harvest
Harry Lime 520411 037 Manofmystery
Haunting Hour 450728 E14 Unidentified Body
Hermits Cave 08 Search For Life
Inner Sanctum 490110 404 Murder Comes To Life
Its Higgins, Sir 510904 10 Higgins Gets Amnesia
Jeff Regan 480925 Lady With No Name
Jerry Of Circus 1930s Ep.13
Lorenzo Jones 550113 Lorenzo Still Has Amnesia
Lorenzo Jones 550624 Roger Craxtons Murder
Lr 440616 1000 Candlelight
Lr 470825 1502 When Memory Failed
Lux Radio Theater 410630 314 I Love You Again
Lux Radio Theater 440131 425 Random Harvest
Matinee Theater 450107 12 Random Harvest
Mr. And Mrs. North 500905 361 Million Dollar Murde
My Favorite Husband 490225 033 Absentmindedness

Volume 2: 41 shows - total playtime 18 hours 9 minutes

Lux Radio Theater 470303 561 Somewhere In Night
Majestics Master Of Mystery 340120 04 Phantom Spoilers
March Of Time 371125 00x Labor Leader Taken For Ride
Night Beat 501006 035 Kenny Day Amnesia Case
Night Beat 510706 049 Bill Perrin Amnesia Case
Night Surgeon 000000 Woman With Amnesia
Nightbeat 510706 Bill Pernns Amnesia
Obsession 000000 15 Amnesia Last Ten Minutes Only
Pat Novak 490227 003 Dont Tell Hilda Akamarcia Halpern
Philip Marlowe 491008 Open Window
Philip Morris Playhouse 500506 Murder Needs An Artist
Pwh 510311 127 Forget Me Not
Quiet Please 480105 031 Little Visitor
Richard Diamond 491126 E32 Case Of Amnesia
Romance 460305 146 Random Harvest
Romance 470430 184 Isles Of Spice And Lilies
Rosemary 460626
Saint 491113 Fake Amnesia Killer
Saint 510225 Amnesia Victim
Sam Spade 480711 B094 Wheel Of Life Caper
Sam Spade 510216 C014 Soap Opera Caper
Screen Directors Playhouse 491024 040 Love Letters
Screen Guild Theater 440117 179 I Love You Again
Shadow Of Fu Manchu 390815 86
Space Patrol 530321 0025 Caverns Of Venus
Suspense 431202 068 Black Curtain
Suspense 450125 127 Drurys Bones Afrts
Suspense 500608 388 Case Of Henri Vibard
Suspense 520414 469 Mate Bram
Suspense 541014 567 Lost
Suspense 600828 868 Girl In Powder Blue Jag
Terry Pirates 470116 Mind Slave
Texas Rangers 520907 94 Alibi
The Roy Rogers Show 540715 025 Song My Little Buckaroo
Tifh 570213 1007 256 Ron Gets Amnesia
Tiyfbi 460920 077 Diamond Studded Doublecross
Virginia Lane 390302 Uncle Danny Has Disappeared V
Whistler 420920 019 Fog
Whistler 421004 021 Urge To Kill
X Minus One 560222 039 Junkyard
Ytjd 570428 534 Melancholy Memory Matter



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