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Ernie Kovacs

19 Episodes
1 Volume
Comedian and avid cigar smoker, Ernie Kovacs ad-libbed and uninhibited style changed the face of comedy. Update: 3 additional recordings
19 1 20%
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Paul Robeson

58 Episodes
1 Volume
one of the first celebrated dramatic African-American actors in theater and film. This collection contains his apperance on Magic Key in 1936, an excerpt of his 1959 Othello Performance and a collection of his musical recordings from the 1930-40's.
58 1 20%
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Alexander Woollcott

20 Episodes
1 Volume
One of the foremost critics and commentators on the New York scene during the early decades of the twentieth century, Alexander Woollcott was a larger than life character
20 1 20%
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